Musings from the fringes of society on observations of how this energetic shift is affecting some of us.

About the Author:


Earth Energy Reader is my pseudonym. Most of my friends know me as Bobbie Ensary  and I run this little-known but influential blog called “The Shift Has Hit the Fan”, a blog which touches on the intersection between comparative spirituality, politics, white magick, spiritual travel, high culture, pop culture and as I put it, is “One person’s perspective on the Earth’s energetic shift”. In the first month of going online, some of my blog posts were picked up by the likes of DavidIcke.com and in the case of Elephant Journal, went viral.

My paternal family is originally from West Bengal, India,  from the same village as Nobel Prize laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. My maternal family is from East Bengal (present-day Bangladesh) and is distantly related (5th cousin) to another Nobel laureate, Peace Prize winner and the father of micro-credit, Dr. Mohammad Yunus. However I was raised in Canada and have lived most of my life there. Having a secular, Muslim and Bengali background, many friends of the family were Bengali Hindus and Buddhists. I went to Catholic schools for my primary and secondary education and the early exposure to all these different traditions has definitely informed and shaped my global, pluralistic perspective.

I speak 4 languages (English, French, Bengali, Turkish and can barely get by in German), am a graduate of McGill University (B.Com), Emory University (MA) and the Institute for Medicine and Spirituality at Johns Hopkins University. I am a clinical member of the American Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

I have lived in Canada, Turkey, the United States and Bangladesh. I have spent years studying the commonalities between Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Native American spirituality and have spent time with His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church and the late Hopi Elder, Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma. I spent three years living in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean and becoming very familiar with ancient Hittite, Greek, Roman and Byzantine sites of spiritual significance. I also worked as a spiritual caregiver at a Level V trauma hospital in Washington DC. I spent close to five years learning about Native American spirituality and the teachings around the medicine wheel and the sweat lodge with an Elder in Maniwaki, Quebec.

As a lover of overseas travel, understanding different cultures, diverse spiritual traditions and religions, I have a keen interest in the intersection between our emotional and spiritual landscapes, the cultures we come from and the rich spiritual heritage of this planet.

I use my travel experiences, exposure to other cultures and religions and my training in doing complete spiritual assessments from Johns Hopkins, which was solidly grounded in both old and new theological and spiritual traditions as well as theistic and non-theistic teachings to help clients.

If you are interested in a  consult or booking some sessions or want to plan that spiritual quest or feel pulled to go somewhere specific but have no idea where to start, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at irasna.rising@gmail.com

Let’s talk and work together.

Likes: The alternative research community, well-done astrology, Tarot readings, white magick, Gnostic mysticism, First Nations spirituality, 80’s British alternative/college radio music, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Smiths, New Order/Joy Division, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Lou Reed, T-Rex, Roxy Music, ELO, Earth, Wind and Fire, 1970s funk and punk, Nina Simone, Radiohead, Muse, Phoenix, The Killers, Interpol, rocking out at live concerts, yoga, Pilates, long hikes in the forest, ladybugs, riding my bicycle,  chaos theory, independent film, old Hollywood movies from the 1930s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, practically any film by Alfred Hitchcock, Todd Solondz, Alexander Payne, Merchant Ivory productions, Wes Anderson, Louis Malle, Jean-Luc Goddard, Ken Loach, John Sayles , Wim Wenders, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Cillian Murphy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger films with Roger Livesey, anything by Henry Rollins, swimming in rivers or the ocean, rainbows, flowers that smell like flowers, roses, orange blossoms, peonies, jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley, gardening, picking wild flowers, having dinner with friends, mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, wine and port, iced-cold vodka martinis, Indian, Thai and Greek food, French pastries, afternoon tea, Sunday brunch, dim-sum, the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle, New England clam bakes, picnics, BBQs, bonfires, reading, libraries,  second-hand bookshops, well-bound books, vintage furniture, Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry, getting pedicures, deep-tissue massages, art by Salvador Dali, Tamara de Lempicka and Nicholas Roerich,  the French and Italian aesthetic, summers in Greece, spiritual maturity, writers like Ryszard Kapuscinski, Isak Dinesen, W. Somerset Maugham, “The Panther” by Rainier Maria Rilke, the fairy tales of Herman Hesse, discussing and reading anarchist theory and writers like Noam Chomsky, Derrick Jensen, Chris Hedges, Rudolf Rocker, Murray Bookchin, Errico Malatesta, designers like Azzedine Alaia, (old) Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Antony Price for women, Paul Smith for men, John Fluevog shoes, scoring vintage designer stuff at second-hand shops worth 1000s of dollars and scoring them for like $5 bucks, comedians like George Carlin and Louis CK, marbled ox-blood leather, red lipstick, leopard-print accessories like sneakers or pumps, cashmere, silk, wool, gabardine, wool crepe,  vintage beaded sweaters, berets, thunder and lightning, watching electrical storms, playing with my pugs and hearing them snore happily at night.

Dislikes: Hip hop, rap, country western music, folk music,  death metal, Nickelback, Creed, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, Hootie and the Blowfish and pretty much any American attempt at “alternative music” when they all sound the same and suck, Celine Dion, boy-bands, most of today’s Top 40 music, any film with Arnold Schwarzenegger or  Sylvester Stallone, practically every film by Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg , miserly cheapskates, mosquitoes, Broadway musicals, reality TV, the TV show “Friends”, practically everything that came out after 1992, dentists and accountants, malls, ending up at a party where I don’t know a soul, small-talk, too much humidity, polyester, sweaters and cardigans which pill easily especially after you paid a fortune for them, shorts or track pants with words like “Juicy” written across the posterior, fuzzy accessories,  sparkly nail-polish, over-priced designer jeans, reptiles as pets, hay-fever season, hipsters and their “craft”beer or “craft” anything, New Agers, Canadian winters, Quebec politics, gentrification,  Stephen King, suburban sheeple, people who treat their kids like some weird pet, F-1 racing, pro-sports especially hockey and the Montreal Canadians, the city of Toronto,  Starbucks, prune juice, Mexican fast-food, marzipan, licorice, franchise eateries, museums and exhibits with over-priced admission, brand-name dressing, Lululemon, slobs, braggarts, bad personal hygiene, vulgar nouveau riche and the places they hang out, annoying teenagers, people who insist on sharing the small details of their life while talking out loud on their cell phones, very loud voices, conspicuous-consumption, people who only talk about themselves all the time and consider you to be an after-thought, bad table manners, bad manners period, spoiled brats, Mondays, jocks, himbos and bimbos, women who play dumb to catch male attention and men who fall for it, narcissists , Montreal men who mostly are man-boys,  racists and bigots, people who are mean to animals, Conservatives, American Republicans, neo-conservatives, right-wing pundits, neo-liberalism, CROCs, people who pretend to be something that they’re not, men in floor-length fur coats, when people wear lots of jewelry  with giant gems to draw attention away from their ugly hands (but you can still see their ugly hands), crowded places, the herd mentality, bling, people who ride their bicycle on the foot path and pedestrians walking along the bike path especially when the two paths are next to each other, people who stand at the front of the bus and block the entrance when there are tons of open seats in the back. You get the idea.


35 thoughts on “About

  1. Bill Stacy


    Read your yoga blog with much interest. I lead a “yoga practice group” up here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I’m not a yoga teacher; just someone who has had classes for several years and reads a lot of yoga books. You would be intrigued with our backwoods approach, in that I don’t charge and we practice at all levels. Some are pretty advanced, while others are beginners, with everything in between. What you would appreciate is the way the real spirit of yoga has kind of grown up organically in our practice group. Many of us have non-traditional views on religion and approach yoga in the traditional Indian manner. We do not speak or write Sanskrit, or mumble prayers that we don’t know the meaning of. We simply practice yoga to best of our ability in a non-competitive manner and support each others’ practice. We are pretty much turned off by what I refer to as aerobic-yoga and the pseudo let’s-be-more-Indian-than the Indians set. I’ve been to Yoga Journal Conferences, so I know of what you speak. We’ve read about the scam artists, but thankfully they don’t come up here — not enough money to make it worth their while.

    Just wanted you to know that your article really rang true with me and I wouldn’t spend one minute worrying about the attacks. The beauty of yoga is that you do your practice on your own and you don’t need anyone’s approval to do it.

  2. Hi Bill,
    It sounds like you have something wonderful going on there. I think yoga’s meaning to people will end up being as diverse as humanity itself. If you attended Yoga Journal Conferences than you know that yoga is part of a $6 Billion dollar per year industry now. Anything subjugated to that kind of financial pressure and market interest is bound to change… and not always for the better. I think as long as there are some folks who realize that yoga really is about bringing you back to youself, it’ll always find it’s way, never mind controversial blog posts and juvenile attacks.

    • karl

      is canada owned by the illuminati bloodlines is very country in the world for that matter owned by the illuminati ?

  3. Found your excellent blog through your Yoga article and wanted to say thank you. You nailed it. I find it amusing how many of the comments were about the exceptions disproving the rule (“our studio is DIFFERENT!”). I dropped out of a Jivamukti Teacher’s Training last year when a “celebrity” teacher from New York came up to teach us “Planetary Chanting” promising us the chance to “taste the flavor of divinity”.
    What turned me off most was the self-justifying, narcissistic belief that Yoga could be ANYTHING you wanted it to be. Seemed to me that when something could be anything, it was by definition no-thing….

  4. Hi,
    Just came to realize that Mindmills is listed in your blogroll. Thanks!
    I love reading through your interesting and mind shifting topics. Hope you keep it up.
    Best wishes, Neslihan

  5. Hi you, I finally made my own wordpress. I’m going to follow your blog more closely now that I’m here, seems like really good stuff.

  6. safetyharborwoman


    Very nice blog. It sounds like you’re a woman after my own heart – with the exception of disliking Mexican food. 😉

    Lovely article on Stuart Wilde. Your other articles are FASCINATING! Your title, “Shift Has Hit the Fan” is clever. Keep it up. 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words Steph!
      I think many of us will miss Stuie, his method of teaching was not only very unique but also very accessible and humane.

  7. pernilla

    New to this blog thing, just wanted to say I enjoy your writing and perspective, there are many and all valid….;-)

  8. Lisa

    Stumbled on your blog while searching for info about Pierre Trudeau. Just curious on your thoughts about the younger Justin Trudeau. Thanks

    • I’m against particular families forming concentrations of power. During the medieval ages that’s what royal families and dynasties used to do, swap and arrange their kids marriage among cousins and relatives so that they could keep power and wealth at close hand and concentrate it even more. The end result was excessive in-breeding and degeneration of ability and capability.
      I’m seeing this now, the way the Clintons are grooming Chelsea or the way the Bush family are grooming Jeb Bush’s half Latino son to eventually lead the Republican party. Or how the Ghandi/Nehru family have a firm lock on India. Look at the Duvaliers in Haiti or the Marcos in the Philippines. No good can ever come of this in the long run and there should not be a place for this sort of thing in a real democracy
      While I despise Stephen Harper, I unfortunately think Justin has the best shot to get rid of that Albertan scoundrel once and for all.

  9. I hate New Age. It’s such a mishmash term for mostly very old ideals. I wrote a blog post about that. Fluffy like concrete. It’s my personal spiritual code of conduct. 😉


    While i’m here, waving hello, I was reading your Christmas post. I agree totally, but wanted to comment somewhere less public. My spirit guide recently confessed that he’s an angel. I was shocked. I liked chatting to a “regular guy” and it took me months to acclimatise to this new view of him. But then it took me 40 years before I openly accepted that I was psychic. I’m a slow (as in skeptic cautious) mover. Now I’m used to the idea of a chatty angel in my head space… I kind of like it. 🙂 But i’m still not ready to leap out of he closet and admit my ridiculous Spirit Guide (trust me, he can be ridiculous. He was and still is an imp and a fox!) is now admitting to being an angel.

    • Hi Michelle!
      Waving back at you from this side of the pond 🙂
      Angels (or these positive entities) can come in all shapes and sizes. I mean look at Clarence in that film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. What’s that quote from the Hebrew Bible about being vigilant because you might be entertaining angels while unaware?
      Thanks for dropping by!

  10. You are RAD. You are just, SO RAD. I am glad that you can write these things that I feel too but can’t write. Because I’m not that good at it. I heart you.
    Sometime I want to tell you about the 14th amendment.

  11. Thank you for speaking so much truth through your writing.

    I am a yoga practitioner and instructor – but feel myself more like a facilitator of possibility rather than the traditional teacher/student model.

    I am reflecting on and resonating with what you’ve shared. Well stated!

  12. Saw your article in elephant journal and thought it was really great! You should be very proud.

    • Thanks Sharon, It’s funny because I wrote that post 2 years ago and I’m still getting blowback from it. I think lots of people hate having their illusions exposed.

  13. Irasna,

    In reviewing your blog today, I found so many interesting and powerfully written entries that I seem to have spent all afternoon here. The range of your topics and the variety of moving and compelling prose is pretty impressive. We seem to have very different approaches to articulating and illuminating the subjects we choose to write about, but I have to say that I can FEEL the urgency of your thoughts and feelings that you express clearly, and that alone is sufficient to linger here to read. I decided to follow also, so that I can watch and learn from your unique approach.

    I appreciate very much that you included me on your blog roll, and I can only hope that you did so as a result of finding something of value to your own writing efforts, in the same way that I appreciate yours. I particularly enjoyed your posting on the “Ides of March,” and “Major Gateway…for Lightworkers,” which featured the videos about Brian Hendricks called,”The Beauty of Certainty.” These should be required viewing for anyone struggling with difficult issues in their lives.

    Thanks again for your attention to my work, and keep going!

    Regards…..John H.

    • Hello John,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words – I try to write out of personal experience and my own perspective, I try to be as authentic and genuine as I can be and hope that does come across in my writing.
      In that spirit of authenticity and being genuine, I’m always reading and trying to find perspectives which don’t necessarily have to be identical to my own but have a nugget of truth in them and that’s how I stumbled on your blog.
      Many thanks for stopping by and please feel free to comment should something should you feel the need to.
      And welcome :-)!

  14. Wow! Bravo. Why, I thought I was the only one tired of seeing half naked, overindulging, yoga poser selfies with their long lists of sponsors. Thank-you for saying what I never had the courage to say. Best of everything…Retired American Yoga Teacher

  15. How did you fall for the Pug? My 11 year old caught the Pug Fever and wears this tee shirt with a big Pug on it so much, I have to rob her of it for washing. Whats up with Pug Love?

    BTW, we have a 14 year old Rotty who is cooler than a fan. I don’t get Pug Love, but love the cute faces. 😉

    • Ah, The Charm of the Pug. When I was living in DC, I shared a Victorian mansion with a few other medical residents. The owner, a Hungarian doctor and his wife, got a pug and not long after, I too fell for the charm of the pug and it’s been with me ever since. They are insanely affectionate animals, quite intelligent and of all the dog breeds, I find the most human-like. You can practically read their minds off their faces.

  16. Ok that explains my little scientist’s affection for this pooch! She’s working on us, hard care in making her case. I just don’t know? Thanx

  17. Agree with you wholeheartedly just came across another ridiculously named website Dirty Yoga! Just how audacious Westerners can be!

  18. frustrated "yogi"

    I read your post “Why I Left Yoga….” and I so agree with everything you wrote. I noticed most white instructors are all about the pose and burping words in sanskrit to sound like a “true yogi” but they always forget the spiritual and mental part.
    I have a yoga instructor at my gym who is a nice lady, but she won’t be quiet during the class. I try to shut her voice out by breathing deeply… but it is hard.

    I never had an instructor who let us breath for a bit while doing yoga. I am actively looking for a minority yoga instructor in Los Angeles, hoping to have a different experience

  19. Hi, there. Just curious if you were on social media at all? Or if you have a contact form on your site where people can e-mail you?

  20. I’ve been reading your blog this evening and loooove it. Look forward to the next posts.
    Sending you positive vibes etc. 😜 Asha

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  22. Austin

    Hello, I was listening to mysterious radio and was intrigued by some of the things you were saying. I started to read your blog about the many ascension symptoms and felt a need to read them off to my girlfriend when I got home because she is a very spiritual person. After reading each off, there were only 2 that she felt didnt fit her to a tee. She is very interested in the meanings behind all of it and was hoping to get in contact with you to further discuss all of this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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