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Fuck you “spiritual teacher”, you don’t know shit. A rant.

I nearly died from laughter while reading this because I know *exactly* where she is coming from because I’ve been there myself, way too many times and sometimes way too long.

This was posted on tryingtobegood.com back in September 2012 but it deserves a re-run, by the lovely Emelia Symington Fedy.

Fuck you “spiritual teacher”, you don’t know shit. A rant..



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And the band played on

December 21, 2012 has come and gone and we’re still here, still standing, still going strong like I always suspected.  I mean the whole 2012-thing was a cottage industry in itself. The Mayan Riviera in Mexico was apparently booked solid since last year. New Age hot spots like Sedona and Mount Shasta had 2012 conventions and conferences and spiritual gatherings going on, (none of it cheap, might I add).
I wonder what those people who were convinced that something epic was going to happen are feeling and thinking now. No doubt, the New Age shysters have gone back to the drawing board and are probably working on a new date already.
Like some of the prophecies and videos I’ve previously posted on, while I do think there is no denying the fact that an energetic shift is underway, this whole idea of endpoints and specific days always struck me as bit contrived. Rather it’s really about an ongoing process which operates on 2 congruent and concurrent levels, the microcosm (i.e when we work on ourselves) and the macrocosm (the cosmic truth vibrations, Kali Yuga ending etc.). I think the real transformation is going to happen when the 2 converge.
I’ve been due for a retreat for awhile now so I figured this Mayan Calendar  event was as good a time as any to head out of town, and give myself a few days in a log cabin deep in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but books to read, a crackling fireplace beside me and the sound of a running stream several feet away from me. Some time to regroup, rethink and relax before the real holiday madness took over.
I discovered a place, not far from the Vermont border, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the panhandle into the Appalachian mountains, called Mont-Elan. Nestled in a beautiful valley, where gold was once mined (you can still pan for gold in the stream), the presence of gold and evergreen trees right away alerted me that there has to be some high-frequency energy going on there so after checking out the website, booked myself a tiny cabin there. They also have yurts, Wifi tee-pee’s, prospector tents and larger chalets. I couldn’t help but think that in the summer, this would be a fantastic place to hold a yoga retreat.
Mongolian-inspired yurts have become VERY popular camping and holiday rentals in recent years in Quebec.

Mongolian-inspired yurts have become VERY popular camping and holiday rentals in recent years in Quebec.

I was not disappointed. Hiking through the snow-covered forest, with clean country air, mountain spring water streams, being in such a pure environment with nothing but me and my thoughts, and having very little with me, no phone, no laptop, no distractions , no TV, just a futon bed, a table, a microwave, a small butane cooker, a wood-burning stove which heat up the cabin in no time, water and food to last me a few days, it really hit home that you don’t need much to live on.
Aside from throwing another log into the fire, making simple meals, drinking my morning tea by the stream, just reading and ruminating over my books were my biggest worries.

The stream at the foot of my cabin. BTW, where is Mr. Tumnus?

As I had posted earlier, Father Henry, the Catholic exorcist priest who I have been conversing with, lent me two tomes on the discernment of spirits. In essence when to know when some third party influence is trying to screw you up or help you and if that third party is bad guy or a good guy. Now, before I go on, I just want to make it clear I’m not a Catholic and not someone who is into proselytizing. I do however, have no problem picking up teachings to add to my own bag of tricks, even if it’s one line, regardless of what spiritual tradition it comes from, just as long as it works for me and helps me on my way. A “Take what you need and leave the rest” philosophy suits me fine.
The books are based on the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. Jesuits, in case you did not know have a very storied and in some cases, sinister history since they have always been considered to be the Catholic Church’s “Commandos”. They were usually the first ones to go into new territories (and haul everything back to the Vatican Library and archives and God only knows the amazing secrets that are still hiding there). St. Ignatius’s writings are extremely dense and difficult to decipher, unless you’re in theological studies or in seminary. The books I received are much easier and are more accessible interpretations of the original work and I might add, extremely helpful. Whether you want to call them demons, reptilians, archons, djinns, the books pretty much give you a 14-point plan tool-kit to figure out what might be influencing you and your thinking at any given moment.
It's all about balancing the inner world with the outer one.

It’s all about balancing the inner world with the outer one.

This reminds me a lot of the interior work I usually cover in yoga within my own practice, when you ask yourself ‘Where is this coming from?” “What is causing this?” with *this* being a particular feeling, a sudden change of heart, a source of discomfort or even pain. To Ignatius’ credit, he is extremely logical and Spock-like in his laying out of the facts and to those of you who already do a lot of interior work, this is a very helpful guide. For those of you who have never done this sort of work, it’s a great primer.
The 14 points are quite lengthy and the bulk of the book were examples to illustrate those points and there is a lot of Catholic jargon but it all of it boils down to this:
When you do something, when you say something, when you act in any given situation, what are you feeling either behind the motivation or afterwards? Ignatius points out when you ask most people that question, they usually are so disconnected from themselves or in such a reactive state, that the answer is usually either “Nothing” or “I don’t know” and *this* is precisely the biggest danger because if you don’t know what you’re feeling, then it makes it all the more difficult to understand the origin of those feelings and thoughts.
When you do or say something, does it make you feel happy? Free? Warm inside? Open? At peace? Serene? What about when you’ve made a decision on something? Is there churning in the stomach? Do you feel unsettled? Some restriction in you? Tightness? Fear? Anger? Wound up? Your answer will tell you what and where it’s really coming from in origin. Which outcome will bring you to a place of peace? Which outcome leaves a sticky residue of some sort? Ignatius also points out that the burden of responsibility in figuring this stuff out falls on each individual, no counsellor, therapist, priest, pastor or deacon can tell you what you’re feeling. Only you can.
What does all this have to do with the Ascension process? Ignatius’ discernment of spirits has implications to it. He points out that ultimately the spiritual life is the one which will give you true freedom in the long run (I don’t agree with his interpretation of a “spiritual life” since it’s based a medieval, patriarchal form of Catholicism but I get what he’s saying. To each their own.)
Regarding Ascension, truth be told I think it’s already happened and like Ignatius’ question on feelings, it also comes down to this question? Do you want to follow a spiritual, more fluid path or a materialistic path with regimented rules and laws to follow? People who have chosen the spiritual path have a head start in some ways, they are going to have an easier time riding that shift. The ones who are on a materialistic path and decide to go deeper on that path are going to have a rougher ride as this shift continues and these newer energies become more pronounced.  This shift is about unveiling the truth and the movement towards spirit. As any teaching will tell you, we’re spirit or consciousness in flesh. We’re just trying to go back to our real state
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Things are cooking up across the pond….

This Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal has breached the dams and it just won’t go away now. While his victims are now in the hundreds and coming forward in droves by the day, the net of the scandal seems to be getting wider and wider by the day and implicating more and more people of the British establishment.

Isn’t it curious that the Royal Family has stayed silent during this entire scandal, despite being “close friends” with Jimmy? So much so that he was invited up to Balmoral, the Queen’s summer residence a few times and was the go-between guy when Charles and Diana’s marriage was on the rocks.

How the hell does a vulgar coal miner-turned radio DJ- turned TV personality get be chummy with the likes of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles and Prince Phillip?

The venerable BBC are now on their knees. Top BBC brass are now being accused of killing programs which could have exposed Savile sooner and that there may have been “outside intervention” to stop the programs being aired. Some are even saying the Royals may have had something to do with it. BBC staff were also quite aware of Savile’s predilection for very young girls and abusing them in his dressing room in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but looked the other way. What this is, is institutional enabling of a known sexual predator.
What is also shows is how dirty these charities and hospitals were for allowing this monster to abuse oftentimes, extremely vulnerable kids in half-way houses of kids who were physically unable to defend themselves because of their medical conditions. Why? Because of the millions these institutions benefited which Savile brought with him through his charity fundraisers. It was a deal with the devil. They got the money they wanted while a few kids whom they deemed to be unworthy of protection and negligible were abused. Many are still suffering, decades afterwards.

Savile’s tombstone has been removed.

Savile’s family has removed his tombstone, a wise move in light of the scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Ben Fellows, a former child actor has maintained that pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors is rampant in the entertainment industry. He’s even said that British Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke fondled him. In recent days, he’s been told to remove his comments, which he refuses to. You can read his rebuttal and his reasons here.

Ben Fellows got it on all sides.

And now a former British Prime Minister has been implicated as well. Almost.
British MP Tom Watson, the one who doggedly pursued the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal has silenced Parliament today by asking: “The evidence file used to convict pedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear evidence of a widespread pedophile ring…One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”
(That thud you just heard is David Cameron shitting bricks.)

Not having a good week, are you?

For those of you who follow Icke and other conspiracy research websites, this one will not be a hard one to figure out. It’s the late (never married) Edward Heath.

Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath – disgusting dirty old men.

Things are now getting mighty interesting, no? That they should be coming to light especially now is quite remarkable. My guess is that when the fire gets to close to burn, the establishment will orchestrate something to deflect people’s attention away from them, like a bomb attack on Iran  or a false-flag attack on Israel or something. I say don’t take your eyes off the ball, not for a second.

I remember reading an interesting line years ago in Knut Hamsun‘s book, “The Growth of the Soil”: Good things mostly leave no trace, but something always comes of evil.

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When Brands fail

I think he’s smelling his own bullshit here…

Nike, and just about all of his sponsors have dropped him like a hot potato since all this doping business has been busted.
I’m not surprised in the least. I never liked him to begin with and couldn’t stand his arrogance. While everyone went crazy a couple of years ago grabbing up his ugly yellow bracelet for his Livestong Charity, the Europeans have always despised him. To them, it was the worst-kept secret that he was doping up and all this fanfare of him surviving cancer and winning multiple Tour de France races was nothing more than a giant show.

The lesson here boys and girls, is that you should never fall for hype.

It wasn’t just his arrogance which turned me off from Day 1. I think it says a lot about a guy who leaves his wife and 3 kids who stuck by his side while he went through his cancer and then ditched them  on the eve of his celebritydom to go date songstress Sheryl Crow. He then ditched Sheryl Crow when her breast cancer was diagnosed. It was so obvious this guy was and is a status whore. So Armstrong is now going through what happened to Tiger Woods a few years ago after his excessive cheating and marital infidelities came out.

Lance and Sheryl with that bracelet again.

I don’t understand why people become so shocked when the true colors of celebutards and public figures are revealed. Many of them are dirt-bags to begin with and have very seedy private lives. That’s why they have a tiny army of publicists, high-powered lawyers, fashion stylists, plastic surgeons, personal trainers, voice coaches and public relations firms as well as force their nannies, maids, drivers, personal security guards and even former lovers to sign very litigious and penalizing non-disclosure contracts with very strict secrecy clauses. I think it was the British photographer Cecil Beaton who once said that daylight must never fall on magic. His point being that the illusion of glamour and magic must be maintained at all costs and the public should never know what the reality is behind the illusion.

Do you really think someone who is healthy should have hands as veiny and skeletal as these?

No need to list the media moguls, sports stars, movie stars, politicians who have all fallen from grace in recent years. There will be much more to come, I’m sure. Even a quick visit to Perez Hilton’s gossip blog will satiate anyone’s curiosity. I do think it says something about us as a society and possibly, a civilization which believes so much and relies so much on illusions, image and…hype. I think what it boils down to is a temporary suspension of critical thinking to believe a myth, an idea etc. The pressure for us to fall for it is everywhere, it assaults us daily and from all directions. Whether it’s for trying to steal your vote, get your hard-earned cash or fall for a certain ideology.
It even tries to get you, the private citizen, to engage in it yourself. Recently I joined LinkedIn  the professional career networking version of FaceBook. Job-searching and networking are all about “branding yourself” now. You have to create a brand for yourself in order to market yourself to potential “buyers” (i.e clients or employers). Going through LinkedIn is now like going through a human version of the Sears catalogue. You don’t see the human being anymore, but just a list of superlative adjectives describing skill sets like “Excellent Problem Solver” or “Effective Negotiator”. The whole thing seems dehumanizing, contrived and somehow…sad.
In my humble opinion, I think all these things are doomed to fail eventually. All that really matters in the end is the truth.
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Why New Agers/Spiritualists are probably among the most useless people in the world

From “As the World Burns: 50 things You Can Do to Stay in Denial” By Stephanie McMillan and Derrick Jensen, page 6, Seven Stories Press

What this cartoon depicts is something which has bothered me for ages now. It’s a certain passivity and lackadaisical worldview among the New Age/Spiritual and even at times, the yoga set.

Most of them employ a type of thinking which is called “magical thinking”. That somehow by meditating on a certain idea, or by “dedicating your yoga practice” and doing 108 Sun Salutations, that some magical aura of positivity will emanate from you, like a fuzzy gas cloud your dog just farted out and then goes around to transform the world into your version of the Garden of Eden.

Doing 108 of these in a row, will give you killer arms and abs, but it will not stop Japan from reactivating their nuclear power plants.

It’s nothing new. A few weeks ago I read Barbara Ehrenreich’s most excellent book,“Bright-sided: How The Relentless Promotion Of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America”.

Eye-opening read.

In the book, she outlined the historical basis of how all this magical thinking has seeped into the general culture, from corporate seminars with the likes of Landmark Education, to runaway trash best-sellers like “The Secret” or movies based on pseudo-science like “What the Bleep do we know?!”.

Fit for the bin.

It goes back to the end of the 19th century, oddly enough when industrialization and mass production also started. At that time it was called “New Thought” and it set up the base for the New Age movement decades later.

I’ve also seen it at the yoga studio. Where every autumn and spring equinox, there’s usually a Yoga Mala being held somewhere. Donate your $20 for a local charity, do 108 Sun Salutations and achieve World Peace! Sounds groovy, right?

I don’t think so.

If anything, it is a form of the corporate state to control the masses and it is a form of extremely deceptive thinking and it goes something like this. “If we can deceive you to just sit at home and meditate on world peace or meditate on abundance or Ganesha’s third eye, and take no other real-world action, we can still go ahead and send in drones to bomb Pakistan or instigate Israel to start a war with Iran (so screw your peace). If we can deceive you to read books like “The Secret” or “The Power of Positive Thinking” and fall for them, you’ll be too distracted to see what we are really doing behind your back. Plus you’ll be too afraid, too distracted and in too much debt to ever take real, meaningful action, like fight us in the streets and expose us to the world and what we really do.You feel bad about all this bombing and world hunger? Well, just give your money to some charity to ease your guilty conscience, we’ll be able to buy them out anyway and make sure the status quo is continued. Guaranteed.”

While I agree keeping a positive frame of mind is important for day-to-day life, it cuts down on the irritation and your blood pressure  when a rude driver cuts in or when someone with 15 items is in front of you in the 10 items or less line at the supermarket, it’s just not everything.

Road rage isn’t good for you either.

Achieving things like world peace, equal rights and abundance FOR ALL takes work. Serious grunt-work. It means getting involved in grass-roots movements, going to demonstrations, boycotting companies or entities which are hurting people and the land. It means being an active citizen of the world. It means doing research, reading up on the issue of your choice and then really doing something about it. Just hiding out at your yoga studio, temple, church, mosque etc. does not achieve anything. If you’re really serious about changing the world for the better, your ideals have to be coupled with action. This video below shows how slavery had a lot to do with the sugar trade and and what people had to do to stop it. It’s an example worth thinking about and analyzing seriously.

I’ve also noticed something else in recent years. That radical activism has a sheen of coolness to it which these corporate types and enablers have tried to siphon back on themselves, to make themselves look cool (and somehow that translates into more followers and more money).

I thought it was extremely disingenuous when the likes of Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Sean Corne, and Elena Brower showed their faces at Occupy Wall Street in NYC last fall.

Every last one of them personally benefit from the capitalist system and have yearly annual incomes well over the 6-digit range. That they can somehow show up in Zucotti Park with people who have lost their homes in foreclosures, students with PhD’s and MA’s who can’t find work, people who normally would never be able to afford in 5 back-to-back lifetimes to go on an overseas yoga retreats with someone like Brower, in my mind, stinks of opportunism and phoniness.

If these New Agers and Yoga “Teachers” are serious about alleviating the suffering that many are going through, they also have to help in dismantling that very system which created it in the first place, instead of trying to work around it or within it. Nothing less will do. But as it is, they benefit too much from it, so why ever say or do anything which will have real impact?

So chant all you want, pray all you want, meditate all you want, wait all you want while the world burns. Nothing is going to change out there unless it’s coupled with informed action.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Getting burnt – Literally

Robbins is one of the best-known if not, the richest of motivational speakers out there in the world. He’s been featured on Forbes magazine dozens of times and he’s on a first name basis with folks like Bill Clinton. I’d see his infomercials on late night TV and to me, he reminded me of Jaws’ long-lost baby brother (the villain from James Bond flicks like “Mookraker”). Big teeth, big smiles and big promises. In my mind, that spelled Red Flag Alert.


Separated at birth?

Of course you just had to buy his recordings and listen to them and watch yourself magically morph into a millionaire or billionaire overnight.  Robbins uses a lot of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in his teachings and to me, there’s almost a subliminal mind programming element about that. I have no problem with people using NPL to break a bad habit like drugs or smoking or help get themselves out of an abusive situation. I do however have major issues with people using NLP for improving sales tactics.
This incident exemplifies one of the biggest issues I have with the New Age movement in general, that somehow if I just think the right way, I will attract all the abundance that the world owes me, that if bad things happen to me it’s because I deserved it because I wasn’t thinking the right way or sending out the right vibes. While trying to get people out of a victimization mentality, all it does is replace it with guilt and self-recrimination. It completely misses the point that there are outside forces at play in this world and that it really isn’t all about you. That bad things happen to good people all the time through no fault of their own.
I recently finished reading Chris Hedges most excellent book “Empire of Illusion”. He rightly pointed out how the New Age community is actually doing more harm than good to millions of people suffering out there. People need to wake up.

Transcribed from BookTV interview

Q: What do you think of Oprah’s role in the cultural and religious pursuit of personal wealth?

CH: Negative. Oprah peddles this fantasy that we can have everything we want if we just focus on happiness and grasp that we are truly exceptional if we dig deep enough in ourselves, and this is just magical thinking. It’s not just peddled by Oprah… I don’t want to pick just on Oprah. The Christian Right does it, Hollywood does it, Corporatism does it. Tony Robbins, self-help gurus do it… and it’s just a myth… a myth used to beat up on the poor.

There are no jobs in Camden, New Jersey. They used to make Campbell’s soup in Camden… even that’s gone… everything is gone. The school’s are dysfunctional with a gigantic drop out rate, the streets are unsafe… and to somehow tell a poor black child who’s not getting an adequate education, not being raised in an environment that provides safety and security and nurturing… and upon that, being tossed out into a city where there is no work, that they have to dig deep enough within themselves is really a way for us to turn our backs on the vulnerable and the poor. And to say, the cultural message is, “you are responsible for  your fate”… that’s just the way the corporate state wants it as it sheds job after job… as larger and larger segments of American society are reduced to a subsistence level without any kind of job security, without any kind of adequate health insurance… that it’s sort of their fault because they haven’t managed to tap into their inner strength… this is not only delusional, but in the end, I think, callous to the weak and the poor and the working class.

There should be heavy state interventions into impoverished areas in our inner cities and rural enclaves where poverty has become tremendous… I’ve spent a lot of time with military units, and the best military units never leave their wounded or dead on the field… even corpses, they still mean something, they’re not commodities although their utility to the unit is gone… and I’ve seen soldiers and marines crawl out and bring these bodies back… and these were always units with the highest morale and most effective fighting capacity. It was the units, who left their dead on the field and walked away, that rapidly disintegrated… and I think that’s what we’re doing as a nation. We need to rebuild that solidarity, that community, that sense that when you stumble and fall, I will reach down and help pick you up… if we are going to make it.

We have allowed corporate values, whether it’s reality television… reality TV is essentially about Corporatism… it’s about the celebration of values that are characteristic of psychopaths: self-aggrandizement, incapacity for remorse or guilt, betrayal… one builds false friendships then betrays them… for what? Fleeting fame or a little money, and it’s writ large throughout the whole culture. We have to begin to question our value system if we’re gonna make it.

One of the most important questions is: what are we going to do about all those people that we’ve allowed to be treated like human refuse?

From his book Empire of Illusion

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Most “channelers” are channels to nowhere

“A lot of men and women have chosen the profession of clairvoyant or medium because they were incapable of doing anything else! They live just anyhow, they exercise no self-discipline, and they call themselves clairvoyants! And this is what so many people do: on the strengths of a couple of lucky presentiments or one or two premonitory dreams, they set themselves up as clairvoyants or channelers. I don’t deny they may have a smattering of psychic gifts and faculties but they certainly have an abundance of cunning and impudence. They have understood that human beings need to be reassured and flattered and they tell them what they want to hear.

Sometimes in fact, they see nothing at all but as they don’t want to disappoint a client or lose their reputation – or simply, because they don’t want to lose money – they fob people off with vague answers calculated not to compromise themselves in any way. Not many clairvoyants or channelers are sufficiently honest to tell you, ” I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything today because I can’t see anything, you’ll have to come back another day.” Oh no! They would rather pretend to see something. If their dazzling prophecies fail to materialize, they go to him and ask why. “Oh, it has simply been delayed a little because of the position of the stars”, says the clairvoyant or channeler, reassuringly.”But it is coming. Be patient!” Don’t these clairvoyants and channelers realize that they run the risk of misleading people? Don’t they realize what a responsibility that is? Why do they do it? Is it for money? Or prestige? Whatever the reason. they would do well to realize that the Invisible World does not like being used for selfish purposes and that it will punish them for doing so.
There are people who are naturally mediumistic – they pick up energy currents, images and messages in the invisible. Many envy them their gift, not suspecting how much risk is entailed if these people merely transmit messages without questioning the origin and nature of what they have picked up. Are these communications authentic? Do they really come from the world of light? These are questions that need to be asked.
Those who possess mediumistic abilities – and more or less everyone has some, which they can develop – must do some real inner work to become clearer in themselves and purer. Only then will these so-called extrasensory abilities be useful to them and to others. Until they do so, they will be no more than a kind of channel or pipe allowing both clean and dirty water to pass through indiscriminately. But the day they become conscious mediums, they will be like the branches of a tree, which know how to transform the sap they receive in order for leaves, flowers and fruit to appear.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, ‘Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance and Dreams”
I realize that is a very lengthy quote but it brings up a subject which many solo spiritual investigators, wanderers and healers are well advised to keep on their radar screen at all times. The world, the internet, you name it, is full of characters described as above. Even a cursory browse on the internet will land you on some page or other with this person claiming to channel this spirit or other.

Jane Roberts who claimed to channel “Seth”. I wouldn’t take advice from her, would you?

I think of Ashtar Command or Galactic Federation of Light and what utter garbage they seem to spew everyday. Check out their YouTube channels if you want a laugh sometime. It seems that every other day a new set of energies has been released and that the cavalry is about to break out of the clouds any second now and yet what happens?  Nothing. Zilch, Nada. Nil. The list is almost endless at this point, JZ Knight channeling Ramtha, Jane Roberts and the Seth books (which Linda Goodman incidentally maintained was a cover for Set–> Osiris’ brother who killed him), Book of Urantia, A Course in Miracles, Neale Donald Walsch and his conversations with “God”.

The Galactic Federation of Light (aka Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek loser wannabes)

I remember when the internet was first starting to take off in the mid-1990s, there was a website called Spiritweb.org where there seemed to be a high concentration of channelers for this Galactic Federation of Light (someone has been watching too much Star Trek, methinks…). The website is long gone but what I do remember was how utterly airy-fairy most of the stuff was. None of it seemed grounded in reality. Or helpful in any meaningful and pragmatic way.
I admit, when I didn’t know any better, I visited a psychic or two. I had even been fooled by persons claiming to be Elders, but once bitten, twice shy. I now look as the messenger very closely. If their life is in the gutter, then chances are the Holy Ghost won’t be visiting them anytime soon. It’s the Law of Correspondence. The purer the soul, the higher and purer the spirit it attracts. (Granted, there are some truly good people out there who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own but because of the manipulations of others and didn’t know any better. There are exceptions to every rule.) I came across one channeler in Derry, New Hampshire, a woman who considers herself an Elder, a “Grandmother” with a disruptive, alcoholic cross-dressing spouse, kids who have spent time in jail and yet she insists that she is  channeling powerful medicine men and Elders who have crossed over.  She also has a co-hort who is passing herself off as a “wisdom-keeper”, someone with history of alcoholism, rape, a reputation on the reservation which is far from clean and  “spiritual” (mostly because everyone on the rez knows her and her reputation too well) and who once told me over the phone that she could shapeshift into a Thunder Being and would only “work” with you if you donated no less than $80 a go , for up to 10 “sessions” to work with her. Give her less than that and she won’t even return your calls.
Some advice, take it or leave it:
1) When someone claims to be channeling Cleopatra or Genghis Khan or some other significant historical character, run for the hills.
2) When someone is telling you the truth, it may hurt. Real channelers, like real friends, just won’t tell you what you want to hear. They will tell you the good and the bad.
3) The angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Metatron are very busy in maintaining the order of the Cosmos, looking after Chronos and Kairos. They don’t have time to recommend to you through a medium on whether that drunken guy you met at a bar Saturday night will be the father of your children.
4) Go with your gut. If you feel (not what you think) what someone is telling you is completely off or you get a weird feeling, then chances are something IS wrong. Develop your intuition on your own and learn to trust it. We’ve all got these abilities in us, it’s like anything else, practice, practice, practice.
5) Is it grounded in reality and more to the point, is it truly useful, helpful and beneficial to you?

Not visiting your neighborhood anytime soon.

While I don’t doubt there are some people out there with a genuine gift, the more evolved ones usually work on a basis of selflessness and service, not selfishness and self-interest. It’s time, I think, people began to adjust their vision a bit more.
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Why I left yoga (and why I think a helluva lot of people are being duped)

Like millions of Westerners out there, I too joined the yoga bandwagon about eight years ago after trying out my first Bikram class, moving on to Moksha and then settled at a hot yoga studio which practices all types of yoga in a hot space.

I too fell in love with how yoga made my body feel after a particularly tough workout.

I too fell into the pseudo-spiritual aspects of the practice.

And, finally I too got burned out by the practice, disillusioned and at times, even disgusted at the people who I thought should be setting an example to the rest of us but turns out that they are even more messed up than you realize and the yoga was just an effective cloak to hide their true nature and personalities.

For me, it was and always will be the health benefits of yoga which attracted me and still keeps me around but I also, perhaps in my naïveté, thought the people who were a part of the scene would be as sincere as they appeared to be. I had read every book out there, was thoroughly sick of the new age charlatans claiming to have psychic abilities all in the name of Mr. Dollar and selling their wares, whether it was books, weekend retreats or $1000 seminars and very disenchanted with what the so-called “good life” of a westernized professional was offering (it’s a formula, no more) . With yoga, I finally felt that I found something authentic, based on authentic teachings, plus I was feeling great afterwards. The people seemed nice; they had read and kept quoting all the great seers and sages of the centuries. Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Rumi, Hafiz and more recently, writers like Eckhart Tolle. They were into the green movement, recycling and genuinely concerned about Mother Earth. They wear Toms and donated to legitimate foundations like Unicef, Right to Play etc.

But a few nagging observations wouldn’t leave me.

1) First of all, I’m of Indian heritage. I’m brown. You look at me and you know I’m ethnic. I speak the language and still have many extended family members there and have gone back often. By and large, and I’m generalizing since it’s not always the case, but yoga in the West is increasingly becoming a trendy diversion for the affluent and bored or those who are obsessed with the body beautiful and the cult of hedonism which follows that.  Now I see yoga branching out in such things like “Chocolate Yoga” or “Trance Dance Yoga”, where in short, the culture of the nightclub or rave is being super-imposed on yoga. India is still deeply conservative socially. Arranged marriages are still the norm in the villages and were also the norm in the big cities until maybe 20 years ago. Binge drinking, sexual promiscuity and drug taking, which are elements of the club culture are strongly frowned upon and considered socially unacceptable in many social circles in India but yet it is being passed off as something that is a part of yoga by North American suburban kids and marketers looking for the next big trend, when that is just not true.


2) It is extremely classist. It lacks plurality and inclusiveness. I do not see many people of blue-collar backgrounds who can afford these classes on a regular basis and many of them are precisely the ones who could probably benefit the most from yoga. Most of the studios in my city charge around $1200 for an unlimited yearly membership.  That’s serious coin. I can hardly  envision a stressed, single mother trying to raise her kids on social assistance being able to afford that when she probably needs the benefits of yoga more than the pampered trophy wife who just returned form her 5-star shamanistic initiation retreat in Bolivia. I walk into most of my yoga classes and I see nothing but a sea of white faces, maybe the token black and Asian. Some people may read that as a racist statement but I’m not trying to be racist and this isn’t a reverse racism argument either, it is just my observation. Yoga in North America caters to the affluent and is falling in line with the capitalist system of profit. It is increasingly distancing itself from the roots of yoga.

I can barely make out one non-Caucasian at this Bikram yoga training session.

If anyone can find a non-Caucasian here, let me know.

3) It is really annoying watching some white people try to act ethnically brown when they are not and they never will be. Intention is everything here. I can understand there is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation, but when the Pussy Cat Dolls show up in saris at some premier, you have to ask yourself, what the intention here is.

Pussy Cat Dolls at the 2008 Fashion week Fashion Rocks concert

Pale women with Shiva tramp-stamps do not look good in saris doing Bollywood dance moves or wearing bhindis especially if they have freckles (Like, really).  For Indian women, this is part of their cultural heritage and identity, not some gimmicky hip trend to try out and pose around in until the next trend shows up.

Happy woman dancing in sari

5) Sanskrit, like Latin, is a dead language. Let it go already. The Catholic Church let go of the Latin Mass after Vatican II back in the early 1960s. Chanting in Sanskrit does not make you look cool nor does it make you an automatic Hindu. Or an authority on yoga, Vedic studies or Indology (Yes, that is a real academic subject). Nor does having a made up Sanskit-derived moniker name make you any more real either with names like Blissananda, Ganeshananda, Serenityananda etc.

Ganeshananda – I’m wondering how many Indian followers does he have?

6) Just because it’s exotic does not mean it’s real or more authentic. Real Indians, in India make fun of many Westerners behind their  backs  and are making money off of their ignorance. Do you see real, native Indians in the fancy, expensive ashrams in India? No. Do you see many native Indians “following” your Guruji? Probably not.  Do you see many Indian women at these open air clothing-optional Tantric weekend couples workshops in Hawaii? Did you ever ask why not?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Many, many of these so-called gurus and God-men (and women) of India are scam artists but because their ashrams and centres bring in so much, much-needed cash and tourist dollars, the Indian government looks the other way and in fact, are in on it too. There is nothing spiritual about it. It’s a cash cow and they are milking many Western followers of yoga for all they can get. Not always, I’m generalizing. There are some authentic teachers left in India but they’re usually just minding their own business and not interested in selling anything or proselytizing people. Unfortunately, the former is happening more frequently than the latter.

(I heartily recommend anyone who is interested in this topic to watch this BBC documentary on Sai Baba called “The Secret Swami”.)

Another yogi who pretty much indirectly admits Caucasians are inferior to Indians is Bikram Chowdhury. In his 60 minutes interview  he said that the intense physical aspects of Bikram yoga is more “suitable” to  North Americans because they need to discipline themselves physically before they can start  on the spiritual and psychic and that it’s not necessary for Indians.  That somehow the physical and mental make up of Caucasians is different from Indians and therefore they need to do an additional step of rigorous physical training before attempting anything spiritual. Does anyone  see the double-speak and double-standard here? ( at 1:15 and 10:10)

Bikram Chowdhury on 60 Minutes

They are promising you Enlightenment just as long as you pay up or keep giving enforced “donations”, but it does not work that way. Why do you think celibate Buddhist monks devote their entire lives living in monasteries under vows of poverty, living off of alms trying to achieve Enlightenment? Because it’s excruciatingly hard work and it takes a lot more than a weekend retreat or two plus reading a best-seller to get there.

Thai Forest Tradition Buddhist monk

7) Yoga can become cultic very quickly and the levels of self-absorption and narcissism can sky-rocket easily if you don’t watch it so keep your radar tuned in.  I have heard stories of certain Jivamukti yoga instructors threatening to cut off friendships with other yoga instructors from other traditions because they were not completely vegan.

Really folks? That’s all you can worry about and think about? There’s a nuclear reactor in Japan which is about to fail and spells disaster for the West coast of North America. Workers in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are on the frontlines fighting technocrats and bankers who are trying to rob them of their right to live in some semblance of dignity and respect. There’s a Maoist insurgency in central India and peasants are trying to keep their land from mining companies and THIS is what you have to bicker about?

A woman runs from anti riot police during a demonstration in central Athens, Greece

8) The level of cultural awareness among some of the yoga set is pitiful at times and yet this is the same crowd that tries to come off as cultural and spiritual mouthpieces for that sub-continent. It is truly a subcontinent, with vast differences in culture, religion, diet, language, customs, and history. The only commonality you will find among Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marathis, Rajasthanis, Bengalis, Tamils, Goan, Keralites, Nepalis, Uttar Pradeshi, Kashmiri, Assamese, Ladakhs, Orissians etc is possibly the brown skin, if that. Once upon a time, all these provinces and territories were their own kingdoms and countries and were amalgamated and consolidated into one state and created into “India” by the British. Think of them as entirely different countries with their own unique identities. You wouldn’t mix up a Pole with a Russian (and if you did, they’d probably punch you), so why should you mix up a Tamil with a Punjabi?

You have no idea how annoying it is to hear some girl at the yoga studio look at you and say “Oh, I have an Indian friend and her parents made her get married to some computer engineer in San Jose and she had to get this thing signed with witnesses, what’s that about?”

Me: “Was she Sikh?”

Girl: “No, I think she’s Muslim”.

Me: “Well, I’m Sikh so I’m not really sure”

Girl: “But she’s Indian, just like you.”

Me: “Yeah, but we have many different religions in India and practise things differently…”

And it just goes downhill from there….

In the end, I began to see how vacuous the scene was becoming and has become. I still love the feeling I get after doing a session but I just can’t stand to be around the high-school popularity contest atmosphere which has permeated many of the studios these days and some of the more vapid personalities who are claiming to be instructors and taking advantage of their privileges.


I know they are not all like that, there are some genuine well-meaning people in that community and some of them are truly doing outstanding work like outreach into prisons and so forth. But for me personally, I’m questioning the profit-driven, hedonistic aspects which seems to have taken over the subculture.

Yogadork recently had an article asking if yoga needs to grow up.

In short, yes. Big time.

Addenda: I will no longer post any comments which quite obviously show that the poster has not taken the time out to either read or watch the links I provided below nor took the time out the read the comments already posted in their entirety but instead feel their drive-by analysis and knee-jerk reactions suffice as a form of discussion.

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For anyone who needs to understand WHY issues of cultural appropriation, inclusion and plurality is not about visible minorities “getting over the whole race thing” but rather understand that this is a “white problem”, please watch these videos of “The Color of Fear” (and if you can find a copy of the entire film it is well worth your while) as well as this documentary, “You are Here: Exploring Yoga and the Impacts of Cultural Appropriation”.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Why the Age of Gurus is over and how the Truth Vibrations are exposing them

For years now, from as early as 1991, David Icke has been writing and discussing the Truth Vibrations, an energy frequency which uncovers and unmasks all things including this deceptive matrix, which we call and experience as “reality”.

      David Icke: Truth Vibrations (Awakening the Great Spirit) by Jay4Louise

For decades, prophets and seers have been discussing this mysterious cosmic cloud or part of the galaxy which Planet Earth is about to enter, filled with this Cosmic Truth Serum which will help many of us who are open to the Ascension process move out of the old programming and move into the new one and help all of us see who we really are, no more masks, no more bullshit, no more phonies. A particularly beautiful description of what we are experiencing and what is in store for us can be found in this article:

Zen Gardner‘s website has a series of particularly enlightening articles about this Cosmic Cloud:

Icke , was and is,  spot-on.

With happenings like the Occupy Movement, where masses of people are demanding more transparency and accountability from shady and sinister entities like Wall Street and Big Government…

With Wikileaks, where cyber-punk hottie Julian Assange basically exposes the nefarious dealings of governments, military and multinational corporations the world over.

With the talented motley crew of hackers over on the 4chan /b/ board a.k.a Anonymous, who have infiltrated, and in some case, brought down to their knees, impenetrable organizations like VISA, Mastercard, the CIA, the FBI and Bank of America….

So it is also no surprise that people who are operating on anything less than full integrity are somehow being outed for who they really are these days…

James Ray

This includes New Age hucksters like that asshole James Ray, who conducted a sweat-lodge retreat in Sedona, AZ for  $10,000 US/person for the five-day program intended to push participants to their physical and emotional limits.


More than 50 people participated in the two-hour sweat lodge, a sauna-like ceremony typically used by American Indians to rid the body of toxins. It was meant to be the highlight of Ray’s “Spiritual Warrior” seminar near Sedona. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene; a third died after spending more than a week in a coma; 18 others were hospitalized. Witnesses described the scene after the ceremony as alarming and chaotic — like a “battlefield” — with people vomiting and shaking violently, while others dragged “lifeless” and “barely breathing” participants outside. 

This is the kind of thing that happens when someone decides to undertake something that he knows nothing about. I’ve done numerous sweat lodges over the years with Elders who had the proper training and proper teachings and not once did anything bad ever happen to me because I was in the hands of people who knew what they were doing and  were working with the lodge as a place of sanctity and healing.

Ray is a New Age fraud who, I’m willing to bet ,probably did a lodge or two, saw how simplistic the sweat lodge looks like and figured he could build one easily and make a killing off these people who don’t know any better.

It’s not as easy as it looks. There are Native teachings around the kinds of branches from what kind of specific trees you can use, the kinds of rocks which are heated, the kinds of coverings and blankets which can be used, the kinds of medicines you can use inside the lodge. In fact, there are teachings around just about every aspect of the lodge itself and if even one is done incorrectly, it can spell harm down the line.  This isn’t something you learn in a textbook or weekend seminar. It’s something which an Elder will transmit to someone who they think is spiritually mature enough and responsible enough to take the teachings of the lodge seriously and recognize that it’s for the people and the community, not for lining your pockets.

John Friend

Another huckster whose bowl of spiritual New Age pablum recently spilled over is John Friend of Anusara yoga fame.

Friend was well on his way to creating a new yoga empire with his brand of positive yoga, named Anusara, a school of thought which not only taught proper alignment but was also infused with a lot of New Age positive talk and phrases like “opening to grace” and”shining your truth”. (I’m not sure how you’re supposed to “shine truth” when  you’re limbs are twisted up in a pretzel, but whatever…)  He was also the brains behind “Wanderlust”, a kind of yoga version of the Burning Man festival.

Friend was a celebrity yoga teacher, in much the same way Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee and Bikram Chowdhury have dominated the yoga market, a part of the $6 billion per year health and wellness industry. Jet-setting all over the world, teaching to scores of tight-bodied young women at exclusive retreats and seminars, Friend had it all and then blew it.

If you want all the gory details, then I suggest you pay a visit to Yogadork’s excellent site but in short, all hell broke loose when an irritated computer programmer working for Anusara posted up a site which was online for all but a day, but long enough to catch the attraction of yogadork.com  Intimate online chats of Friend and several members of his pagan sex coven, including married women, an employee pension fund freeze, illegal pot runs and allegations of lying and cheating all went online. It struck many as deeply hurtful and hypocritical when Friend himself had come up with a very stern code of ethics for Anusara teachers and instructors. It’s a typical Gurus-Gone-Wild story. Guy gets drunk on too much of his own power and sense of entitlement and starts abusing it and his followers and groupies are left in the lurch. The Anusara empire is now in the process of either dissolving or restructuring completely without Friend.  In the yoga world, Friend is hardly alone.(Check out my posting “Why I left yoga”  on why this is equally applicable to some of the Indian gurus)

All this to say that fakes are now being outed with increased rapidity and there’s no stopping it now.

Which is why I think the Age of Gurus is now over.

It’s true the people continue to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on pricey weekend seminars with the likes of Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer, always in the hope that if they just go to this one seminar, or buy this one book, or take that one Mediterranean cruise with Tony Robbins, then that one big breakthrough which they’ve been looking for all their life will finally come true.

I’m sorry to say that most of these people are fooling themselves and losing a lot of money while they are at it.

We’re at the stage now, that you either get it or you don’t. Those folks who have been steadily working on themselves all these years will be sensitive enough to have picked up on these new energies which are surrounding us now. It will only get more intense and denser and stronger from now on, we’re not even in the thick of it yet, only at the periphery

Those who are still very much into seeking guidance outside of yourself, by following some of these New Age writers, channelers and speakers, who have refused to actually sit down seriously and work on themselves and face up to their own shortcomings and processed their fears and issues are in a for a rude awakening. Nothing external, no book, no seminar, no guru or teacher, no expensive cruise is going to help you when the real shift does hit the fan (and it’s coming fast). Only you can help yourself.

I’ll be the first one to admit it; it is very hard and painful work facing up to yourself. People don’t do it because it is so damn hard. It means revisiting those parts of you and your past you’d rather not look at too closely, revisiting old, hurtful feelings, sometimes opening up old, festering wounds and releasing those old feelings and the programs which go with them.  It requires courage and unflinching, brutal honesty with yourself.

But once you’ve done it, the sense of peace you find and the joy which comes upon you, will last. No one , no husband, wife, ex-lover, enemy, bad neighbor, NO ONE can ever take it away from you once you’ve found yourself. And that’s when real joy, real love, real everything comes into your life, because you found it inside of yourself.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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