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The Disappearance of Time and Childhood

If there is an elite controlling the world then I want to know who the asshole Sith is... If there is an elite controlling the world then I want to know who the asshole Sith is…

There are conspiracy theorists, mystics, holy men and plenty of other folks who think this world is ruled by an élite and that behind this élite, there is a supernatural, otherworldly force pulling the strings. I’m not going to discuss if this is true or not, you can do the research, read the books, watch the videos and make up your own mind. Some people call them inter-dimensionals, others Reptilians, yet others, The Greys. It would seem these sorts of theories have also petered down into children’s literature.

Crap film. OK film. Kick-ass book.

I am guessing if you were attending elementary school in the early 1980’s, chances are you were forced to sit through and watch Wolfgang Petersen‘s film “The NeverEnding Story” like every other kid. By itself, it’s not a terrible film. However if you sit down to read the original book by Michael Ende, the film , in contrast truly is a spectacular piece of garbage which Ende felt it was. After the horrors of working with a Hollywood film director, Ende then promptly refused further American productions of his other books.

Way better. Way better.

I only know the story because in the early days of the internet, I had a quadriplegic email pen-pal named Jimmy, a writer from Oklahoma who was also attracted to the mystical elements of Ende’s writing. Jimmy had written to Ende in Germany shortly before Ende passed on and told Jimmy as much in his letters. What I find particularly interesting about Ende is that he comes from a Waldorf education background. Meaning, he grew up with the teachings of German mystic and metaphysician Rudolf Steiner and the whole anthroposophy movement. Ende’s work is heavily infused with these esoteric ideas.

It’s unfortunate that many of his other amazing books are not better known to English readers. He did write one children’s book called “Momo” which I think, is actually a bit of an unrecognized masterpiece and deserves some discussion.


“Momo” is essentially Michael Ende’s version of this dimensional reality hack, only his bad guys are called the The Grey Men. They surreptitiously steal people’s time, little by little and by such insidious increments, that at first people don’t notice how their days seem shorter until the day comes that their every second needs to be accounted for, everyone is living under borrowed time, leading pleasureless, hurried, frantic lives. Life becomes all about trying to be efficient, trying to accumulate wealth and in doing so, people have lost their capacity for joy, play, wonderment, and most importantly, love. That’s basically what the grey men want. Momo is the street urchin who eventually catches on to what the grey men are up to and goes about trying to defeat them.

Momo vs. The Grey Men Momo and the tortoise Cassiopeia vs. The Grey Men

Another writer who touches on the same themes is Madeleine L’ Engle. A prolific writer who only found success well into her 40’s, L’Engle comes from the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum than Ende. A devout Episcopal with universalist values, L’Engle was especially interested in that little-studied area where science and spirituality meet head-on. She especially explored these ideas in her Kairos series of books involving the Murray family and particularly in “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Another terrific book. Another terrific book.

Meg Murray, her friend Calvin and her brother Charles Wallace are sent on an intergalatic, inter-dimensional trip to rescue their genius father from IT. During the course of their adventures, they are helped along by 3 shape-shifting benevolent entities (who are supposed to be angels), land on the planet Camazotz, to discover a city where houses are identical, people’s lives are regulated down to the second, so much so that kids playing in the street, skip rope in unison, balls bounce in unison, and mothers come out in unison to call their children in at which point all the doors shut in unison.

Everything and everyone is identical on Camazotz (looks like any suburb nowadays if you ask me..) Everything and everyone is identical on Camazotz (looks like any suburb nowadays if you ask me..)

“Everybody knows our city has the best Central Intelligence Centre on the planet. Our production levels are the highest. Our factories never close; our machines never stop rolling. Added to this we have five poets, one musician, three artists, and six sculptors, all perfectly channeled…We are the most oriented city on the planet. There has been no trouble of any kind for centuries. All Camazotz knows our record. That is why we are the capital city of Camazotz. That is why CENTRAL Central Intelligence is located here. That is why IT makes ITs home here.”

The kids eventually carry out their mission but only after finding out that their most lethal weapon they have against IT and The Darkness is Love.

Pre-School-Programme-Making-it-fit A Montessori preschool

I bring up these two “fictional” books because I don’t think they are fiction anymore. Many of my friends in my age group are raising small children now. Which means any get-together is about them usually discussing day-care and pre-school options, getting them into the “right” pre-school, so that eventually they can get into the “right” elementary school and then the “right” high-school, sign up for the “right” extra-curricular school sports teams which will then lastly, get them into the “right” university. That’s basically planning a kid’s life from ages 3 to 23.

I'd be bored too. I’d be bored too.

This sort of thing makes me sick, angry and sad. It robs a child of having a light, carefree, idyllic childhood, those crucial, formative years where the imagination should run wild, and they should be free to make discoveries on their own, running after butterflies, playing in the mud, climbing trees, swimming in ponds and making snow forts where they can have epic snow-ball fights.

This is what kids should be doing. This is what kids should be doing.


Instead it gets them ready to enter a life of servitude, becoming an efficient cog in the machine, taking orders, thinking inside the box and becoming robots and if they don’t follow orders, they stand to lose everything.

Preparing students for the future - Scene from Pink Floyd's Preparing students for the future – Scene from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

I’ll close with a quote by Ende:
“Life holds one great but quite commonplace mystery. Though shared by each of us and known to all, seldom rates a second thought. That mystery, which most of us take for granted and never think twice about, is time. When it comes to controlling human beings, there is no better instrument than lies. Because you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.”

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The Schoolyard Bully gets bitten by the Dog he kicked

The US government and Edward Snowden

The US government and Edward Snowden, guess who is who?


I’ve been quite engrossed in watching this Eddy Snowden/NSA drama unfold. You have to admit it’s not everyday that you see the proverbial elephant in the room get scared because of the little mouse. The US government’s reaction to Snowden’s actions has been nothing short of extraordinary. Extraordinary in it’s nationalist hubris, extraordinary in it’s hypocrisy, extraordinary in it’s fear.

Edward Snowden Supporters Gather In Hong Kong

Eddy told the Chinese everything about the extent of American spying and hacking in Hong Kong and mainland China, particularly of their private citizens. According to Glenn Greenwald it was precisely because of the outrage the extent of these revelations generated, that Hong Kong officials gave Eddy a free pass to leave for Moscow. I find it funny that on one hand Americans are spying on the Chinese and then from the other side of their mouth “politely” asked that they return Snowden to them. That’s like the schoolyard bully kicking the little kid in the corner and then having the nerve to ask the same kid to invite the bully to his birthday party. It’s just not going to happen.


Eddy is now apparently holed up in some half-way zone at the Moscow airport and I’m willing to bet money he’s exposing stuff to Russian officials and intelligence agents while he’s there and he’ll probably leave after they’re through with him. I should add those Russian hackers are probably the most talented in the world.  They are gonna have a field day after this, I’m sure.

Putin is also a Judo champion.

Putin is also a Judo champion.

I normally don’t really admire leaders and presidents and such but I have to say I’m going to give full marks to former KGM agent, multilingual Vladimir Putin for having the balls to stand his ground and indirectly tell former Bonesman, husband to the ketchup queen and bad plastic surgery patient, John Kerry to screw off. (While I profoundly disagreed with how Putin handled the Chechnya situation, he is by far the smartest, shrewdest world leader right now. He knows exactly how things work behind closed doors and more importantly, he’s not afraid.)
I really hope Eddy makes it to South America or Iceland safely.

This story has exposed the worst, most sinister aspects of state behavior and the nation-state model. Maintaining order always involves violence. People need to ask questions like “Who’s version of order?” “Who benefits or profits from this order?” “Who defines this order?” but outside of activist circles, these kinds of questions are unfortunately never discussed.

This story has also exposed that empires have a shorter and shorter shelf-life. The Western and Eastern Roman Empire lasted nearly 2000 years. The Ottoman Empire lasted 700 years. The British Empire lasted just shy of 500 years. The American Empire barely lasted 60 years.

Timeline of Empires

Timeline of Empires

Some people speculate that China will be the next superpower, I don’t know. My own opinion is that the age of Empire and superpowers is on its way to being over. No more scenarios where you have one giant shark and lots of tiny goldfish in the pond. Rather, you’ll have a number of big fish and lots of medium and smaller sized fish, but no one fish will rule over all.


That’s a good thing, it keeps things in check and it prevents the development of the bully mentality and the myth of exceptionalism whether it’s American, Anglo-Saxon, Slavic or whatever.

Just remember this one thing, suspicious minds are generally guilty ones.

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And Kali has started Her Dance


The goddess Kali in the Hindu pantheon of gods is a terrifying figure. With hands soaked by the blood of her victims, matted hair, blood-shot eyes, a girdle made of human limbs and a chain of human heads, brandishing a scimitar, her black visage distorted in a perpetual, furious scream, tongue out in constant blood-thirst, she momentarily stops her dance of rage and destruction by resting her feet on the corpse of her consort the Lord Shiva.

To just merely label Kali as the goddess of death and destruction is a little simplistic. In actuality Kali, represents many, many different things, depending on which school of thought you read or belong to within Hinduism. Some see her as the goddess of Time and Change. Sometimes the death and destruction that she leaves in her wake are actually opportunities for growth and renewal after the fact. Some see her as the annihilator of evil forces, a slayer of demons, while other devotees insist she is the master of the 5 elements and supreme mistress of the universe.

I bring Kali up because given what is happening in the world these days, I can’t help but feel that the old ways are going out faster than anticipated. With unprecedented protests happening in Brazil, Turkey, the closing of the recent G8 talks in Belfast, I’m almost getting a strong sense of déjà vu, of witnessing the last days of the Roman Empire, that while Rome burned, the emperor Nero sang and played his lyre oblivious to everything and everyone around him.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

The masses are awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Everyone has had it. They have for a while now, but people were able to get by if they kept their mouth shut and head down as they gradually suffer more and more indignities propagated by the system. This stupid neo-liberal agenda which politicians, banksters, CEOs, and right-wing pundits and professors have been ramming down everyone’s throat for years now has hit it’s ideological dead-end and I’m fairly certain they know it too. The GMO-foods which makes people sick, the asinine entertainment industry, the professional sports industry and useless news channels with talking heads blathering on nothing ad nauseum for hours, all of it designed to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted.

People do desperate things when they realize the jig is up, like animals caught in a trap and can’t find a way out. Governments are no different. The state-system apparatus and the people who uphold that system knows it’s seeing the end of it’s time, that’s why they have to take desperate measures and grasp at straws by listening in on people’s phone calls, read their text messages and emails.

Grasping at Straws

As frightening the spectre of Kali is, I’m actually feeling very hopeful these days. I think the end of an era is at hand. While barbarians overtook Rome when it fell, I don’t think that will happen this time, too many decent, intelligent people are pissed off. In their unending greed and thirst for control and power, the 1%’ers pushed more than they can handle and in doing so, got the majority against them including the majority of their servants. It reminds me of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where the pigs eventually learned to walk on hindquarters like their human masters and then started to live in the house and eventually just stayed shut inside, failing to understand or see how the rest of the farm and what the animals in the barn were up to.

The Natives are restless folks. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t forget that’s also a good thing.
The hand of Kali never falters.


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Those Truth Vibrations are getting stronger folks…

There seem to be several interesting developments happening at the same time these days.

First off, Anti-Bilderberg 2013 was a runaway success. I’ve watched the footage and YouTube videos very closely, read the news reports and you can’t help but feel that something extremely encouraging has taken place. The Hertfordshire police thought no more than 300 people would show up. Instead thousands did. 2000 more had to be turned away at the gate.

The crowd waiting to get into the Bilderberg site.

The crowd waiting to get into the Bilderberg site.

Politicians took to the mike along with guerrilla journalists and speakers and researchers. People from across the UK and overseas showed up. Protesters were hugging cops and the cops hugged them right back (it helps that English cops don’t carry guns). In fact the protesters were so polite and peaceful, it’s easy to see why many of the cops there seemed to be having a good time and listened earnestly to the protesters. Some even walked away convinced that maybe these loony conspiracy theorists are actually on to something.

Note to all activists, protesters and concerned citizens: THIS is the way it’s done. The old saying is true: You’ll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

I hope all subsequent anti-Bilderberg meetings from now on become like this. It’s finally on the mainstream media’s radar screen and it looks like it’s going to stay there. The Fringe Festival is a brilliant idea. If it continues, this thing is going to snowball, I’m sure of it. The only thing I wished I saw was some yoga practitioners showing up in solidarity like they have in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Would've been cool to see a bit of this at Bilderberg

Would’ve been cool to see a bit of this at Bilderberg

Another thing, the gathering missed the ritual and ceremonial aspect completely. I would have done earth-based ceremony around the site days or weeks in advance and then during the days of the meeting, had the First Nations drummers out in full force, at the 4 cardinal directions around the hotel. These things send out vibes/thoughts/frequencies and would go a long way to influence the Bilderbergers, in a good way, from a distance.

Second: Is anyone really surprised by this National Security Agency (NSA) scandal in the US?
Ever since 9-11 and ever since the chimp-lookalike Bush’s administration with Homeland Security becoming even more draconian against Muslims, suspected terrorists, Occupy activists, in fact ANY kind of activist or anyone that questions governments, banksters or corporations. Of course it was just a question of time before they started listening in on phone calls, reading private emails and embroiling Google, FaceBook and MSN in their complicity. Julian Assange warned as much ages ago. Assange is also praising Snowden as a hero and is urging him to seek asylum in either Russia or South America. I don’t always agree with Glen Greenwald but this was truly a spectacular piece of reportage and investigative journalism. Kudos to him. The jury is still out on whistleblower Edward Snowden and from what I understand, he’s hiding out in Hong Kong so he can escape Private Bradley Manning‘s fate.

Some Icelandic politicians, in their truly unique tradition, are looking to offer political asylum to Snowden. There are calls for impeachment against Obama. The entire country is literally going apeshit over this.
My advice: Don’t use Google, use Startpage. Unlike Google, they don’t record IP addresses and it’s the one search page many software developers and hackers use. From what I heard, they will shortly be launching an email service as well.

Screw Google, go here instead.

Screw Google, go here instead.

Third: I can’t speak for everyone but at least in my corner of the world, many politicians are being outed big time for kickbacks, drug usage and plain old corruption.

Canada's dictator, Step-Hen Harper has no warm, human blood in him. Instead, ice-cold liquid mercury runs in his veins.

Canada’s dictator, Step-Hen Harper has no warm, human blood in him. Instead, ice-cold liquid mercury runs in his veins.

Step-Hen Harper is embroiled in a scandal where his chief of staff paid off a conservative Senator Mike Duffy for $90 000 for “living expenses”.

Rolly-polly bigoted Toronto mayor Rob Ford may have some phone camera video of him smoking crack cocaine floating out there somewhere. The video has not surfaced but half his staff quit anyway and his credibility is in tatters. Maybe he can go on a fishing trip with his buddy Step-Hen and commiserate on their bad fortune together?

Local Montreal shyster Dr. Arthur Porter, who was the head of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), is fighting an extradition order to Canada where he faces serious corruption charges. Porter, a doctor from Senegal, somehow through Step-Hen Harper, was elected the the Queen’s Privy Council of Canada and was made a board member of CSIS, the Canadian Intelligence agency.

Old pals, Step-Hen and Arthur Porter

Old pals, Step-Hen and Arthur Porter

Porter seriously screwed up the MUHC and their plans to build a super-hospital. He awarded contracts to his cronies and because of the cronyism and corruption, the entire university has been crippled. They are cutting back on essential staff and services, fees are being raised while these assholes walk away with golden parachutes. Anyway Porter has been found guilty of corruption and the Quebec government want him back for questioning. What does he do? He now claims he has Stage IV cancer and “cannot travel” from his location in the Bahamas. Funny enough, he seemed well enough to travel to Panama where he and his wife were caught last week. Porter has said that if he goes down, he’s going to name names, including politicians, businessmen, socialites and typical movers and shakers. To say that Quebec is a corrupt place is the understatement of the century.   Just yesterday interim- Montreal mayor, Michael Applebaum was picked up on corruption charges, this after he said he was going to clean up house after his predecessor Gerald Tremblay was also forced to resign over corruption charges. My guess is that there’s a sweetheart deal in the works behind the scenes. He’ll probably name some names, but not the most important ones and he’ll get a penalty or next-to-nothing jail time.

Keep your nose clean, always pack an extra pair of underwear and sit back, relax and watch this comedy show. At this rate, who knows what will happen next given the climate these days….


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Why Fighting Fire with Fire will never work (but tea and sympathy might)

A few days ago I was listening to “Day 6” with Brent Bambury on CBC Radio. Brent always had, and still has, a knack for picking up unusual stories or mainstream media stories but from an unusual angle. This past weekend, he highlighted a news item which has not been picked up by the mainstream media (surprise, surprise) in light of the Woolwich incident. In case you have not heard, Britain has been rocked by anti-Muslim sentiment because of this incident where a machete-yielding hack beheaded an off-duty British soldier in the streets of London. Ultra-right wing groups like the English Defense League (EDL) have come out swinging against Islam and Muslims in general. Hate crimes against Muslims have skyrocketed in recent days across Britain.

There have also been unrelated attacks against nine mosques, including a fire-bombing in Grimsby

There have also been unrelated attacks against nine mosques, including a fire-bombing in Grimsby

The EDL planned mass rallies were around Britain to add fuel to the fire. To the credit of Britons, hardly anyone showed up. In fact former Queen guitarist, now environmentalist, Brian May was leading a protest the same day against the badger cull in the UK and more people showed up for that than the anti-Muslim ones. To my mind, this signals a change of priorities, even if it is a small one.

Queen guitarist Brian May led a protest of thousands.

Queen guitarist/astrophysicist/university chancellor/environmental activist and one of the coolest guys in the world, Brian May led a protest of thousands.

The news item in question which I think deserves more coverage and discussion, involves a tiny dilapidated mosque in York.

The York mosque

The York mosque

The Yorkshire EDL Scarborough Division posted a message on its Facebook page calling for supporters to gather outside the York mosque.

So what did the mosque do?
They invited the protesters to come in for tea and biscuits, which was then followed by a football/soccer match. (You can listen to whole, charming interview here.)

You cannot get more English than tea and biscuits.

You cannot get more English than tea and biscuits.

Professor Mohammed El-Gomati, a senior member of that mosque, while discussing the impending demonstrations, recalled a quote from the great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, “That if the Prophet Mohammed were presented with all the problems of the world, he would have solved them over a cup of tea.” Taking that as his cue, the mosque’s congregation decided to face the EDL protesters with the tea, biscuits and an impromptu game of football.

Local politicians and members of clergy from other religions have hailed the gesture unanimously.
Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu said the mosque’s response was “fantastic”. He said: “Tea, biscuits, and football are a great and typically Yorkshire combination when it comes to disarming hostile and extremist views.”
Father Tim Jones, who went to the Bull Lane mosque, which is situated in his parish, said: “I’ve always known they were intelligent and compassionate people and I think this has demonstrated the extent to which they are people of courage – certainly physical courage and also a high degree of moral courage. I think the world can learn from what happened outside that ramshackle little mosque on Sunday.” Hull Road ward councillor Neil Barnes said it had been a “proud moment for York”.
He said: “I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day that the York Mosque tackled anger and hatred with peace and warmth – and I won’t forget the sight of a Muslim offering a protester tea and biscuits with absolute sincerity.”


The York mosque and congregation on tea and biscuit day.

David Icke, during his Wembley presentation last October said that violent protests usually don’t work and I agree. While I think showing up to demonstrate support for a particular stance whether it is against the Iraq war, or even last weekend’s March Against Monsanto to let politicians and policy-makers know when something isn’t cool, politicians and industrialists will unfortunately keep furthering their own interests. It not only takes an active citizenry but also a sympathetic police force and military/security apparatus to switch sides to carry out real change.

“We need what I call the Non-Comply Dance…where people dance to a different drum, dance to a different beat,…No no more do we comply out of fear of not complying with these dark suits and people, we stop complying but we stop complying with a smile on our face and a heart that’s open, not in anger, not in bitterness, but in steely “We are not having it”. So we hold our vibration and don’t get pulled into their’s …We can go on protests and hurl abuse and stuff like that through our anger, understandably so…but what does it do? What does it achieve? It just feeds the dragon, feeds the demon…so why don’t we think of another way?”



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When Being Disposable goes too far

I’m so happy that Mercury has now gone direct. It means less breakdown and things finally moving forward. This past Mercury retrograde saw just about all my major appliances break down in one form or another. Rather than give you a boring list of what went wrong, suffice to say that it forced me to take a long, hard look at the finer print of guarantees and warranties of appliances like never before. This coming from a girl who is probably the most useless person you will even encounter when it comes to technical matters and working with tools. (Seriously, even to get my TV hooked up  I need to call someone in.)

That,is so not me though I wish I knew more about using power tools.

That,is so not me though I wish I knew more about using power tools.

Thankfully, I lucked out. I have a penchant for retro and vintage items and styles for bygone eras and a lot of my stuff is actually from the 1960’s and 1970’s which means, that barring throwing them off the CN Tower, they are practically indestructible.

Retro-style aqua fridge. I'll take mine in white please. (From

Retro-style aqua fridge. I’ll take mine in white please. (From

With a little maintenance and upkeep, they can probably run almost forever. I also like to support local charities, keep landfills clear and keep the underground economy going by frequenting places like thrift shops, second-hand stores, the Salvation Army or Value Village. Plus who can say no to a bargain or finding a treasure?

Brand new travelling bar cocktail set. Retail $160 at  I found a retro 1960's one in it's original leather carrying case for $2.97

Brand new travelling bar cocktail set. Retail $160 at I found a retro 1960’s one in it’s original leather carrying case for $2.97 at a local thrift shop.

I have friends and family, on the other hand, who are the first ones out the door whenever a new gizmo shows up on the market. I really don’t see the need to buy a fridge that gives me a computer read-out of every item which is running low. I need a fridge which keeps food fresh or frozen. I don’t need a washer and dryer machine which can do algebra homework. I need machines which wash or dry accordingly. I think the list of “special features” as selling points has now gone over to the ridiculous.

I don't know if you have ever noticed, but clothes dried outside under the sun, somehow always feel crisper and cleaner.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but clothes dried outside under the sun, somehow always feel crisper and cleaner.

Many companies prey on consumer ignorance and fears. Stuff from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s usually had 10-year, 25-year guarantees, sometimes even a lifetime guarantee was not unheard off. These days, you’re lucky if you get 1-2 years.

You will probably never see these words again with "Maytag" in your lifetime.

You will probably never see these words again with “Maytag” in your lifetime.

It’s called planned obsolescence. Where companies deliberately design stuff to break down right after the guarantee expires, thus forcing the consumer to go back out and buy something new all over again and repeat the process indefinitely. That’s how they make money. (I always thought it would be cool if some brainy engineering type would finally come up with a company which offered appliances with superior engineering and with a lifetime guarantee or lifetime replacement agreement (for new styles or designs) and retro-fitted appliances with a commitment to really being green. Buy something once and never have to think about it ever again. I’m almost positive they’d overtake the industry completely.)

This got me thinking on a deeper level about what a disposable mindset really means and what it does to people to say nothing of the planet. I mean, I could have just as easily threw everything out and got myself into debt by ordering all this new stuff instead of calling in the repair dude.

Maytag repairman isn't sad because Maytags are so amazing that they never need fixing. He's sad because Maytag fired him a long time ago because they don't want you to call him.

Maytag repairman isn’t sad because Maytags are so amazing that they never need fixing. He’s sad because Maytag fired him a long time ago because they don’t want you to call him.

What happens when we take an equally dismissive attitude about disposing relationships and friendships? Disposing hard-won rights? Disposing all too quickly and not thinking of the after-effects when we don’t value things as we should? I think when relationships and human beings get too easy, too disposable, what it really means is that we don’t really need to enter into a meaningful relationship with it. It’s nothing, just get another one. It doesn’t mean anything because you can trash it and replace it, right?


I cited my appliances, but to give you another example, I have a pair of black leather Chelsea boots I bought 13 years ago in Istanbul. These boots have literally taken me all over the world. I have worn them during crucial events in my life. They go with almost everything in my closet. I have had them repaired and resoled many times over and they are still going strong. If they died tomorrow, they would be irreplaceable. Because not only do the shoes go, but so do all the memories, some happy, some bittersweet, some sad which come with them. That’s the kind of stuff that makes us human, not robotic consumers and I really do think we’d all be better off if there was more of the former than the latter.


Where would we be if the Beatles never reintroduced the Chelsea boot to the world?

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The End of Evil within sight?

One of the very few real wizards left, creator of Star Genesis astrology, Ellias Lonsdale

One of the very few real wizards left, creator of Star Genesis astrology, Ellias Lonsdale

Ellias Lonsdale is the famous astrologer who you never heard of.
Still a West Coast 1960’s hippy at heart, Ellias is a wizard/visionary/wisdom keeper who lives in seclusion in Hawaii, no TV, no internet and no computer. In fact, he still uses a telephone answering service if you want to get in touch with him and does all his charts in long-hand form. Trained by two legendary astrologers of the 20th century in their own right, Dane Rudhyar, the father of transpersonal astrology and Marc Edmund Jones, the father of the Sabian Symbols system of foretelling and astrology, Ellias developed a unique form of astrology called Star Genesis astrology, which takes the entire cosmos into consideration. A very well-known student of Ellias’ is Rob Brezsney of Freewill Astrology fame, whose weekly column is in just about every alternative weekly in North America. You might have heard of him.

Sabian Symbols and astrology is fascinating stuff. Australian astrologer Lynda Hill and her website is by far, the best resource on the web  ,for it.

Sabian Symbols and astrology is fascinating stuff. Australian astrologer Lynda Hill and her website is by far, the best resource on the web on it.

Normally I don’t plug anything or anyone unless my own experience has backed it up and over the years I have had a few readings with Ellias. He’s the real McCoy. The closest person I can compare him to, in terms of his own inspiration and the source of his insights is Ping Wu and his amazing online Taoist Diary which unfortunately has been missing in action since 1997 (Ping, if you ever read this, please come back out of hiding, we need you!). He listens to the earth, he listens to the stars, he’s informed by mythology, legends and history. Any conversation with Ellias sounds like a combination of Joseph Campbell, Erich von Daniken, Carl Jung and Eliphas Levi. In other words, you’d better know your stuff when you talk to him because the cultural and scientific references he uses can quickly go over your head if you’re not prepared (and not in a snobbish way, but just because of the range of subjects he covers to get his point across).

Alchemist and white magician, Eliphas Levi.

Alchemist and white magician, Eliphas Levi.

Like I mentioned, Ellias is quite reclusive and very anti-technology. He does that deliberately in order to keep his other senses alive and antennae alert. He sends out monthly cosmic weather reports with another student of his. His interviews are extremely rare. So when I stumbled on this interview the other night, even if it is almost 2 years old, I listened carefully. I wish there was a transcript of it somewhere because there’s a chockfull of information here which can easily generate 3 or 4 other posts on different topics. I will only focus on one here. (YouTube has all 5 parts of the complete interview in case anyone wants to listen to the whole thing)

From Part 2/5 at 6:47:
Host: Lucia Rene, is one of them, who writes about the patriarchy and she goes into more detail about what your books bring up about black magic and the rule of the magicians on this planet that are controlling things that are very dark but you’re saying that this is a time where that is loosening up, that the control of the patriarchy or the dark forces if you want to call it, is going to be released at some point and we’re going to be…

Ellias: Oh, yes it will, it will flare up like crazy before that point, yes it will be released. On a soul level, human beings have to dramatize things to a point of extremity before they can move with things…

Remember the quote I posted a few days ago from Aivanhov?
“We believe ourselves limited because we have never tried to go beyond our own experience, we think we are limited in space but we are wrong: above there is no limit.That is what led me to the conclusion that evil is limited in both time and space. Cosmic Intelligence did not intend evil to endure. It did not endow it with lasting power as It did good: the power of good is unlimited. That is the difference between good and evil, the only real difference.”

The powers that be are going to throw everything at us, including the kitchen sink. (more in Part 3 from 00:19 onwards). But it would seem that the stars themselves have now turned against them. This is insanely good news even if you’re in the middle of a shitstorm. The light has finally appeared.

Just ride the wave folks!


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The Boomerang is getting faster

Apologies Shifters, for the lack of blogging in this past month. Many things on my plate, like the illness of my pug, being in the throes of life changes which are being orchestrated by me and battling higher ups on the employment hierarchy. Between all of that, not much energy or time left over to blog and post my musings.

Puggy is ill.

Puggy is ill.

However, a few quick observations:

1) The shift has gone mainstream.
When “Saturday Night Live” start lampooning the power of the Israeli lobby over American foreign policy, then you know the truth has definitely gone mainstream and it’s no longer a “conspiracy theory” among radical activists.
The clip below was supposed to air on long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live but due to intense pressure from bosses at NBC, it wasn’t aired but instead was released online. (I’m almost positive Professors Chomsky and Finkelstein had a very good chuckle over this.)

2) Bad-boy comedian Russell Brand has now become the de-facto spokesperson to troubled youth on the power of spirituality, and in his case, using yoga to improve our lives and improve the world. He’s been a yoga enthusiast for quite a while now. I love this interview because Russell, for all his loopiness and bad boy persona, actually comes across as a very humane and decent fellow. There’s even a mention of Ickey in it. In case some of you don’t know Russell interviewed David Icke years ago on his radio show and more recently on his show, “BrandX”. If I have to take advice from any New Age figure, I’ll take Russell Brand any day over these vacuous yogalebrities types like Kelly Morris or Sean Corne.

Meta-physician Stuart Wilde usually writes over at his blog, that there exists a mirror-world to this one which he calls the Aluna and very often the visions he sees in the Aluna take place long before we see it manifested in our 3D world and reality.  I suppose what Stuie calls the Aluna can just as easily be interpreted as the astral world or the world of impressions in the language of Plato. The past several months many of his postings have to do with seeing old edifices crumble down or vanish completely or the arrival of the gods, weapons in hand and ready for battle.


More than several websites have said that it will be 2013 when the real shift will not only be felt but seen by millions.  I think the New World Order and their associated cabals and secret societies are behind in their schedules. They aren’t as sure-footed as they used to be and there seems to be an unseen and undetected force at work right now. I say all the better, all any of us can do is keep our noses clean, remain vigilant, stay truthful to ourselves and treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves. The path of the boomerang has just gotten shorter.


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Cultural Ignorance is for Lazies

This is something which has been bugging me for a while now within the conspiracy-theory set.

Kerry Cassidy - a walking botheration

Kerry Cassidy – a walking botheration

I guess what set it off was this interview by Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy, who for the record, I can’t stand. From what I have read, she is someone who tried to go into acting and it just didn’t work out but even watching and listening to her interviews online, she drives me nuts because she’s constantly interrupting her guests and interjecting comments to try to show off how knowledgeable she is, when she isn’t and I just wish she’d learn some journalistic manners. She’s almost as bad as Lilou Mace.
David Wilcock - classic New Age shyster

David Wilcock – classic New Age shyster

When the whole Drake/David Wilcock-thing blew up and there was no rounding up and mass arrests of Illuminati members, Cassidy should have been accountable from the get go. Here is the pathetic interview she aired with David Wilcock crying his crocodile tears and freaking out over the (non)danger to his life.
But that’s not what bugs me about her. It’s her complete and total and utter cultural ignorance of anything out of the American, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (WASP) paradigm which she is a product of. I mean in that first interview, she’s interviewing some dude who is convinced the Jesuits are more powerful than the Illuminati. While I agree that there probably are not-very-nice secret societies and groups within the Catholic Church like Opus Dei, what strikes me over and over again within the conspiracy-world set is that many of them are either British or American. They view the world through that same British-American, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant paradigm. Not all, but most.
Before any of you freak out on me, I’m generalizing of course. I’m generalizing about the general public, most don’t know about the Catholic world and churches which predate Catholicism by millenia. Most of them know zilch about the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Coptic Church or even earlier churches like the Nestorian , Manichaean or Sabian Christians. They know even less about Islam. What boggles my mind is that these earlier churches and cultures are the roots of their own Western civilization and bridged that period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages and eventually laid the groundwork for the Renaissance and Enlightenment. They only know about Hinduism and Buddhism because they are popular due to yoga, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Or Bruce Lee movies.
Lalibela - Do many WASPs know that this church in Ethiopia is also a part of their religious background?

Lalibela – Do many WASPs know that this church in Ethiopia is also a part of their religious background?

Of course these other cultures and traditions do not speak English. Many of their original writings have not been translated into English or French or Spanish (the imperialistic languages) properly. They are usually in their original archaic Greek, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian or Copt. However, very often, if you’re not alert, there usually is a hidden agenda of indirect cultural supremacy which is being promoted.
When you read history, you always have to keep in mind about biases and why those biases are there.

When you read history, you always have to keep in mind about biases and why those biases are there.

To give you an example of this cultural underhandedness, let’s use historian Thomas Cahill and the book he wrote “How the Irish Saved Civilization”. Cahill posits that after the fall of Rome, when Europe began to be overrun by barbarians like the Huns, Saxons and Visigoths and plunged into the Dark Ages, all those precious manuscripts and tomes from Classical Greece, the works of Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates etc. were saved by Irish monks who painstakingly preserved those works by copying them by hand, generation after generation and that they were the ones who saved these works which eventually were the cornerstones of the European Enlightenment.
A typical page from the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript from ireland.

A typical page from the Book of Kells, a beautiful illuminated manuscript from Ireland.

While I don’t disagree with Cahill on that point, he makes it out that ONLY the Irish saved civilization. What Cahill fails to mention is that while Europe slid into the Dark Ages, Islam was experiencing it’s Golden Age. All those classical Greek and Egyptian treatises were also copied, saved, studied and discussed in cities like Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria, Timbuktu, Constantinople, Tehran, Bukhara leading to discoveries in algebra (al-jabr), advanced mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, optics, plumbing, water management and medicine. Much of that knowledge was then hauled off back to Europe during the different Crusades. The Crusades were not just about “re-capturing Jerusalem for the Christendom”. It was about economics, hauling back silks, carpets and most importantly, spices. That’s the equivalent of the American military saying that they want to “liberate” Iraq, when everyone now knows it’s about the oil, stupid. Same shit, different century.
The Silk and Spice routes

The Silk and Spice routes

More recently a THIRD area has now been identified by scholarship where many works from the ancient world were saved and that is the ancient monasteries of Armenia, in and around Yerevan. Polish writer Rzysard Kapuscinski (especially in his book “Imperium”) and Russian scholars have increasingly found that the ancient world was much more inter-connected than we realize. That knowledge did not go only in one direction (i.e West) but spread out like a cloud in ALL directions from the Mediterranean basin, Asia Minor and Near East.
Civilization and knowledge from the classical world did NOT just go into the orange areas on this map, unlike what most Western history textbooks will tell you.

Civilization and knowledge from the classical world did NOT just go into the orange areas on this map, unlike what most Western history textbooks will tell you.

Much has been written about and speculated about the Vatican Archives and library, about the fabulous treasures hiding there and how no one can access that library except the Pope. The Vatican Library is not the end all and be all of ancient human knowledge. In recent years, there has been an effort and push to catalogue and assess the holdings of Mount Athos, Greece. Mount Athos, in case you did not know is probably the holiest site in Orthodoxy and the Orthodox Church is far older that the Catholic one. The monasteries there have survived, uninterrupted, nearly for 1500 years and even survived the Nazi Occupation of Greece during WWII when the Patriarch outwitted Hitler. Mount Athos is also still regularly producing saints and seers in modern times like Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain.
Modern day saint - Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

Modern day saint – Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

Like I mentioned earlier, the older centers of learning were Baghdad, Damascus, Timbuktu, Alexandria, Tehran, Mount Athos and Yerevan.
Baghdad–> Iraq (museums were looted, libraries destroyed, ancient manuscripts gone)
Damascus–> Syria (in the throes of civil war)
Alexandria–> Egypt (still in transition)
Tehran–> Iran (ear-marked for war eventually)
Mount Athos–> Greece (in economic disarray)
Yerevan–>Armenia (your guess is as good as mine)
Almost daily demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures being imposed on the Greeks.

Almost daily demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures being imposed on the Greeks.

Iraq, Syria, Mali, Egypt, Iran, Greece…does anyone here see a pattern?
There is hope against this imperialistic attitude, historical revisionism and all-out bullshit. People are waking up and questioning things, slowly but surely but more needs to be done.
Watch what happens here when he showed up in New York City, in Times Square and tried to incite a crowd…
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Things are cooking up across the pond….

This Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal has breached the dams and it just won’t go away now. While his victims are now in the hundreds and coming forward in droves by the day, the net of the scandal seems to be getting wider and wider by the day and implicating more and more people of the British establishment.

Isn’t it curious that the Royal Family has stayed silent during this entire scandal, despite being “close friends” with Jimmy? So much so that he was invited up to Balmoral, the Queen’s summer residence a few times and was the go-between guy when Charles and Diana’s marriage was on the rocks.

How the hell does a vulgar coal miner-turned radio DJ- turned TV personality get be chummy with the likes of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles and Prince Phillip?

The venerable BBC are now on their knees. Top BBC brass are now being accused of killing programs which could have exposed Savile sooner and that there may have been “outside intervention” to stop the programs being aired. Some are even saying the Royals may have had something to do with it. BBC staff were also quite aware of Savile’s predilection for very young girls and abusing them in his dressing room in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but looked the other way. What this is, is institutional enabling of a known sexual predator.
What is also shows is how dirty these charities and hospitals were for allowing this monster to abuse oftentimes, extremely vulnerable kids in half-way houses of kids who were physically unable to defend themselves because of their medical conditions. Why? Because of the millions these institutions benefited which Savile brought with him through his charity fundraisers. It was a deal with the devil. They got the money they wanted while a few kids whom they deemed to be unworthy of protection and negligible were abused. Many are still suffering, decades afterwards.

Savile’s tombstone has been removed.

Savile’s family has removed his tombstone, a wise move in light of the scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Ben Fellows, a former child actor has maintained that pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors is rampant in the entertainment industry. He’s even said that British Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke fondled him. In recent days, he’s been told to remove his comments, which he refuses to. You can read his rebuttal and his reasons here.

Ben Fellows got it on all sides.

And now a former British Prime Minister has been implicated as well. Almost.
British MP Tom Watson, the one who doggedly pursued the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal has silenced Parliament today by asking: “The evidence file used to convict pedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear evidence of a widespread pedophile ring…One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”
(That thud you just heard is David Cameron shitting bricks.)

Not having a good week, are you?

For those of you who follow Icke and other conspiracy research websites, this one will not be a hard one to figure out. It’s the late (never married) Edward Heath.

Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath – disgusting dirty old men.

Things are now getting mighty interesting, no? That they should be coming to light especially now is quite remarkable. My guess is that when the fire gets to close to burn, the establishment will orchestrate something to deflect people’s attention away from them, like a bomb attack on Iran  or a false-flag attack on Israel or something. I say don’t take your eyes off the ball, not for a second.

I remember reading an interesting line years ago in Knut Hamsun‘s book, “The Growth of the Soil”: Good things mostly leave no trace, but something always comes of evil.

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SOLD OUT – David Icke, Oct 27th at Wembley Arena, Streaming live

I wish I could fly over to London for the weekend of October 27th.

In case you haven’t heard, David Icke will be presenting that day at Wembley Arena. No, not some church basement, not some small community center or a local town hall assembly room. Wembley Arena. As in     12 500 seats. The sort of venue where serious rock concerts take place.

He has sold out the venue, I’m nearly positive it will mark the beginning of the mainsteam-ification of conspiracy theory and theorists alike. And I don’t mean the “X-Files” variety either. I hope he sells out if only to flash a giant middle-finger to the establishment and the powers-that-be.

The Outlaw himself, Johnny Cash, flipping the bird.

I’m not going to go over Icke’s story since there are now thousands of YouTube videos which go over it already and in his own words, but his journey to Wembley has been a circuitous one to say the least. Aside from being the laughing stock of England for years and being publicly dismissed as a quack from all sorts of people and groups like the BBC (his former employer), Icke has been proven correct more often than wrong. While his earlier work did jump on the 2012 meme, he has nonetheless evolved in his views and his writings. He’s not just the “Reptilian Guy” anymore.

I remember when Alex Jones trashed Icke for his work around the Reptilians in the beginning. From what I understand, things were cleared up between them and now Icke shows up on Jone’s show almost every other month. Icke’s ideas around elite secret societies, a global cabal, the orchestration of “problems” to instigate manufactured wars (i.e 9-11 was an inside job), one world government, one world army, one world bank, the reduction of human rights and free speech, chemtrails, the dumbing down of the population through food and water as well as TV and radio, have indirectly inspired countless Hollywood films, TV shows like “Ancient Aliens”, books and story lines.

You’d be surprised to know who pays attention to Icke, they include the likes of comedian Louis CK, (until recently )rock band Muse, Russell Brand, British MP George Galloway and Bill Maher. If they actually agree with him is a different matter, I suppose.

I remember first coming across Icke in 1999, when I found his book “The Biggest Secret” at a local New Age bookshop. I didn’t buy the book but flipped through a few chapters and thought that I pretty much agreed with everything there but the Reptilians, at the time. I got more involved with other teachings and books but I always knew who he was after that. When his videos started circulating on the internet , more and more of what he said started making sense to me on a purely intuitive level. The verification came afterwards.

The first time I ever heard of David Icke was after I came across this book.

I think the Icke gravy-train really picked up speed after 9-11. That’s when the world started to really question things “en masse”. The fake war in Iraq, the fake Weapons of Mass Destruction sealed it for many after that and it hasn’t stopped since. There has been a proliferation of conspiracy research in the last 10 years as well as radio shows, TV talk shows, online radio, videos etc. Some of it is really good like Red Ice Radio. Some of it is really bad, but I’ll give them marks for trying. All of them owe a debt to Icke since he is the one to have started the whole thing off.

With the very recent disclosure of the paedophilia and necrophiliac sex habits of England’s own modern day “saint” Jimmy Savile, along with his close ties to the British Establishment (including the Royal Family) and BBC top brass, Icke has proven to be right once again. (For North American readers, Jimmy Savile is the British equivalent of Dick Clark of “American Bandstand” fame.)

I’m pretty sure Wembley Arena will be crawling with plainclothes MI5 agents, taking down names, taking pictures and whatnot given that “conspiracy theorists” are the new terrorists according to the American government. Who cares? I’d still go if I could make it to London,  I sure as hell bought my voucher today so that I can watch and listen through the livesteam. I’m really looking forward to the new information. Hope you guys are too.

Godspeed and good luck David!

Turkish amulet for protection against the evil eye

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Change? Umm…not quite

Tomorrow is 9-11.

11 years to that fateful day when all hell broke loose and the Neo-conservative  hounds were unleashed on the world. I’ll be very upfront here, I’m one of the “conspiracy-weirdos” who do think 911 was an inside job. To me, it’s just a question of time before some crucial piece of undeniable evidence falls into place and the whole bloody thing is called out on and exposed for the world to see. Just like some nasty, hard-core, triple X sex video involving George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice proving they had something going on right underneath everyone’s noses. I can’t wait for *that* day.

11 years on and no one seems any wiser and we look like we’re about to repeat history again for the umpteenth time. Just replace the “Q” with the “N” in Ira_ and you’ll see what I mean. Our fucktard Prime Minister Stephen Harper has officially cut off all diplomatic relations with Iran, closing our embassy in Tehran and kicking out Iranian diplomats out of Canada.

Birds of a jerky feather, flocking together.

This got me thinking about the real nature of “change”. Do people really change? I personally don’t think they do unless they have no other choice and are forced to, like a smoker who suddenly develops emphysema, or a drinker who loses her liver or a domestic rapist who  gets  his member cut off. I know that sounds a bit harsh and by no means do I advocate these mechanisms of “change” but I have to wonder about human beings sometimes.

Would this picture make a smoker change their habits?

We’re creatures of habit, we actually don’t like to change things too much. Next to divorce, changing jobs and changing marital status are listed as the biggest stressors in life. Who hasn’t seen their friends complain about a particular idiot boyfriend or girlfriend who breaks up with them to only see these same friends date another specimen of the exact same variety, over and over again? And complain about that new person, over and over again? No interior work whatsoever in between. Or what about friends and neighbors who complain that they hate their back yard or their jobs yet when you give them some concrete suggestions which might make them happier, suddenly there’s a rationalization why things aren’t *that* bad after all and that they will manage. And a few weeks later, the complaints start up again? I’ve learned to listen with only one ear now. People who really want to change themselves and their lives for the better, don’t talk about it, they go out there and do it.

I suppose the same can be said of governments, only with money and power involved, the intentions get much more sinister and the motives are driven by self-interest.  Look at the push for biotech and the rush to map out the genome of practically every living thing on this planet. The popular press and politicians make it sound like if we can just do that, we’ll have medical discoveries literally at our fingertips and cures will be found within months for a whole plethora of illnesses. Sounds benevolent and grandiose and amazing, right? Hardly.

The push for the Human Genome is not for entirely altruistic and benevolent reasons.

The push for any sort of technological development, particularly in the West, has always been motivated by military defense and profit. That includes the internet which came out of military technology. That the internet could have all these uses for the public was a secondary and tertiary thought. If this paper by the ultra-conservative Project for the New American Century is anything to go by, the push to  map out the human genome is a push to develop weapons which attack specific genotypes to militarily control, kill or use those population groups. That’s all investing into biotech companies  will lead to.  And people keep doing it so they can keep making money and a mute, comfortable public stays quiet and hardly puts up a  fight. Where’s the change there?

I hate Neocons.

11 years on and the world looks like it is about to repeat themselves all over again and I don’t think humanity learned anything at all. Change is hard and difficult, I’ll admit that. If there was one thing that yoga did teach me is that holding some uncomfortable poses/asanas showed me where I was weak and inflexible in my body and it was hard and difficult to change those bits and pieces. It still is. But it also taught me that change is much easier to manage when I direct it rather than wait around for someone else to direct or impose that change on me. It becomes much more powerful still when I can see the changes in me reflected in the group and circumstances around me as well.

It still hurts when I do this pose, especially the balancing version.

Wake up, people. It’s all nice and dandy  when you say that you want to be the change that you want to see. It’s another thing entirely when there’s a clock timing all of us  somewhere.

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Places that need to be scrubbed clean energetically

There are many, many haunted places in this world. Places where people have either died tragically, leaving behind the energetic footprint of their passing or those places which certain souls, for whatever reason, cannot let go.

Many people who have visited the old Jewish concentration camps have said of the air of sadness and tragedy which surrounds the place, an almost palpable dark grey energy that seems to have permeated the air and soil of the vicinity and contagiously touches anyone who visits.

Auschwitz depresses everyone who visits

Then there are other places, where extremely dangerous and potent occult and supernatural acts have taken place, creating a portal or gateway into the astral realms and pretty much inviting them in. That idea of opening up a closet and finding monsters from another dimension waiting to come into our reality as highlighted in that film “Monsters Inc.” was not made up by the writers of that film.

It’s an idea and a reality which has been around for a very long time. Native Americans, Siberian shamans, white wizards and prophets like Mikhael Aivanhov have warned against this sort of thing for centuries. It doesn’t help that writers like H.P Lovecraft, black magicians like Aleister Crowley and works like the Necronomicon took it a step further and literally gave the world the formulae, the rituals and the complete how-to in order to invite such entities into your life. The less said about them the better.

Henry Phillips Lovecraft

This posting is addressed to serious light workers and earth healers alike. It’s about those places which unfortunately, the portals are still open and need to be closed up, they need to be seriously cleaned out, completely, from top to bottom and front to back. Places, because of the powers which were unleashed there, continue to act as negative openings into the other realm and are astral psychic dumps. By no means is this a comprehensive list, there are thousands of these places the world over, this is just what came to me as the most pressing. In terms of how to clean up, here’s a good beginning.

Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland

Jimmy Page in front of Boleskine House

Literally nestled near Loch Ness, Scotland, Boleskine House was personally chosen by Aleister Crowley as the perfect location to conduct black ritual. He lived here from 1899-1913 and specifically purchased it in order to perform a ritual found in “The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage”. To perform it, Crowley says,

One must have a house where proper precautions against disturbance can be taken; this being arranged, there is really nothing to do but to aspire with increasing fervor and concentration, for six months, towards the obtaining of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

In The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (Chapter 22), he continues:

The first essential is a house in a more or less secluded situation. There should be a door opening to the north from the room of which you make your oratory. Outside this door, you construct a terrace covered with fine river sand. This ends in a “lodge” where the spirits may congregate.

Later purchased by  rock guitarist and occult enthusiast, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page (a Crowley apologist who claims that Crowley was a “misunderstood genius”), Page has claimed that the house is haunted by a decapitated head, no doubt a relic which was probably used here in some ritual or other at some point.  It might also explain the influence which caused the death of both Robert Plant’s son, Karac, from a mysterious stomach flu and  John Bonham’s death. Page sold the house a few years ago and the house has been a residence and guesthouse over the years. Crowley’s followers and those who practice “Thelema” the occult arts attributed to Crowley, still come to the house in droves, much to the chagrin of the locals. Interestingly, some have also speculated that there maybe a relationship between Crowley, his screwed-up ritual and the Loch Ness monster:

From “Who Forted?”
“This kind of strangeness went on for years, leading believers of the mystical and the occult to believe that the house had become a sort of portal, the unfinished ceremony leaving an open gateway to worlds unknown, spreading the activity from beyond the confines of the house itself, and into the surrounding area. It was around this time in 1933 that the Loch Ness Monster began to rear it’s long, reptilian head.

Frederick William Holiday, one of the most well-publicized Loch Ness monster investigators, having published two books dedicated to the search for the creature, made an assessment in the 70′s that the monster acted itself much like a supernatural creature, leading him to re-think his stance on it’s origin. Instead, Holiday postulated that the creature’s apparent self-concealing phenomena was evidence that it could possibly be related to the aftermath of Crowley’s preternatural fuck up.

Strangely enough, the first recorded appearance of the Loch Ness Monster coincides with the beginning of the end of Crowley’s legacy.”

Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey
Thanks to “Weird NJ” magazine, which regularly highlights Clinton Road, this long, lonely 10 mile stretch running through the New Jersey Pine Barrens and isolated forests has achieved quite a notorious reputation over the years. A single blog post does no justice to the amount of material and personal testimonies related to this road. The Lenape tribes called the area around the Pine Barrens “Popuessing”, meaning “place of the dragon”. Swedish explorers later named it “Drake Kill”, “drake” being a Swedish word for dragon, and “kill” meaning channel or arm of the sea (river, stream, etc.).

Dubbed the “scariest road in America”.

Scores of people have sighted Satanists and Ku Klux Klan groups performing ritual in these woods over the years. A haunted bridge, phantom trucks, sightings of strange, unclassified creatures, the New Jersey Devil, a dumping ground for bodies by the Mob and Mafia, Clinton Road has some sort of story related to it. Practically everyone who has driven down this road, even in broad daylight, all cite the same thing: a deep feeling of foreboding which seems to increase with each passing second, to the point that many become terrified for no clear reason and automatically turn around and high-tail it out of there.

After looking at the area under Google Earth, it easy to see why crazy groups come here to perform bizarre rituals. There is absolutely nothing here, just miles and miles of uninterrupted forest. If you’re looking for secrecy, this place has loads of it. No doubt all those rituals over the years must have left a diabolical energetic footprint. People who have left their cars during the day to walk around, also cited another curious quality of this place: absolutely no sound. Not even normal forest sounds, like the chirping of birds or the hum of insects. Silence can have different qualities as well. Some silences are golden and rich and voluptuous, like lying on a hammock in the summer and dozing off under a tree or walking into a venerable library. Others have a disturbing, creepy quality about them, almost like an audio dead zone and the feeling that you’re being watched. Practically everyone who has traveled Clinton Road has experienced the latter.

Skinwalker Ranch, Ballard, Utah

Just about the only thing of Skinwalker ranch you’ll be able to see these days.

Just about everyone from Jeff Rense to Jordan Maxwell has at one point or another, brought up and discussed Skinwalker Ranch, a creepy-as-hell part of remote North-East Utah. Just name your topic: UFOs, glowing orbs, cryptozoology, Native American curses, Sasquatch, shape-shifters, mutilated animals, the disappearance of animals and people alike, the list of weird, unexplained and often terrifying phenomena here now lists itself in the hundreds.

According to Wikipedia: “In some Native American legends, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires, though it is not necessary, most of them wear a pelt of the animal, to be able to transform. Similar lore can be found in cultures throughout the world and is often referred to as shapeshifting by anthropologists

The ranch property has been declared as off-limits to tribal members because it lies in the path of the skinwalker. Even today, Utes refuse to set foot on what they see as accursed land. But the tribe doesn’t necessarily believe that the skinwalker lives on the ranch. Retired teacher and UFO researcher Junior Hicks says his friends in the Ute tribe believe the skinwalker presence in the Uinta Basin extends back at least 15 generations. The Utes, described by historians as a fierce and warlike people, were sometimes aligned with the Navajo against common enemies during the 1800’s. But the alliance didn’t last. When the Utes first acquired horses from the Spanish, they enthusiastically embraced the Spanish example by engaging in the slave trade. They reportedly abducted Navajo and other Indians and sold them in New Mexico slave markets. According to Hicks, the Utes believe the Navajo put a curse on their tribe in retribution for many perceived transgressions. And ever since that time, Hicks was told, the skinwalker has plagued the Ute people and anyone else who decides to live at Skinwalker Ranch.

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The Lynchpins which could bring the House of Cards down

lynchpin – a central cohesive source of support and stability

I’ll be upfront, I think Julian Assange is one attractive hottie who actually has his brain and his heart in the right place.

Bad boy Julian Assange

Bad boy Julian Assange

His geeky background in mathematics and eventually, hacking is not uncommon among the computer set. But what I find interesting about him is that he used those skills to become quite a formidable  code breaker. By founding Wikileaks,  and allowing government and military personnel anonymously deposit sensitive information and documents, Assange has routinely outed the underbelly of power the world over, from Kenya to Pakistan and most importantly, the United States of America.

Glamazon: Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner, Hilary Clinton questioned her mental capacity in one Wikileaks diplomatic cables which went public

It was the courage and the conscience of Private Bradley Manning which led to Wikileaks getting their hands on that infamous video of an American Apache helicopter openly shooting and killing innocent civilians and injuring children. They were not “terrorists” as many American military hicks seem to automatically think of anyone with a darker complexion and with bit of facial hair and an Arabic sounding name. They were actually reporters from the Reuters News Agency. This video alone caused outrage the world over, including back at home and energized the anti-war movement.

The Emperor hates to be told that he has no clothes on.  If it’s actually proven that he has no clothes on, he will go ballistic.

Action by the United States was swift and sweeping. Bradley Manning has been wasting away in a military prison for nearly 2 years now, borderline tortured, kept naked in a freezing prison cell, forbidden to speak to anyone and in solitary confinement and until recently, under regular suicide watch. While his trial is still ongoing and under extreme secrecy, if he is found guilty of “aiding the enemy”, he faces the death penalty.

Assange, has always been a bit of a bad boy.  With his prematurely white hair, youthful face, sartorial style, intelligence, subversive line of work and bad ass attitude, Assange cuts a striking figure, it’s easy to see why the ladies are attracted to him (Hell, I’d date him if I could).

Dude wears a suit and scarf very well, methinks.

He had his way with a few ladies in Sweden, it was consensual sex, someone forgot the condom, two ladies found out that Julian had played both within a span of 3 or 4 days, some feelings got hurt, all hell broke loose. He was charged with rape.

Anna Ardin, one of Assange’s accusers, has recently started to backtrack

He was arrested in Britain and for 500 days had an electronic device attached to him to monitor all his activities. He went down to Occupy London a few times, he even got his own show on RT which included some fantastic interviews with people like the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali, Imran Khan and Slavoj Žižek . The British intelligentsia and journalists positively loathed him.

Assange was forced to take off his Anonymous mask at Occupy London

The British establishment are a very jealous and selfish lot.  Here was this brash Aussie who came in out of nowhere, was not a member of the old boys public school/Ox-bridge network  and got the scoop of a lifetime and made all of them look  like the insipid, spineless courtiers to power that they all are.

An apt representation of most British and American mainstream journalists

When the British courts found him guilty (and anyone with even a pea-brain can realize that all this had to do with American pressure and politicking) he was to be extradited to Sweden to face these trumped-up charges of rape. Of course, that’s just the excuse for the Americans to get their hands on him and put him in the same hole as Bradley Manning. Republican politicians have openly called for his execution. Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the one country which has offered him political asylum.  And now it looks like London’s Foreign Office  is looking to invoke a rare, and little known law to revoke the diplomatic status of Ecuador’s embassy to get Assange and it is causing quite the international diplomatic dogfight.

The story does not end here. Assange’s fate is the true wild card.

His is widely respected and even revered in the hacking community for some of his earlier code breaking work.  The majority of the truly inspired hackers in the world hang out at 4chang’s /b/ board and when Amazon, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal refused to process donations to Wikileaks anymore, it was these talented hackers who virtually brought their respective websites and operations to a complete standstill. Any harm to Assange is a call to arms to hackers the world over.

many of the hackers at Anonymous are completely behind Assange.

Julian is no fool. With his background in mathematics, probability and game theory, he came up with a Plan B, a Plan C all the way through to Z in case of his eventual imprisonment and even death (deliberate, accidental, staged, planned or otherwise). He has said that if even a single hair on his head is harmed, he will release the final code to over 100 000 hackers all over the world, a so-called Poison Pill file, the final code which will release even more secretive and damning information which Wikileaks has been sitting on and the information is apparently so explosive and so dangerous, that it,  in essence will be enough to bring down governments, military and multinational corporations. It will name names. It will point fingers directly. It will give incontestable proof.

Bye-bye house of cards

If that code goes out, the real shit will hit the fan and the whole house of cards will fall.  Which is why Assange to some degree is still alive; the CIA could have easily gotten rid of him a long time ago if they really wanted to.

Love him or hate him, Assange is the lynchpin to power the Elites wished never existed and who they wish they could do away with easily. Since neither is going to happen now, they are all now walking on eggshells and the world knows it.

Walking on eggshells can’t be a nice feeling, can it?

And that’s a good thing 🙂

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The Real Ghostbusters (and yeah, it turns out David Icke *IS* right)

I recently was recommended “The Demonologist” by Gerald Daniel Brittle and finished reading it a few days ago. It is about husband-and-wife demonologist and exorcism team, Ed and Lorraine Warren and was written back in 1980. Ed passed away a few years ago but Lorraine, a very powerful medium and psychic is still with us. They are nothing like the Ghostbusters as portrayed on film. [Update, Lorraine Warren passed away in April, 2019.]

The Conjuring movie series are based on cases that the Warrens have worked on, particularly the films Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2.

Based on maybe 1 gram of truth.

For over 40 years, the Warrens were called in by priests, clergy and victims alike, for exorcisms, demonic possessions and demonic infestations. Things which were beyond the reach of psychologists, psychiatrists and science. The book is a terrifying but important read. I could only bring myself to read it during daylight hours because it disturbed me too much.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The rites of exorcism are still a part of the Catholic canon though it is something the Church does not like to discuss too much. As the book explains, while the Catholic Church has dispensed with antiquated teachings around Purgatory and the importance of nuns wearing habits over the years, the rites of exorcism are still around for one reason and one reason only….because they are still needed and it’s based on truth. It may be hard for those of us who have never met or experienced such a thing, in an age of pure science, where we have split the atom, broken the sound barrier, gone to the moon and peered at distant stars and suns. The fact remains that ancient evil still walks this earth.

The Rituale Romanum, the formal rites of exorcism

Case after case in the book, men and women of scientific training who were called in to deal with victims, when finally upon realizing it was in fact nothing scientific at all, but were coming face to face with true evil of a source they could not and probably earlier on, would not understand, finally gave in to the Church. Not that it’s that easy to get the Church involved either. Most priests who are called upon to do exorcisms usually have years and years of top-of-the-line academic training in a variety of disciplines, like anthropology, history, psychology, psychiatry, anatomy, theology and then finally demonology. In fact “The Demonologist” is still used in seminaries around the world. They will rigorously check the victim and the circumstances to make sure it is maybe a psychiatric or psychological case. They actually DON’T want it to be a case of possession. It’s only after they have ruled everything else out, then the dark realization sets in that they are dealing with evil, otherwordly forces.

You need years and years or training and study before you’re even considered spiritually mature, strong and advanced enough to fight and engage with a spirit during an exorcism. Many experienced exorcist priests are usually forever scarred by their encounters, either spiritually, psychologically or even physically. Many of them die at an earlier than normal age.

What I like about Ed and Lorraine’s style is that they are very, very matter-of-fact about things. There’s no woo-woo business going on here with crystal balls, turbaned psychics or seances. They make the distinction between 2 groups of spirits:
i) those of human origin, “ghosts” as we usually know them as, easier to get rid of
ii) those of an inhuman origin, these are demons and they are extremely dangerous, they want nothing less than to see mankind die or destroy themselves, even one by one, because in their books, that means a victory against Source, their number 1 enemy. That may mean driving someone so insanely crazy or pushing someone to the brink that they kill themselves or they kill others.

Lorraine Warren these days, with CPEAR

Reading the book and the list of signs of possession or infestation are items we’ve seen in movies like “The Exorcist”, scratches, disgusting smells in the room, paint and wallpaper suddenly peeling off walls, sudden drops in temperature, objects levitating and flying, drops of blood appearing .

Wallpaper suddenly peeling and vulgar words appearing underneath is one of many other signs of demonic infestation

  • First point: Demons have to be invited in. That may mean Ouija Board (seriously, get rid of them) or young girls casting binding love spells. Just don’t play around with stuff you don’t understand. What shocked me was that many so-called channelers claiming to channel a spirit of someone who died, are usually channelling demons. Demons like to trick people and throw them off, so while someone may claim to be channelling a young girl who died by getting hit by a car, you actually don’t know who or what you’re dealing with. It’s like opening your door and letting anyone in.

  • Second point: They happen in 3’s. Footsteps behind you, knocks on the door and no one is there, loud noises in the house and upon investigation, you find nothing.
  • Third point: Demons may either possess a person or infest a place. The Warrens were called in for the famous Amityville Horror case. They were the ones who determined what was afflicting the house was an inhuman spiritual presence.
Now, this is the part which stopped me in my tracks and made me recall everything which David Icke has been saying for years.

If he’s proven right, A LOT of people will have to eat humble pie

From page 115 (Remember, the book was written in 1980):
Ed speaks of the demonic spirit showing itself only rarely in preternatural form. What does the demonic spirit look like? The question is an uncomfortable one for him to answer.
“Although the spirit can project itself in any form it chooses,” says Ed, “It’s appearance is an abomination, a monstrosity. To see what is really behind the phenomena is not something to be desired. To actually see the demonic is to feel ruin. What shows is something distinctly preternatural in appearance: something real enough as you can see it, but yet something not of this world.”
But what does it ultimately look like?
“Ultimately, ” Ed answers with great reluctance,” it is not human. It is inhuman. It has scales. It looks …like a reptile. That’s it,” he cautions,”I won’t complete the rest of the image.”
They can be defeated. In Ed and Lorraine’s own words.
“Sin, ultimately is spiritual immaturity, and those who are foolish enough to underestimate the value and purpose of life, actually draw the demonic to them…Asserting the positive generates a power of it’s own. Therefore being positive is the best protection against that which is called “evil”. The whole trip of life is to work with and emphasize the positive…People are looking for solutions in this world and the answer isn’t with the occult. It’s to go with the positive flow of nature, because it is good and ensures life, rather than death.”
This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.
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Theoretical versus Practical

Like everyone else, I’ve read the blogs, watched the YouTube videos, read articles and then some on what we need to do and get this revolution in consciousness going for real. Authors, speakers and film makers like Michael Tsarion and Chris Everard point to the history of these controlling groups, the language of symbolism that they use, the rituals and so forth.

Michael Tsarion

Chris Everard. (Why do almost all conspiracy research guys always look grouchy? Is it a prerequisite?)

Researchers like David Icke rightly point out that there is no cavalry coming, that it really is up to us to join in and fight back peacefully, that we outnumber them by the millions and billions. None of that is controversial.

 What I think keeps many people back is fear and it’s an understandable reaction. That fear is closely related to the impulse to survive. You have kids, a mortgage, a car and retirement savings to make on a monthly basis. In an unsteady world, people are afraid to walk away or give up their comforts in order to resist a system, which I am positive, even if many of them won’t admit it, is slowly killing them also. It’s the regimentation of work, it kills creativity, spontaneity, and I also suspect libido but don’t quote me on that.

You think most of humanity actually ENJOYS facing traffic like this everyday, to and from work, to pay the bills?

 Authors and lecturers pass on the message to lose the fear, that it’s all an illusion and in some cases that if we just love enough, or shine enough light then it’s all going to be A-OK. I wish it were that easy, I think if more practical advice and a new way of looking at our civilization were presented, then some alternatives can hopefully be realized. What I do see is a lot of rhetoric, wishful thinking, bizarre visions from channeled sources (let’s not go there)  but not enough practical advice.

Not likely to happen.

The only people who I do see strategically making plans and concepts for a post-capitalistic world are surprisingly, the anarchists. Now before any of you freak out over that word, anarchism is much more that a bunch a thugs running around breaking windows and looting stores. Real anarchism is essentially about movements and organizations, run and directed by citizens. The internet, before it became super commercial, was anarchist in nature. So are many cooperative movements and organizations. It’s about the people who work the mills also own the mills.

Different kinds of anarchism and their respective flags

Even under the umbrella of anarchism, you have a variety of types of anarchism like anarcho-syndicalism (which Professor Noam Chomsky is an advocate for), eco-anarchism espoused by the likes of Murray Bookchin and anarcho-primitivism which believes in a  going-back to the land philosophy and it’s biggest advocates are writers like John Zerzan and Derrick Jensen.

Bookchin was a very serious and prolific writer on anarchist ideas.

While I don’t agree with everything he says, I cannot deny that Derrick Jensen is one powerful writer, visionary and poet. I first read “A Language Older than Words” about 7 years ago and I was hooked. I read his other tomes,”Endgame Vol.I and II”, “Welcome to the Machine”, “The Culture of Make Believe” and ‘What we Leave Behind”.

Watch the talk and you won’t have to read these books, but you’ll still be missing out on some fantastic food for thought.

Jensen makes the point that civilization by its nature of cities, and cities based on the import of resources it requires continuously to prosper, are inherently violent. If your water supply runs out, and the next town has water, you’ll just go take it.  That in essence, our civilization is based on an understanding of violence, either implied (Give us your water or else)  or real (i.e Iraq). This violence permeates every aspect of our culture, from the objectification of women (do you only see her as a series of orifices which porn and the sex industry tells us) to the violence in families and in the media. Jensen rightly points out that because it’s everywhere, we’ve become numb to it. What I really admire about his work though is that he offers alternatives, even if it may make us uncomfortable. Like entering into a relationship with Nature. Speaking to the trees, the land and the animals. He gives some ideas where many New Agers fail.

I think the biggest failing of many in the so-called spiritual community is that they still ground their thinking based on a capitalistic model of abundance which is actually very anti-Nature at its heart. Chris Hedges said it best when he defined capitalism as essentially the commodification of absolutely everything including human life. And THAT has nothing spiritual about it.

This is a long watch, Jensen is not a very camera-friendly subject. His speaking style and his writing style are very different also but it’s worth a watch because he points out many things which serious alternative thinkers fail to consider or pick up on.

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It’s all about Timing

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them – Ephesians 5:11

So I guess, everyone in the world now knows what is happening in Montreal.

It started with student protests which have spread like wildfire across this country and around the world. The sound of pots and pans banging can be heard nightly in the neighborhoods of Montreal. While the corporate-sponsored media and their “commentators” cry foul, the majority of working class and middle class Quebecois are in solidarity with the students.

But it’s not about students fees anymore. That was the match which ignited the whole thing.

And now this weekend, the much-anticipated F1 rolls into Montreal.

I’m almost positive that grown men who spend inordinate amounts of money to do nothing else than watch a bunch cars go around a track and hang out with underage girls in thong bikinis, have “lost Hot Wheels or Tonka Truck” issues…

The talented crew of hackers over at Anonymous have specifically targeted the F1 for several reasons.

Numero uno: F1 bosses Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore went ahead with the F1 in Bahrain despite massive public outcry to NOT go ahead with it given the amount of bloodshed on the streets there. Normal Bahrainis have been protesting against their corrupt sheikhs and emirs and the human rights abuses they suffer daily but can’t do fuck-all given that these sheikhs and emirs are the very enablers who allow the Americans to keep their third largest naval fleet anchored in Bahrain. The sheikhs can be paid off and have the F1 come to town and hang out with anorexic models and high-end call girls instead while they wallow in their champagne dreams and caviar wishes, right?

Bernie Ecclestone and his much taller and younger ex-model-wife.

Flavio Briatore and Naomi Campbell

Flavio “au naturel”. Ladies, WTF are you thinking?????

Number Two: Anonymous have sided with the students in a huge way. They have hacked into the F1 site and have been able to keep it down consistently. Buyer Beware. Anyone who buys a race ticket online and submits their credit card information is exposing themselves to Anonymous and they will mess your online finances royally. These guys don’t joke around. They were able to track down a cop who pepper-sprayed protesters at last fall’s Occupy Wall Street,gathering, based on a blurry snap-snot of him and found out his name, his home address, social security number, names of his kids and his wife, which bank he used and literally went into his accounts, depleted everything and screwed up all his information at all the utilities companies he had service contracts with. It got so bad, this cop had a nervous breakdown and had to go on long-term disability leave.

Massive protests against the F1 are planned this weekend and they have targeted any and all gatherings which are not open to the public. It should be very amusing to watch the protesters and their accompanying cacophony of pots and pans stroll along St.Laurent Boulevard and the downtown core where billionaires like Richard Branson and Guy Laliberte, their entourages, their hanger-ons and dozens of high class escorts stay holed up in posh restaurants who have a minimum $500 bottle-opening fee in order to just book a table for that weekend only.

St.Laurent Street on Friday and Saturday nights is going to be insane.

That’s just the F1, but another darker, more sinister note has also hit Montreal and it ain’t a coincidence it happened at this particular time either.

No doubt many of you must have heard of the Body Parts Killer?

The Body Parts Killer

29 year old Luka Rocco Magnotta, a sometime transgender/model/porn-star with quite the checkered past which included killing kittens, videotaping the killings and then posting them online at various gore sites. I won’t go into what he did or has done since there are thousands of articles online about this sicko. This one is a pretty good article which gives you an overview of the story.

He was finally arrested in Berlin a few days ago at an internet cafe. He’s a narcissist and like all narcissists can’t get enough about reading about himself. Apparently he would go to this internet cafe to read all the news items online about himself when an employee recognized him and flagged down a passing police car. He’s now awaiting extradition to Canada and says he is “fearful of his own safety in the German prison”. (Good I say. There is still some honor left among thieves. Pedophiles and animal torturers are usually the ones who get beaten up or even killed within the prison by other inmates very quickly which is why they are locked up far from others.)

(His victim Jun Lin, a Concordia University student worked at a convenience store that I had gone into several times. While I don’t recall being served by him, it’s still an unsettling feeling that someone who I might have been served by, had to die in such a grisly and public way.)

The victim

A few things I would like to draw attention to.
1) Timing.
The student protests, fighting for the good for all, a rare Venusian transit, a gathering of the international elite to “play” and a ritualistic killing all taking place at around the same time, in the same city.

Lunar changes

2) Ritualistic Killing
Hacking of body parts and cannibalism were involved. ‘Nuff said.

3) Please do the math folks.
I know many people don’t like to look at truths which might creep them out but something has come alive in Montreal in recent months and weeks and no doubt the forces of darkness gave been attracted to the light.
Nothing is coincidence. Nothing. Even Chaos Theory suggests a connection between apparent random events.

Chaos Theory

I’m asking all persons who read this blog, who may not even believe in this stuff to please open your eyes and minds a little wider and ask a few more penetrating questions when you are around “the beautiful people” or when you hear about these types of killings.
What else is happening in your area?
Big celebrations? Gathering of “important” people”?
What’s happening on the natural calendar (i.e equinox, solstice, full moon, eclipse etc.)?
Watch them closely. Don’t pay any attention to what they look like. This Luka person proves that appearances can be very deceiving. Watch what they SAY and DO. What’s your gut trying to tell you when you are in that environment? Don’t listen to the brain-chatter. How are you feeling?

London is going to be a psychic toxic dump this summer. Between the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, watch for weird things taking place off the radar screen.

In the age of plastic surgery, detecting the Devil has gotten a lot harder, that’s for sure….

Think with your heart and feel with your mind.

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The Protestant work ethic is full of dogshit

I don’t believe humans beings should rent themselves out in order to live.

Professor Noam Chomsky

I’m not a morning person.

Never have been and never will be. I’m super slow and it takes me forever to get things started for my day. Under normal circumstances, 9am is a far more civilized time to wake up.

I really resent not listening to my own body’s internal clock and being forced to wake up everyday at 6:30am in order to make it to my desk at 8:30am. I think it’s unnatural to wake up when it is still dark outside especially during the long, cold winter months. I can’t understand how Michelle Obama can willingly wake up at 4:30am to exercise everyday. It seems inhuman, robotic and freakish.

I started to think about where the hell did this stupid 9 to 5 schedule come from? Who created it? Why? And most of all, why the hell is it being imposed on me and millions of others who don’t want these hours?

From Wikipedia:

“The Protestant work ethic (PWE) (or the Puritan work ethic) is a concept in sociologyeconomics and history, attributable to the work of Max Weber. It is based upon the notion that the Calvinist emphasis on the necessity for hard work as a component of a person’s calling and worldly success is a visible sign or result (not a cause) of personal salvation… The term was first coined by Max Weber in his The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. The Protestant work ethic is often credited with helping to define the societies of Northern Europe and other countries where Protestantism was common (for example, the Scandinavian countries, the NetherlandsGermanySwitzerland, the United KingdomCanada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America)…. In such societies, it is regarded by some as one of the cornerstones of national prosperity. They argue that people in countries with Protestant roots tend to be more focused on effective working practices when compared to people in many Catholic countries (for example, South AmericaPortugalSpainItaly, and France) where, they would argue, the people have a more lax attitude towards work.”

Let’s deconstruct this, shall we?

This snippet from Wiki is basically saying that the reason why some countries are more “successful” economically than others is because they were willing to work their asses off and live to work as opposed to these other countries like Spain, and Italy, where they work in order to live.

Notice a few things here before we proceed:

Protestant Countries —> national local cuisine usually sucks pretty bad, food is seen as fuel/sustenance, something you eat in order to keep working, bad holiday spots, places you don’t want to retire to, and people are usually emotionally constipated, looking out for number one


Catholic Countries—> fantastic food, food is a sensual experience, to be savoured, enjoyed and appreciated, places you holiday in and want to retire to, hotter guys and gals, better social life, very strong family ties

Spanish Paella

And this doesn’t even touch on the Orthodox countries (Greece, Russia, Serbia etc.) or countries and cultures in Africa, Asia and indigenous cultures worldwide which are diametrically different to the PWE in how they view and approach work.

It goes back further than the PWE. If you go further back in time, it goes back to those medieval Northern European farmers who had to wake up early in order to till their land during daylight hours in order to produce a bit of wheat to make their bread in a climate (cold and windy) and in soil (rocky or sandy) which was not conducive to agriculture or farming. You have to work the soil and land very hard and for many hours in order to make very little in order to live. Those hours which those medieval German farmers worked have now been imposed on all of us.

Medieval farming

Compare this to say, a place like Bengal (West Bengal in India and East Bengal which is now Bangladesh).

The Himalayas, each year during their spring run offs, carries with it dirt, soil and rocks which is carried through the rivers and tributories of the Ganges, the Bramaputra, the Narmada rivers. This silt is deposited in the flatter areas before heading out into the Bay of Bengal. After millions of years of the same, ongoing environmental forces, combined with a warm, tropical climate, the soil which now sits in Bengal is amongst the most fertile in the world. A bird can leave a dropping and literally the next day, a guava tree is starting to grow. In short, you don’t have to work the land very much in order to eat and crop yields are still among the highest per acre in the world despite the poverty and the flooding.

Bangladeshi countryside

This extra free time allowed Bengal to develop into the intellectual capital of India and led to an outburst of creativity called the  Bengali Renaissance. Even now, you go to India and there is an idiom which goes, “What Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow.” A very high concentration of spiritual giants and teachers come from Bengal,Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, Paramahansa Yogananda. Tantric teachings first came into being in medieval Bengal and eventually migrated northwards and has since been pickled in Tibetan Buddhism. Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian to win a Nobel Prize in literature is Bengali and both the national anthems of India and Bangladesh are by him. Satyajit Ray, considered one of the most influential film directors of all time and is idolized by the likes of Martin Scorsese, James Ivory and Ismael Merchant of Merchant Ivory fame, Francois Truffaut and more recently Wes Anderson, is also Bengali. Those are just the arts. The list in the sciences goes on and on and on.

Rabindranath Tagore with Albert Einstein

Film director, Satyajit Ray

The British caught on, very early, that Bengal was naturally very productive which is why when they colonized India and established the East India Trading Company, they made their capital Calcutta (Kolkata) and were able to siphon off their spoils back to England which helped them to finance the Industrial Revolution and the West has never, ever looked back since.

It’s not just Bengal. I’m only using Bengal to illustrate a point because I know that example the best. This happened in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Algeria, the Congo, South America. Any place that was stamped with colonialism and imperialism suffered the same fate. And it continues today in places like Iraq, Palestine and East Timor.

Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes scholar fame) claiming Africa for Empire.

A discussion of imperialism and the history of colonialism is way beyond the scope of these musings, but what is very important to also note is that forcing other peoples and cultures to join the market economy (and market hours) only works if a few key factors are in place.

1)     Eradicate or control the history of those places.

If you destroy a people’s history, you destroy a part of their identity and they have nothing to fight you back with. If you control the historical narrative, they can’t come up with a better argument against your points. The Spanish conquistadors built all their early churches and monuments on Aztec, Mayan or Inca sites in Latin America. When the Romans conquered Egypt, the first place which was put to the torch was the Library of Alexandria, with all those ancient and irreplaceable scrolls, maps and treatises from ancient Greece and beyond. Many churches and cathedrals in North America are built on Native American burial grounds. Even now, many Indians don’t even know their own history. Part of it was because before the arrival of the British, much of it wasn’t recorded. Another part of it is climate. It is so infernally hot and humid; things decay very, very quickly, say unlike in Egypt where the dry desert heat has kept the mummies and temples in good condition.

This is going on as we speak in Iraq and on Native and Aboriginal reservations. When American forces entered Baghdad, one of the first places to be looted was the museum. Priceless antiquities from Babylon, Sumer and Mesopotamia hit the black market and ballooned the coffers of art dealers in London, New York and Paris, thus robbing any future scholars of the ability to analyze them further and add to our understanding of what those early civilizations were about. Native Americans once numbered 80 million. They are now down to 800 000. With their loss, goes their stories, knowledge and myths which offer us another, probably truer and richer history and worldview than what the schoolbooks tell us.

Iraqi guards at what’s left of the Baghdad Museum

If you do want to study the ancient Indus River Valley civilizations, guess where you need to go? Cambridge or Oxford. If you want to study Incan pre-history, you need to go to Yale. No one except the Pope has complete access to the Vatican library. They have monopolized access to the very few sources we have left.

2)     Attack their faith, undermine it completely or introduce foreign elements when they aren’t looking.

Korea used to be known as a Buddhist/Confuscius/Shamanistic country. Many of them were not dyed-in-the-wool Buddhists and were not particularly religious but were a bit lax in their observations. Enter the Korean War. Enter the Christian (American) missionaries. Enter the PWE. Enter Korea joining the G-20. Enter young Koreans not having a clue as to why they are going to Church, observing a foreign religion and not knowing a thing about their own spiritual traditions.

Korean Christians

The new spiritual battlefront is Africa, which the American Evangelical churches have made major inroads particularly the Methodist church. No doubt because the area around sub-Saharan Africa has been designated as the new area where jobs and manufacturing industry will be moved to after places like China, Bangladesh and Vietnam become too expensive and they are propping it up and getting it ready.

Map of Evangelical activity in Africa

Once you control the way people think, pray and believe, everything else, including economics, is insanely simple.

Chris Hedges had this to say in one of his articles over at

“Dying civilizations often prefer hope, even absurd hope, to truth. It makes life easier to bear. It lets them turn away from the hard choices ahead to bask in a comforting certitude that God or science or the market will be their salvation. ..We busy ourselves with the absurd. We invest our emotional life in reality shows that celebrate excess, hedonism and wealth…The celebrities and reality television stars whose foibles we know intimately live indolent, self-centered lives in sprawling mansions or exclusive Manhattan apartments. They parade their sculpted and surgically enhanced bodies before us in designer clothes. They devote their lives to self-promotion and personal advancement, consumption, parties and the making of money. They celebrate the cult of the self. And when they have meltdowns we watch with gruesome fascination. This empty existence is the one we are taught to admire and emulate. This is the life, we are told we can all have…The incessant chasing after status, personal advancement and wealth has plunged most of the country into unmanageable debt. …They seek identity through products. They occupy their leisure time in malls buying things they do not need. Those of working age spend their weekdays in little cubicles, if they still have steady jobs, under the heels of corporations that have disempowered American workers and taken control of the state and can lay them off on a whim. It is a desperate scramble. No one wants to be left behind. The propagandists for globalism are the natural outgrowth of this image-based and culturally illiterate world. They speak about economic and political theory in empty clichés. They cater to our subliminal and irrational desires. They select a few facts and isolated data and use them to dismiss historical, economic, political and cultural realities. They tell us what we want to believe about ourselves. They assure us that we are exceptional as individuals and as a nation. They champion our ignorance as knowledge. They tell us that there is no reason to investigate other ways of organizing and governing our society. Our way of life is the best. Capitalism has made us great. They peddle the self-delusional dream of inevitable human progress. They assure us we will be saved by science, technology and rationality and that humanity is moving inexorably forward.

None of this is true. It is a message that defies human nature and human history. But it is what many desperately want to believe. And until we awake from our collective self-delusion, until we carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience against the corporate state and sever ourselves from the liberal institutions that serve the corporate juggernaut, we will continue to be rocketed toward a global catastrophe.”


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Energy Distractions which rob you

I dislike Facebook.

I know that probably makes me a freak of sorts and out of synch with the hundreds of millions of users out there but both Facebook and Twitter are colossal distractions, in my experience.

Professor Noam Chomsky said something in that most excellent documentary about him, “Manufacturing Consent” (which if you’ve never watched, I urge you to ASAP, it’ll help anyone to open their eyes and minds a bit more).

He said that things like the professional sports industry and the entertainment industry are all designed and perpetrated distractions by the PTB meant to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted from what REALLY is happening like the degradation of our civil rights by governments, the degradation of our quality of life by corporate entities etc. (From 1:04:40 in the video)  It’s like these industries are urging you to look to your left while to your right, they are doing whatever the hell they want to do.

Does knowing what Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars really matter? Does knowing  how many goals David Beckham scored solve any problems in the grand scheme of things? Does knowing what kind of $60/litre olive oil Gwyneth Paltrow uses for making bruschetta impact your life in any meaningful way? I’m guessing no.

This is the distraction machine at work in the crudest way possible. If you have even a half-decent mind, you can see it a mile away , see it for what it is and just ignore it.

But what about the more insidious forms of distraction? Like Facebook or Twitter? Even the internet itself?

As human beings, we are social creatures, it’s only normal that we want to connect to other human beings. Living in isolation either imposed or self-imposed is hell, which is why it is an effective form of torture in the prison system. It deprives us of some of our most basic needs to see, listen, speak and interact with our environment.

However, with Facebook and twitter, you have a very bastardized form of social interaction. It’s a virtual community, not a real one, and gives you a fake sense of community. True, at times it can be useful to distribute information or keep in contact with someone who doesnt have a phone for instance. My observation of it is that most of the time people’s Facebook pages are their own personal PR pages. Posting up clever quotes, seeing how many friends you have, how many people like your post or video or photograph etc. People present themselves under the best possible light with these social network sites and do not present their real selves. There is also the trap of falling for it which I’ve been guilty of in the past but no more.

Sometimes you begin to believe the hype and see how fabulous everyone else’s life is in contrast to your own and that right there, is the worst possible thing you can do, comparing yourself to others when the image they are projecting, often enough is a lie or a mirage, at best.

What these things do is ultimately, take you away from yourselves, it’s incremental, even hurtful. That energy goes out of you, leaves you and dissipates into nothing meaningful into the ethers. It doesn’t empower, it disempowers you. It’s another distraction to steal your juice.

I’m not going to even touch on the more sinister aspects of Facebook, how it is being used as a spy tool by intelligence agencies around the world, the lack of corporate transparency and the multitude of privacy concerns which keep popping up almost every other week…

If you seriously want to work on yourself and delve into the Ascension process, do yourself a favour and limit your time on these social networks. Go smell a rose instead. Call or text a friend and meet them for coffee. Visit the farmer’s market. Go for a run. Bake a cake. Play with your pet.

You’ll be happier 🙂

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How the Illuminati took over the Canadian political landscape and other disasters….

To international readers and those who do not pay any attention to the politics of this large-yet-small country called Canada, indulge me for a moment as we take a step away from spiritual and energetic travel and step back to domestic matters to see and understand a case study in Illuminati control, how they manipulate public perception and work in the realm of back room deals and give the Powers That Be (PTB) control…

Imagine you have a country, let’s call her Canada, left-of-center, socially progressive, marked by a population that believes in their national institutions strongly like national health care, accessible university education, social nets like welfare and unemployment insurance,  a strong public broadcaster. A country which believes all of the aforementioned are basic human rights, not economic privileges. This country has 3 major political parties called the Conservatives (right wing, pro-business, hates immigrants) the Liberals (left of center, follows a middle way, believes in consensus building) and the New Democratic Party, the NDP (Super left wing, socialist, the brains behind universal health care and education)

When I was growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was (Liberal) Prime Minister of this country. He had been PM since 1968 but was around so long because, let’s face it, he was cool and had style. He was known to be quite a snazzy dresser, with a rose in his lapel most of the time…

Hung out with John Lennon and Yoko Ono…

Was best buddies with Fidel Castro (in fact they became friends when they found out they both had the same Jesuit priest as a teacher during their respective childhoods) …

Wasn’t crazy about Ronald Reagan..

And managed to piss off those two war mongers Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger by beating them to the chase and was the first Western leader to meet Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China

Did pirouettes behind the Queen’s back …

played Frisbee with the proletariat…

and he had a hot, young wife (younger by 33 years) by the name of Margaret Trudeau who he met on a Tahitian beach when she was 19 and in a bikini…

When she left him on election night for Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Trudeau then dated other notable beautiful women like Margot Kidder (aka Lois Lane in Superman) and Spanish guitarist Liona Boyd.

Pierre Trudeau with actress Margot Kidder

Pierre Trudeau with actress Margot Kidder

He also did yoga!

Pierre Elliott Trudeau in an advanced yoga pose known as Peacock pose.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau in an advanced yoga pose known as Peacock Pose.

In short, Trudeau was a very cool,  open-minded kind of guy who abolished the death penalty, decriminalized homosexuality, opened Canada to immigrants around the world and even considered decriminalizing marijuana.   Canada’s international reputation as peaceful, liberal country came in large part  to the kinds of policies Trudeau put into place.  People say Canada is boring but I guess that comes from being comfortable for so long. Trudeau’s legacy  also made Canada into a Liberal country with a capital “L” and it’s been that way ever since.

After Trudeau, we had a pro-Illuminati shill Prime Minister named Brian Mulroney, a guy  known for two things, besides his massive Jay Leno-like chin:

1) Started up NAFTA, the North-American Free Trade Agreement, which was the first step and set down the blue-print for globalization rules around the world and..

2) His chummy relationship with Ronald Reagan…

Thankfully Mulroney was only around for 8 years and Canada went back to becoming a Liberal country when Trudeau’s right hand man, Jean Chretien became PM.

While Chretien, didn’t have the style and polish of Trudeau, he was a scrappy fighter, rough around the edges, and even had no problems swearing in front of the Queen (when the Constitution was being signed by Trudeau and Chretien in 1982, Chretien’s fountain pen broke, making him mutter “Merde” (“shit” in French), under his breath which the Queen heard and smiled at)

Chretien was a real Liberal too, molded and taught by Trudeau. Chretien also had the balls to stand up to George W. Bush and say “NO”, when W. asked for Canadian troops to fight in Iraq. Chretien adamantly wanted proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and wanted the UN’s green-light first before he made any decision and committed Canadian troops. Now we know of course that the whole WMD bait was a scam concocted by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. Chretien knew from the get-go it was a scam and was not willing to obey the Illuminati Masters. Little did he know that he would pay for this transgression and his disobedience…

Enter former Finance Minister, Illuminati shill, Paul Martin, an uppity, super-ambitious scion of a shipping dynasty who registers and keeps all his ships in Panama so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on them…

Martin basically stabbed Chretien in the back, forced Chretien out of power and then took over the Prime Minister’s office.

He didn’t last long. All Paul Martin did was effectively kill the Liberal Party of Canada

In the next election, Martin’s unpopularity forced the Liberals out of office and handed the government to the Dark Side, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, who had steadily been growing stronger in the shadows all these years. Harper, an Albertan with strong ties to the oil industry and a major anti-abortionist, anti-immigrant Bible thumper had been sharpening his fangs for years….

With Harper installed, that was all the Illuminati wanted and needed. They got their shill in office and now could undo every single piece of progressive legislation Canada had ever produced. Meaning, privatizing everything, budget cuts to all social programs including health care, environmental safety and regulation, post-secondary university education, international development aid. Harper was in with Bush and the Republicans and now the stage has been set to transform Canada into a New World Order lackey following Washington’s orders.

With the political right in charge, the political left had gone to pieces (Illuminati strategy #1 – Divide and conquer) . Martin stepped down as Liberal leader after his Illuminati orchestrated election defeat and the race was on for the Liberal leadership.

2 front runners emerged.

  1. Micheal Ignatieff, a Harvard human rights law professor, with tenure, who had not been in Canada for over 30 years. The press declared him to be Trudeau’s heir, both were erudite academics, both deemed as the thinking woman’s sex symbol (barf…)  To anyone with half a brain, it’s obvious Ignatieff was an Illuminati henchman and CIA implant. The guy was so…oily. NO ONE EVER GETS TENURE AT HARVARD, not even some Nobel prize winners! It’s almost impossible. It just doesn’t make any sense why anyone in their right mind would leave a plum job at Harvard to come back to a country he had not been in for over 30 years to suddenly take an interest in national politics and pursue the leadership race.

2. Stephane Dion, a former Minister of the Environment under Jean Chretien and key architect of the Kyoto Protocol. A bookish academic, didn’t have a lot of dynamic charisma, but he was a decent fellow and was known for being an all around class act, a very elegant, understated gentleman.

The odds were in favor of Ignatieff, “somehow” he got all the funding, campaign money and had the press behind him. Dion was considered a dark horse in the running.

But then something funny happened, Dion won the Liberal leadership race against all expectations. Dion, was known to have voiced opinions against the American invasion of Iraq and had serious reservations about committing Canadian troops to Afghanistan outside of humanitarian reasons and was a strong supporter of  environmental issues. This of course did not go down well with Harper and Ignatieff’s Illuminati controllers. Dion had to be taken out. And so he was…

Ignatieff, then basically walked into the job of Liberal Leader where the PTB wanted him, as an ineffective Liberal leader which would serve as no serious political threat to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives as they follow their Illuminati orders and undo everything that made Canada a half-decent country to begin with. And that is exactly what happened, Harper keeps winning election after election and can get away with anything he wants so long as the political left are in disarray. All of it orchestrated by the Illuminati of course…

The last election handed Stephen Harper the majority government he had been seeking all these years which means he is in for another 5 years and can ram down any kind of policy he wants without any interference whatsoever from Senate or Parliament. Stephen Harper is an Israeli agent and Zionist shill. With the Liberals completely decimated, Ignatieff “stepped down” as Liberal leader and went off to another plum academic job at the University of Toronto (how convenient…), handing the Liberal leadership over to his cronie Bob Rae.

As for the New Democrats, Thomas Mulcair has yet to show that he’s an effective opponent and dissenter. In fact he’s done exactly zero since he got in. Furthermore Mulcair is now cracking down on NDP members who are pro-Palestinian . Interesting fact: Thomas Mulcair, Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, have an annoying habit of never speaking up for the Palestinians and always come down soft on Israel.

So, boys and girls, the lesson of the day here is watch your politicians closely, watch their motivations, where they come from and why are they going for leadership. Most of all FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.

P.S I just had to share this one last tid-bit. All hope is not lost. There is still some fight left in some Canadian leaders. Danny Williams, the former Premier of Newfoundland positively hates Stephen Harper. I may not agree with Williams on a lot of issues but he’s absolutely spot-on in his assessment of Harper.

Whenever Harper went to William’s office in St.John’s, Williams deliberately placed this photo on his desk and made sure Harper could see it.

Post-script: As I write, Justin Trudeau is now the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and will be running against Stephen Harper in the next federal election in October 2015.

I’m against particular families forming concentrations of power. During the medieval ages that’s what royal families and dynasties used to do, swap and arrange their kids marriage among cousins and relatives so that they could keep power and wealth at close hand. The end result was excessive in-breeding and degeneration of ability and capability.
I’m seeing this now, in the way the Clintons are grooming Chelsea or the way the Bush family are grooming Jeb Bush’s half Latino son to eventually lead the Republican party (and get the Latino/Chicano vote). Or how the Gandhi/Nehru family have a firm lock on India’s Congress Party. Look at the Duvaliers in Haiti or the Marcos in the Philippines. No good can ever come of this in the long run and there should not be a place for this sort of thing in a real democracy

While I despise Stephen Harper  I normally would side with the NDP or the Green party from a policy perspective since they are the most leftist, but I can’t support anyone who is anti-Palestine. It’s just wrong.

So, I unfortunately think Justin has the best shot to get rid of that Albertan right-wing nut job once and for all. It also helps that Justin has a very tight-knit group of advisers around him, including Jean Chretien. If he can do a couple of things, namely decriminalize marijuana (or all drugs actually like Portugal has, view drug addiction as a mental illness and not a personality problem), tax it to death and make a fuck-ton of cash from it and put that cash back into our social programs like higher education, healthcare and public services (the arts, libraries, firemen, building decent roads and civil engineering, research and development, international development and aid etc.), become a peace negotiator like it used be back in the days of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, gain back its international reputation as a peace broker (our international reputation right now is in the gutter, no thanks to Stephen Harper ), kick-out all the right-wing, conservative American academics who have surreptitiously infiltrated practically all the political science, history and economics programs within the more prestigious Canadian universities along with the agendas they brought with them, keep a very close eye on party members with unusually close ties to right-wing think tanks like Canada’s Fraser Institute, C.D Howe Institute or American think tanks like the Hudson Institute, American Enterprise Institute or The Heritage Foundation, install Stephane Dion as ambassador to the UN, follow a policy of engagement and dialogue rather than bombing, instead of acting like Washington’s lackey, build closer political and economic ties to the BRICIT countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia and Turkey), understand the changing dynamics of world economic  power, multiculturalism, and global citizenship instead of being a “meat and potatoes” boring, mediocre country run by bland, generic looking and sounding WASPs from rural Canada, torpedo the Trans-Pacific Partnership, stop the Keystone Pipeline project completely in it’s tracks, and undo all the damage that Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper did, then Canada stands to enter it’s Golden Age as Sri Aurobindo once prophesied it would.


This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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