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Muchas Gracias Amigos!

I just wanted to post a quick but massive THANK YOU to all my followers and readers of this eccentric little blog. This was my first year blogging and not something I ever imagined many people would have an interest in reading my sometimes peculier but well-intentioned musings. You have no idea, but your feedback and interest have given me some much-needed confidence at a time when I didn’t have much.

I really want to thank David Icke and Sean, his webmaster, for really giving me some totally unexpected exposure when they posted this article  of  mine as the leading headliner on the website back in April, merely days after I started up the blog. I may not agree with every last thing you say but you have no idea how deeply I appreciate and respect your work. Like the French say “Bon Courage!”

Thanks to for posting my yoga article which sent the yoga community into a tailspin back in July. I had no idea my experience of the yoga scene, as a person of Indian heritage who usually feels like someone looking in, would hit such a nerve. I’m happy it’s opened up the discussion in some ways of white privilege, white entitlement and the lack of ethnic diversity in the mainstream yoga scene…even if it rubbed quite a number of EJ readers the wrong way 😉

Thank you also, to Andrea MacDonald over at Moonlitmoth yoga for deciding to pick up that same article for the new ‘zine! I can’t wait to finally see it! And major Thank you to Roseanne Harvey over at It’s All Yoga Baby! for selecting it as one of the Top 15 yoga blog Posts of 2012!

Thanks to Zen Gardner, and Philosopher’s Stone for posting what I had written about the Balkan Prophecies on your websites. I browse your sites daily and your insights and articles help me see very clearly what real trends are happening around us. Your efforts are priceless.

Huge mega-block thank you’s to Stuart Wilde, Zen Haven, the folks over at Prosveta who regularly send me  items by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov which always keep me inspired. You guys do the real metaphysical work. Your work is invaluable to all of us who are on a spiritual path.

I have no idea where 2013 will lead, but if 2012 was any indication, I think 2013 will probably be even more intense and more challenging to those who keep averting their eyes from their own reflection in the mirror.

I have no idea where this blog will go, if I have much more to say or not but I just want to say how grateful I am to any spiritual wanderer who finds themselves here. You are all most welcome. I only write out of my own experience and if there was anything which may have resonated with you or helped you in any small way, that’s all I can ask for. I’m on the same journey myself, so I know how difficult it can be to find those guideposts.

I hope all your individual journeys deepen in a good way in this new year !

And just this once, I’ll say it….



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When The Dark Night of the Soul becomes a week, month, year or decade

I just finished reading Roseanne Harvey’s very honest blog post over at “It’s all Yoga Baby” on her experiences with depression lately and yoga, working or not working as the case may be.

I can relate completely.
I too have suffered from depression, mostly the situational variety (when enough bad things happen to you, that it puts you into a funk). I tried counselling, yoga, acupuncture and fish oils (I’m against meds) which were all short-term fixes but the underlying sense of ennui remains.

We've all had that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, at some point or other.

We’ve all had that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, at some point or other.

I do think there is something inherently evil and dehumanizing about capitalistic societies. Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen and before them, Karl Marx, said it right, that capitalism is a radical philosophy in that it is nothing more than the eventual commodification of all human life and all aspects of the natural world. In order to live in that market economy system, you have to join it and become a part of that machine. That machine has specific rules and even has it’s own language and philosophy.

From Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

From Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

Like Roseanne, I too am in the midst of over-hauling my CV and the kinds of verbs and adjectives you can use are quite specific. It’s the language of the technocrat, it’s the language of “The Big Sell” and you’re the item up for sale. Only now, they couch it terms, of “marketability” or “adding value”.

A pretty apt description, methinks...

A pretty apt description, methinks…

As bad as job-hunting can be, whether you are currently employed, unemployed or under-employed, as bad as depression can be, whether that it is situational, clinical or chronic, I do think there is another factor at work here underneath the “itchiness” of late which seems to be affecting quite a number of people.

In my posting about the age of gurus being over, I had included this article from Wayne H. Purdin.

From page 32-33 of that article:
Thus, while the planetary energy spike may cause cataclysm, it will also transform our consciousness. The reason why was discovered by Dr. Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Sciences at UCLA. Hunt established the relation between electromagnetic field strength and consciousness and behavior in experiments using a shielded room, called the MU Room, in which the levels of electromagnetic energy, magnetism, and particle charges were manipulated. Dr. Hunt placed subjects in the MU Room and removed virtually every trace of electromagnetism. Hunt observed that the interaction between subjects increased. Subjects complained of tiredness, confused thinking, and they began to cry. Their nervous and endocrine systems reacted as though they were in peril. They lost their sense of boundaries, and their sense of body image disappeared. When the electromagnetic field was restored, all returned to normal. When it was increased beyond normal levels, the subjects’ thinking became clear and they reported an expansion in consciousness. (Hunt, 1996)

Get ready folks, because I do think that electromagnetism levels are going to skyrocket sooner than we think.This is just the darkest part of the night before dawn.


No, it’s not the Mayan calendar ending and asteroids hitting us, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and the Planet Niburu making a surprise appearance. It’s not the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations. It’s not Pee-Wee Herman going back on TV to host a new “Gong Show”.

Heaven forbid...

Heaven forbid…

We’re about to leave the Kali Yuga and I mean that literally. I’m going to leave it to wiser minds than my own to explain this particularly Hermetic astrologer Santos Bonacci. This is probably the best video I’ve seen on the shift of the ages and what 2012 is really about. It’s a long watch, but I promise, it’s worth it.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Why the Ascension process can sometimes feel like you’re on the “Island of Misfit Toys”

The Misfit Toys

I don’t know what it’ s like in your neck of the woods, but the second Halloween is over, malls and stores start putting up their Christmas stuff up already and the malls are filled with the muzak versions of “Frosty the Snowman” playing on the PA system. (I personally wish the industrialized West would follow the lead of Sweden, where anything Christmas-related is illegal in public spaces until December 1st. Three weeks is more than enough time to get your Christmas shopping done and put up your decorations, I think.)

Shopping in malls with thousands of other stressed shoppers can be hellish.

Being non-Christian, Christmas as a kid basically always meant that school was off for a week or two, extra time at the hill tobogganing,

the Christmas gift exchange and of course, the holiday cartoons.

Nowadays, it means dinners with extended family and having to sit through and listen to conversations revolving around real estate prices, private school for the kids, pregnancies, investments, home renovations and the last episode of Dr.Phil. In other words, I have nothing to say or add nor have any interest whatsoever. I’m bored and start watching the clock to see when I can leave without looking too rude.

I wanna go home!

It’s not just Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s every time you’re in a group of people when everyone starts talking about stuff you just can’t relate to anymore, even with friends. After talking about this with a few, close friends. It seems that there is a group of us who are deliberately withdrawing. Many websites are talking about how part of this Ascension process is about realizing how much you’ve changed, how your old patterns and old relationships no longer work, how you can’t relate to your old friends and family anymore.

Going in a different direction…

Now, sometimes that process really sucks, it’s a lonely and isolating feeling to realize that you no longer fit in the group anymore.

One friend likened it to a veil lifting and some of us are starting to see things differently and detecting people’s motives behind the words very easily. That means instinctively pulling away from some people because it gets harder as she put it, “to live the bullshit beside the bullshitters anymore”. And just with some people, old hobbies, old interests, don’t resonate like they used to. Her theory is that the world contains many of us feeling the pull and becoming unable to function in the current “normal” society.

Remember the Bird Fish, a toy bird who swims instead of flies or the misfit cowboy who rode an ostrich instead of a horse or Trainer, a train with square wheels on its caboose? It can feel like you’re one of the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys, from that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation Rankin/Bass holiday special.

Maybe it is part of the whole 2012 thingamajiggy, I don’t know. I’m posting this to possibly see how widespread this is, let me know. Thoughts?

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The Tide has Turned

It looks like the mainstream media have finally decided to pay attention to conspiracy theory wackos. I’ve already written about the Jimmy Savile scandal which is continuing to rock the UK, down to the very roots of The Establishment, and like some kind of mutant octopus, the tentacles seem to be reaching wider and wider and involving more and more politicians, past and present. I’ve also written about how researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Chris Everard have been saying for years how widespread child sexual abuse is among the upper echelons of society but they were always dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Turning of the Tide

Now it looks like the public are waking up and have decided to give the middle finger to the mainstream media outlets. Since last week’s Wembley event, traffic has substantially increased to websites like Icke’s, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Drudge Report and Coast to Coast. The mainstream media are finally paying attention to the fact that the general public aren’t paying attention to them anymore (read: less circulation, less $) but are listening to the likes of Icke et al. The UK’s “Express” and the Huffington Post recently ran articles citing Icke in non-negative, less dismissive even half-civil terms.

Clips of the Wembley event are now showing up on YouTube if anyone is interested to watch. I watched the entire event and while most of the information wasn’t anything new, there was more information regarding theories around the Earth’s second sun, which Gnostic and the ancient Egyptians maintained we had (Icke calls it the Saturn matrix) and the cataclysms which affected mankind afterwards, like the separation of twin souls and the loss of our psychic and spiritual powers. One thing I did detect very strongly during the Wembley event was Icke’s exasperation and frustration for more people to wake up. Personally, I get it. It’s about the transference of power and control from a privileged few into the hands of all and that when the power balance shifts, *that’s* the exact moment that something truly transformational can take place.

Chris Hedges has pointed out in several of his interviews that when he was covering the fall of the Communist block countries in the late 1980’s, it was once the police and security apparatus of the state like the STASI of East Germany, switched sides and sided with the people that a communist dictator like Erich Honecker could only stay in power for a mere week before he was booted out. The same thing happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania. I’m going to go further than that; I think that once the security and intelligence apparatus, the media, and the judicial system switch sides to side with the citizenry en masse, then it becomes a tsunami which cannot be held back.

Professor Noam Chomsky rightly pointed out that the civil rights movement was not just Martin Luther King Jr. but rather men and women whose names we will never know who were constantly working all the time who helped to bring about the civil right movement. Likewise, for all conspiracy theory sympathizers, UFO enthusiasts, neighborhood eccentrics, quirky alones, New Agers, anarchists, yogis, spiritualists, nonconformists, free-thinkers, vegans, teetotalers, ayahuasca users, post-modern hippies, dreamers, inventors, astrologers, numerologists, Sufis, Gnostic, alchemists, Reiki healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, shamans and shamans in training, DON’T STOP, not even for a second. Keep pushing.

It’s showtime.

In a recent interview, Icke said that he will be decreasing his travels and public lectures outside the UK substantially from now on (at 21:20- 24:00). I can’t say I blame him, he’s now 60 years old and he’s paid his dues, he’s earned his right to stay at home and enjoy his family and the fruits of his labors. To David himself, I’d say this: don’t get flustered about all people not waking up. We’re at that point now that people have to make their choices and that window will not stay open for long, they either will want to get with the program or they don’t, they’re either ready for it or they’re not, they can continue living under this false peace and false illusion or decide to break out of it. Those who are ready will show themselves up.

These sorts of openings never last for very long. (“Window to Another World” by Hayley Knowles)

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