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Magic in the Neighbourhood

The Brownie Castle, Granby, Quebec

I have mentioned a few times that I grew up in a particularly idyllic part of Canada, in Southern Quebec, an area known as the Eastern Townships, which straddles the border with Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It is in the Appalachian panhandle, the oldest mountain range on planet Earth, which once upon a time, many ice ages ago, was 7 times higher than the Himalayas.

Lavender farm among the hills of the Eastern Townships.

Lavender farm among the hills of the Eastern Townships.

Today they are mostly gentle, rounded hills, meandering rivers, sleepy villages established by the Loyalists (persons who were in the US but wanted to remain loyal subjects of the British Crown so left and came up to Canada), farms, vineyards producing iced apple cider wine and ski hills.
To me the Townships has always been home, not Montreal.

Lac Boivin, I learned how to ice-skate on this lake as a 4 year old, in the winter when it was frozen over.

Lac Boivin, I learned how to ice-skate on this lake as a 4 year old, in the winter when it was frozen over.

More particularly I grew up in a town called Granby, a small town established by Scottish settlers. Much of the English-speaking population left the Townships in the late-1970s, early 1980s, when the separatist political party, the Parti Quebecois came into power. Today about 50 000 Anglos barely hold on while the area became more French due to draconian language laws (I’m not going to go into the whole Anglo vs French thing in Quebec but its a constant theme living in Quebec. You can read about it here if you want). Even so, if you ever get the chance to visit, the “STOP” signs are still in English. The wide boulevards, which mark English town-planning are still there. Drive around even more and there are little villages and hamlets with names like Mystic, Aberdeen, East Angus and Waterloo.

In Granby, I grew up practically on the doorstep of the mysterious Brownie Castle, a strange mansion with a hexagonal tower built by the Walt Disney of the Victorian age, Palmer Cox.

Palmer Cox, back in the day.

Palmer Cox, back in the day.

Funny how you can live somewhere for years and never really know the history and more particularly, the esoteric history of that place. I only found all this out in late August but Palmer Cox was a very well-known illustrator in the late 19th century, who grew up in tiny Granby and worked for years in places like New York City and San Francisco. His illustrations were in publications like The New Yorker and Harper’s. And then he created, The Brownies.


The Brownies were based on the stories he grew up with from his Scottish heritage, particularly his mother who was from the Highlands. In Scottish folklore, the Brownies were tiny spirits who helped people out in the home. You walk out of a room and come back 5 minutes later and suddenly the floors are mopped or the bed has been made mysteriously. Cox wrote many books about them which were a fantastic hit with kids the world over, not unlike the Harry Potter phenomena.

The Eastman Kodak company using the Brownies for an ad.

The Eastman Kodak company using the Brownies for an ad.

The Brownie images were used to promote dozens of products like soaps and shoe shine polish. In many ways, it was the precursor of what we see the Disney corporation do these days with their animated characters. Cox made millions from it, lived in Europe for years and then for some reason, decided to come back to sleepy little Granby to build the Brownie castle.

And with the Brownie mansion in the background, shortly after it was constructed.

And with the Brownie Castle in the background, shortly after it was constructed.

The Brownie mansion sits in my old neighbourhood.

Across the street from the mansion is the oldest park in Granby, Victoria Park (named after the queen at the time) designed by Frederick Todd, who went on to design Canada’s Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and… Fort Tyron Park in New York City (with Frederick Olmsted Jr.).

The stream heading off into the pool, Victoria Park 1945. It still pretty much looks the same.

The stream heading off into the pool, Victoria Park 1945. It still pretty much looks the same.

I practically grew up in that park, walked through it everyday on my way to school, played with my friends among the rocks and streams and even as a kid, I felt there was something special there.

The Japanese Cedars, they can live for hundreds of years. Many temples and shrines in Japan have groves of these trees.

The Japanese Red Cedars, they can live for hundreds of years. Many temples and shrines in Japan have groves of these trees.

In the fountains, in the grove of ancient Japanese Red Cedars, in the ponds and the exposed giant granite rocks, a hallmark of Olmsted and Todd park design, which I found out in my recent NYC trip. Even now, whenever I return to visit, I always catch someone doing something spiritual there. I’ve seen people meditating, I’ve seen people doing Tai-Chi or yoga. I’m not the only one who can feel *something* is at work in that park. There’s some good mojo in that whole area.

Before going to New York, I went back to Granby to look at the Brownie Castle again (today, it is a private residence with three different apartments, I’m not sure the tenants even know or care about the significance of the building) and to visit Palmer Cox’s grave at the Cowie Street cemetery.

Plaque on Cox's grave.

Plaque on Cox’s grave.

I couldn’t figure out why on Earth would Cox come back to tiny Granby after hitting the jackpot and living in glamorous places like NYC and Europe for decades to build a whimsical mansion in the middle of nowhere ? (The park and neighbourhood were developed decades after the mansion was built.)

Cox, was a Freemason, which also has its own set of esoteric teachings, much of it is a mish-mash of proto-ancient Egyptian and Hermetic teachings and rituals, so he was savvy to these things. Frederick Todd, another Scotsman, was also a Mason (in fact a guy I once knew who was thinking of becoming a Mason even told me that the layout of Parliament Hill is based on the layout of the inside of a Masonic Lodge).
It makes me wonder if Cox felt the energy of that area, the benevolent presence of something and felt compelled to return the favour?

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The Boiling Frogs Syndrome

“The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.”


Last night I went to see uber-journalist Glenn Greenwald at McGill University. Greenwald, for those of you who may not know, is the journalist and activist, along with Laura Poitras who blew open the Edward Snowden story and showed that most Western governments and alphabet agencies are spying on their own citizens and sharing information with each other particularly the “Five Eyes” nations, the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (funny, they’re all Anglo-Saxon – why is that?)

Greenwald’s talk was quite timely particularly in light of the events which took place this past week in Canada. Canada has now experienced its first “terrorist” attack involving “radicalized Muslims“. Many discussion forums have been in overdrive and the consensus among some that it is a false-flag attack. Too many loose ends, too many inconsistencies.

In other words, the timing of it has raised suspicions given that Stephen Harper is now committing troops to Iraq to fight ISIS for the first time ever, and that it is a deeply unpopular motion among many Canadians. However, if you have a few events like this past week, you ferment fear and war-mongering and suddenly an idea which seemed like a bad one just last week to many Canadians suddenly becomes a palatable one. Also if you have an election looming next year. it always helps to buffer up your profile among voters, no doubt.

I make no secret of the fact that I do not like conservatives and I dislike Stephen Harper as a person and as a leader. He’s not a leader, he’s a technocrat and a Machiavellian one at that (and he’s about as charismatic as a soulless robot that eats far too many jelly donuts for his own good).

Stephen Harper at far left. Dude, you seriously need to do something about that spare tire. Did you know that belly fat increases your chances of Type II Diabetes and heart disease?

Glenn brought up the boiling frogs scenario last night because I think it is an apt description of what many, many people are now experiencing whether it’s Canada (and stupid talk about bringing back the War Measures Act —> no fucking way) or the US (and the Patriot Act which Americans have been under all these years).

People give up their privacy in the name of security and little by little, without even noticing they one day wake up and realize it’s all gone and then cry wolf, but by then, it’s too late. Their sense of security was an illusion and the people who promised it, at the end of the day, really never cared about you. Glenn also pointed out that laws are useless now. Governments don’t have to answer to any law anymore since “The Law” as we know it can change at the drop of the hat and it’s designed to protect the interests of the powerful and further disenfranchise the powerless.

I’d like to think that people are smarter than that. That if they had all the correct facts in front of them, free of propaganda, secrets and biases, they would make the right decision but somehow, fear always seems to trump reason. It’s instinct over the mind. People would rather like to stick to their comforting old illusions rather than deal with uncomfortable new truths. Perhaps cognitive dissonance has something to do with it but I think, it also boils down to self-preservation. On a spiritual level, I find that sad, because it shows we still haven’t learned how to grow out of ourselves yet.

George Orwell’s ghost must be shaking his head in disgust somewhere.

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Those Truth Vibrations are getting stronger folks…

There seem to be several interesting developments happening at the same time these days.

First off, Anti-Bilderberg 2013 was a runaway success. I’ve watched the footage and YouTube videos very closely, read the news reports and you can’t help but feel that something extremely encouraging has taken place. The Hertfordshire police thought no more than 300 people would show up. Instead thousands did. 2000 more had to be turned away at the gate.

The crowd waiting to get into the Bilderberg site.

The crowd waiting to get into the Bilderberg site.

Politicians took to the mike along with guerrilla journalists and speakers and researchers. People from across the UK and overseas showed up. Protesters were hugging cops and the cops hugged them right back (it helps that English cops don’t carry guns). In fact the protesters were so polite and peaceful, it’s easy to see why many of the cops there seemed to be having a good time and listened earnestly to the protesters. Some even walked away convinced that maybe these loony conspiracy theorists are actually on to something.

Note to all activists, protesters and concerned citizens: THIS is the way it’s done. The old saying is true: You’ll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

I hope all subsequent anti-Bilderberg meetings from now on become like this. It’s finally on the mainstream media’s radar screen and it looks like it’s going to stay there. The Fringe Festival is a brilliant idea. If it continues, this thing is going to snowball, I’m sure of it. The only thing I wished I saw was some yoga practitioners showing up in solidarity like they have in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Would've been cool to see a bit of this at Bilderberg

Would’ve been cool to see a bit of this at Bilderberg

Another thing, the gathering missed the ritual and ceremonial aspect completely. I would have done earth-based ceremony around the site days or weeks in advance and then during the days of the meeting, had the First Nations drummers out in full force, at the 4 cardinal directions around the hotel. These things send out vibes/thoughts/frequencies and would go a long way to influence the Bilderbergers, in a good way, from a distance.

Second: Is anyone really surprised by this National Security Agency (NSA) scandal in the US?
Ever since 9-11 and ever since the chimp-lookalike Bush’s administration with Homeland Security becoming even more draconian against Muslims, suspected terrorists, Occupy activists, in fact ANY kind of activist or anyone that questions governments, banksters or corporations. Of course it was just a question of time before they started listening in on phone calls, reading private emails and embroiling Google, FaceBook and MSN in their complicity. Julian Assange warned as much ages ago. Assange is also praising Snowden as a hero and is urging him to seek asylum in either Russia or South America. I don’t always agree with Glen Greenwald but this was truly a spectacular piece of reportage and investigative journalism. Kudos to him. The jury is still out on whistleblower Edward Snowden and from what I understand, he’s hiding out in Hong Kong so he can escape Private Bradley Manning‘s fate.

Some Icelandic politicians, in their truly unique tradition, are looking to offer political asylum to Snowden. There are calls for impeachment against Obama. The entire country is literally going apeshit over this.
My advice: Don’t use Google, use Startpage. Unlike Google, they don’t record IP addresses and it’s the one search page many software developers and hackers use. From what I heard, they will shortly be launching an email service as well.

Screw Google, go here instead.

Screw Google, go here instead.

Third: I can’t speak for everyone but at least in my corner of the world, many politicians are being outed big time for kickbacks, drug usage and plain old corruption.

Canada's dictator, Step-Hen Harper has no warm, human blood in him. Instead, ice-cold liquid mercury runs in his veins.

Canada’s dictator, Step-Hen Harper has no warm, human blood in him. Instead, ice-cold liquid mercury runs in his veins.

Step-Hen Harper is embroiled in a scandal where his chief of staff paid off a conservative Senator Mike Duffy for $90 000 for “living expenses”.

Rolly-polly bigoted Toronto mayor Rob Ford may have some phone camera video of him smoking crack cocaine floating out there somewhere. The video has not surfaced but half his staff quit anyway and his credibility is in tatters. Maybe he can go on a fishing trip with his buddy Step-Hen and commiserate on their bad fortune together?

Local Montreal shyster Dr. Arthur Porter, who was the head of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), is fighting an extradition order to Canada where he faces serious corruption charges. Porter, a doctor from Senegal, somehow through Step-Hen Harper, was elected the the Queen’s Privy Council of Canada and was made a board member of CSIS, the Canadian Intelligence agency.

Old pals, Step-Hen and Arthur Porter

Old pals, Step-Hen and Arthur Porter

Porter seriously screwed up the MUHC and their plans to build a super-hospital. He awarded contracts to his cronies and because of the cronyism and corruption, the entire university has been crippled. They are cutting back on essential staff and services, fees are being raised while these assholes walk away with golden parachutes. Anyway Porter has been found guilty of corruption and the Quebec government want him back for questioning. What does he do? He now claims he has Stage IV cancer and “cannot travel” from his location in the Bahamas. Funny enough, he seemed well enough to travel to Panama where he and his wife were caught last week. Porter has said that if he goes down, he’s going to name names, including politicians, businessmen, socialites and typical movers and shakers. To say that Quebec is a corrupt place is the understatement of the century.   Just yesterday interim- Montreal mayor, Michael Applebaum was picked up on corruption charges, this after he said he was going to clean up house after his predecessor Gerald Tremblay was also forced to resign over corruption charges. My guess is that there’s a sweetheart deal in the works behind the scenes. He’ll probably name some names, but not the most important ones and he’ll get a penalty or next-to-nothing jail time.

Keep your nose clean, always pack an extra pair of underwear and sit back, relax and watch this comedy show. At this rate, who knows what will happen next given the climate these days….


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How the Illuminati took over the Canadian political landscape and other disasters….

To international readers and those who do not pay any attention to the politics of this large-yet-small country called Canada, indulge me for a moment as we take a step away from spiritual and energetic travel and step back to domestic matters to see and understand a case study in Illuminati control, how they manipulate public perception and work in the realm of back room deals and give the Powers That Be (PTB) control…

Imagine you have a country, let’s call her Canada, left-of-center, socially progressive, marked by a population that believes in their national institutions strongly like national health care, accessible university education, social nets like welfare and unemployment insurance,  a strong public broadcaster. A country which believes all of the aforementioned are basic human rights, not economic privileges. This country has 3 major political parties called the Conservatives (right wing, pro-business, hates immigrants) the Liberals (left of center, follows a middle way, believes in consensus building) and the New Democratic Party, the NDP (Super left wing, socialist, the brains behind universal health care and education)

When I was growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was (Liberal) Prime Minister of this country. He had been PM since 1968 but was around so long because, let’s face it, he was cool and had style. He was known to be quite a snazzy dresser, with a rose in his lapel most of the time…

Hung out with John Lennon and Yoko Ono…

Was best buddies with Fidel Castro (in fact they became friends when they found out they both had the same Jesuit priest as a teacher during their respective childhoods) …

Wasn’t crazy about Ronald Reagan..

And managed to piss off those two war mongers Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger by beating them to the chase and was the first Western leader to meet Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China

Did pirouettes behind the Queen’s back …

played Frisbee with the proletariat…

and he had a hot, young wife (younger by 33 years) by the name of Margaret Trudeau who he met on a Tahitian beach when she was 19 and in a bikini…

When she left him on election night for Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Trudeau then dated other notable beautiful women like Margot Kidder (aka Lois Lane in Superman) and Spanish guitarist Liona Boyd.

Pierre Trudeau with actress Margot Kidder

Pierre Trudeau with actress Margot Kidder

He also did yoga!

Pierre Elliott Trudeau in an advanced yoga pose known as Peacock pose.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau in an advanced yoga pose known as Peacock Pose.

In short, Trudeau was a very cool,  open-minded kind of guy who abolished the death penalty, decriminalized homosexuality, opened Canada to immigrants around the world and even considered decriminalizing marijuana.   Canada’s international reputation as peaceful, liberal country came in large part  to the kinds of policies Trudeau put into place.  People say Canada is boring but I guess that comes from being comfortable for so long. Trudeau’s legacy  also made Canada into a Liberal country with a capital “L” and it’s been that way ever since.

After Trudeau, we had a pro-Illuminati shill Prime Minister named Brian Mulroney, a guy  known for two things, besides his massive Jay Leno-like chin:

1) Started up NAFTA, the North-American Free Trade Agreement, which was the first step and set down the blue-print for globalization rules around the world and..

2) His chummy relationship with Ronald Reagan…

Thankfully Mulroney was only around for 8 years and Canada went back to becoming a Liberal country when Trudeau’s right hand man, Jean Chretien became PM.

While Chretien, didn’t have the style and polish of Trudeau, he was a scrappy fighter, rough around the edges, and even had no problems swearing in front of the Queen (when the Constitution was being signed by Trudeau and Chretien in 1982, Chretien’s fountain pen broke, making him mutter “Merde” (“shit” in French), under his breath which the Queen heard and smiled at)

Chretien was a real Liberal too, molded and taught by Trudeau. Chretien also had the balls to stand up to George W. Bush and say “NO”, when W. asked for Canadian troops to fight in Iraq. Chretien adamantly wanted proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and wanted the UN’s green-light first before he made any decision and committed Canadian troops. Now we know of course that the whole WMD bait was a scam concocted by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. Chretien knew from the get-go it was a scam and was not willing to obey the Illuminati Masters. Little did he know that he would pay for this transgression and his disobedience…

Enter former Finance Minister, Illuminati shill, Paul Martin, an uppity, super-ambitious scion of a shipping dynasty who registers and keeps all his ships in Panama so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on them…

Martin basically stabbed Chretien in the back, forced Chretien out of power and then took over the Prime Minister’s office.

He didn’t last long. All Paul Martin did was effectively kill the Liberal Party of Canada

In the next election, Martin’s unpopularity forced the Liberals out of office and handed the government to the Dark Side, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, who had steadily been growing stronger in the shadows all these years. Harper, an Albertan with strong ties to the oil industry and a major anti-abortionist, anti-immigrant Bible thumper had been sharpening his fangs for years….

With Harper installed, that was all the Illuminati wanted and needed. They got their shill in office and now could undo every single piece of progressive legislation Canada had ever produced. Meaning, privatizing everything, budget cuts to all social programs including health care, environmental safety and regulation, post-secondary university education, international development aid. Harper was in with Bush and the Republicans and now the stage has been set to transform Canada into a New World Order lackey following Washington’s orders.

With the political right in charge, the political left had gone to pieces (Illuminati strategy #1 – Divide and conquer) . Martin stepped down as Liberal leader after his Illuminati orchestrated election defeat and the race was on for the Liberal leadership.

2 front runners emerged.

  1. Micheal Ignatieff, a Harvard human rights law professor, with tenure, who had not been in Canada for over 30 years. The press declared him to be Trudeau’s heir, both were erudite academics, both deemed as the thinking woman’s sex symbol (barf…)  To anyone with half a brain, it’s obvious Ignatieff was an Illuminati henchman and CIA implant. The guy was so…oily. NO ONE EVER GETS TENURE AT HARVARD, not even some Nobel prize winners! It’s almost impossible. It just doesn’t make any sense why anyone in their right mind would leave a plum job at Harvard to come back to a country he had not been in for over 30 years to suddenly take an interest in national politics and pursue the leadership race.

2. Stephane Dion, a former Minister of the Environment under Jean Chretien and key architect of the Kyoto Protocol. A bookish academic, didn’t have a lot of dynamic charisma, but he was a decent fellow and was known for being an all around class act, a very elegant, understated gentleman.

The odds were in favor of Ignatieff, “somehow” he got all the funding, campaign money and had the press behind him. Dion was considered a dark horse in the running.

But then something funny happened, Dion won the Liberal leadership race against all expectations. Dion, was known to have voiced opinions against the American invasion of Iraq and had serious reservations about committing Canadian troops to Afghanistan outside of humanitarian reasons and was a strong supporter of  environmental issues. This of course did not go down well with Harper and Ignatieff’s Illuminati controllers. Dion had to be taken out. And so he was…

Ignatieff, then basically walked into the job of Liberal Leader where the PTB wanted him, as an ineffective Liberal leader which would serve as no serious political threat to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives as they follow their Illuminati orders and undo everything that made Canada a half-decent country to begin with. And that is exactly what happened, Harper keeps winning election after election and can get away with anything he wants so long as the political left are in disarray. All of it orchestrated by the Illuminati of course…

The last election handed Stephen Harper the majority government he had been seeking all these years which means he is in for another 5 years and can ram down any kind of policy he wants without any interference whatsoever from Senate or Parliament. Stephen Harper is an Israeli agent and Zionist shill. With the Liberals completely decimated, Ignatieff “stepped down” as Liberal leader and went off to another plum academic job at the University of Toronto (how convenient…), handing the Liberal leadership over to his cronie Bob Rae.

As for the New Democrats, Thomas Mulcair has yet to show that he’s an effective opponent and dissenter. In fact he’s done exactly zero since he got in. Furthermore Mulcair is now cracking down on NDP members who are pro-Palestinian . Interesting fact: Thomas Mulcair, Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, have an annoying habit of never speaking up for the Palestinians and always come down soft on Israel.

So, boys and girls, the lesson of the day here is watch your politicians closely, watch their motivations, where they come from and why are they going for leadership. Most of all FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.

P.S I just had to share this one last tid-bit. All hope is not lost. There is still some fight left in some Canadian leaders. Danny Williams, the former Premier of Newfoundland positively hates Stephen Harper. I may not agree with Williams on a lot of issues but he’s absolutely spot-on in his assessment of Harper.

Whenever Harper went to William’s office in St.John’s, Williams deliberately placed this photo on his desk and made sure Harper could see it.

Post-script: As I write, Justin Trudeau is now the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and will be running against Stephen Harper in the next federal election in October 2015.

I’m against particular families forming concentrations of power. During the medieval ages that’s what royal families and dynasties used to do, swap and arrange their kids marriage among cousins and relatives so that they could keep power and wealth at close hand. The end result was excessive in-breeding and degeneration of ability and capability.
I’m seeing this now, in the way the Clintons are grooming Chelsea or the way the Bush family are grooming Jeb Bush’s half Latino son to eventually lead the Republican party (and get the Latino/Chicano vote). Or how the Gandhi/Nehru family have a firm lock on India’s Congress Party. Look at the Duvaliers in Haiti or the Marcos in the Philippines. No good can ever come of this in the long run and there should not be a place for this sort of thing in a real democracy

While I despise Stephen Harper  I normally would side with the NDP or the Green party from a policy perspective since they are the most leftist, but I can’t support anyone who is anti-Palestine. It’s just wrong.

So, I unfortunately think Justin has the best shot to get rid of that Albertan right-wing nut job once and for all. It also helps that Justin has a very tight-knit group of advisers around him, including Jean Chretien. If he can do a couple of things, namely decriminalize marijuana (or all drugs actually like Portugal has, view drug addiction as a mental illness and not a personality problem), tax it to death and make a fuck-ton of cash from it and put that cash back into our social programs like higher education, healthcare and public services (the arts, libraries, firemen, building decent roads and civil engineering, research and development, international development and aid etc.), become a peace negotiator like it used be back in the days of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, gain back its international reputation as a peace broker (our international reputation right now is in the gutter, no thanks to Stephen Harper ), kick-out all the right-wing, conservative American academics who have surreptitiously infiltrated practically all the political science, history and economics programs within the more prestigious Canadian universities along with the agendas they brought with them, keep a very close eye on party members with unusually close ties to right-wing think tanks like Canada’s Fraser Institute, C.D Howe Institute or American think tanks like the Hudson Institute, American Enterprise Institute or The Heritage Foundation, install Stephane Dion as ambassador to the UN, follow a policy of engagement and dialogue rather than bombing, instead of acting like Washington’s lackey, build closer political and economic ties to the BRICIT countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia and Turkey), understand the changing dynamics of world economic  power, multiculturalism, and global citizenship instead of being a “meat and potatoes” boring, mediocre country run by bland, generic looking and sounding WASPs from rural Canada, torpedo the Trans-Pacific Partnership, stop the Keystone Pipeline project completely in it’s tracks, and undo all the damage that Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper did, then Canada stands to enter it’s Golden Age as Sri Aurobindo once prophesied it would.


This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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The New Energetic Centers of the World, Part I

So we all know about these power points around the world, usually spots where a high concentration of ley lines intersect and spots where the Illuminatii and Powers That Be (PTB) usually perform rituals and ceremony to emit vast amounts of negative energy into the Earth energy grid, which then in turn keeps most of us enslaved. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of these ceremonies but suffice to say that researchers like David Icke have written, talked and documented it enough that you can easily find information about it at his website or various YouTube videos.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

From personal experience, after having visited some of these “hot spots” I can say that the energy at most of these so-called spiritual places is absolutely ugly now. Machu Picchu is a New Age circus as is Mount Shasta, California and Sedona, Arizona. It seems every other recently-divorced suburban housewife suddenly “finds” herself and decides to become some Wiccan High Priestess or wants to follow a shamanistic path and inevitably sets up shop at these places and then offers you the same path. For a fee of course…

Having been to these places, the tourist energy and the financial energy has completley ruined and drained these places, and I mean totally. I literally felt sick at Machu Picchu (and it wasn’t altitude sickness either), walking through Mount Shasta town, every second shop had a violet/purple storefront and had pictures of angels and tarot card decks on display in their front windows. The main drag of Sedona, AZ was lined with smallish strip-malls, every other establishment was offering Vortex tours or yoga retreats, none of it came cheap either. In fact, I found Sedona to be full of New Age – Republicans, with the worst possible qualities of both groups. People who essentially use the New Age movement and human potential movement to fill their coffers and line their pockets even more. It’s very unfortunate since these places do possess great natural beauty.

At the same time, I have experienced beautiful, lovely energies in many places around the world which are completely off the beaten path and do not figure largely in these movements….yet. Places where the energy is extremely pure, powerful and largely dormant for now.

It is common knowledge that the poles are now shifting. YouTube has tons of videos about this. It would then follow reason that the Earth grid and the associated ley lines would also be shifting. For me anyway, it would explain why these so-called power points felt empty to me and why other places, while not well-known, were simply brimming over with positive, powerful energy.

Here’s my list of some of these “new” power centers:

1) Cappadocia, Turkey – The Land of the Fairy Chimneys

A typical “feminine”-in-energy valley in Cappadocia

A place still steeped in history and spiritual energy, of fantastic rock formations, lovely valleys, underground cities from the beginning of civilization. Cappadocia was home to the ancient Hittites, a parallel civilization to the ancient Egyptians. We still know very little about them. They built the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. I spent 3 years in Turkey and much time in this area and still barely scratched the surface of this other-worldly place. They say there are even more undiscovered underground cities in the area and Turkish government are keeping many of them secret. These places were built literally thousands of years ago and is as strong and intact today as the day they were built.

On top of that, you have the amazing landscape of Cappadocia itself. Even walking through the magical valleys, every rock-scape, every view, will say something to you and speak to you differently. If you listen closely, Mother Nature will speak to you directly here. It’s not a coincidence that the early Church fathers, like Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa as well as hermits like St.Simeon  and ancient Greek Hermetic mages like Apollonius of Tyana set up shop here. The hermits of Cappadocia distanced themselves from the world by cutting into fairy chimneys, the phallic and strange rock formations of the area, rather than living on top of columns. They hollowed out the chimneys from bottom to top creating rooms at 10-15m high. Their spiritual imprint and those energies of centuries of monks, sages, holy men and hermits meditating in caves and remote valleys is still there and undisturbed.


Homes and caves dug out of the rock formations.

2) The Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada – The Land of the Gentle Hills
A beautiful corner of Canada, 60 km south-east of Montreal, where the Appalachian Mountains begin, the oldest mountain range on the planet, bordered by Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the region is known for the high quality foods it produces, cheeses, wines, organic farms as well as hundreds of lakes, streams and rivers, any outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  The old, unused train tracks were converted into bike paths a few years ago and they now intersect across the countryside, allowing anyone to discover the land in an easy and gentle way. In recent years many progressive thinkers, writers, creative types, retreat centers and monasteries have been moving here and setting up homes and workshops. The people here are known to be quieter than Montreal’s other playground, the Laurentians.
A crystal mine, one of only 7 in the entire world is also located here.
Many folks here have claimed to have had run-ins with the Little People in this area and old-timer’s tales with contact with otherworldly forces and creatures are rife in the picturesque villages with interesting names like Mystic and Magog.
Quebec’ s own version of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, resides in Lake Champlain, only they call him Champ.

An alleged photo of Champ.

Driving through this area on a beautiful summer’s day, the place positively gives off a golden, healing energy.
The Townsips in the Fall
This is just the beginning, much more to come.
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