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Skeletons in the closet…(or the parking lot)

Richard III, then and now

Richard III, then and now

If you have not already heard the story, the skeletal remains of England’s Richard III have been found and verified, after 500 years of mystery. Yes, he’s the same Richard III, from Shakespeare’s play, the hunchbacked king who allegedly murdered the two princes in order to grab the throne for himself and then demanded a horse for his kingdom on the battlefield right before he died.

Sir Ian McKellan, played Richard III brilliantly set against a Nazi-like background.

Sir Ian McKellan (aka Gandalf or Magneto), played Richard III brilliantly set against a Nazi-like background.

Normally, my interest is next to nil when it comes to royal families and the sort.  Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of respect for them. Most of them were (or are) inbred degenerates who were usually married off to either siblings or first cousins in order to strategically keep power and wealth within certain families and dynasties, not unlike the CEO’s, presidents and prime ministers of today who send off their kids to specific schools for the exact same purpose.
Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III

Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III

Richard III has been portrayed and vilified as the misshapen  evil king and while I have no doubt he was probably no innocent at all, to his credit he did a few noteworthy things. Namely instituted what later became known as the Court of Requests, a court to which poor people who could not afford legal representation could apply for their grievances to be heard (today it would be called Legal Aid). He also introduced bail to protect suspected felons from imprisonment before trial and to protect their property from seizure during that time. He also banned restrictions on the printing and sale of books and he ordered the translation of the written Laws and Statutes from the traditional French into English. In other words, he was for Freedom of the Press. I’ll give him points there.
Errol Flynn as the Earl of Essex - Dude, don't hook up with her, you'll regret it!

Errol Flynn as the Earl of Essex – Dude, don’t hook up with her, you’ll regret it!

Much of his evil reputation was created by the Tudors, the dynasty which took over Britain after he was killed (Not that they are much to write home about either; Elizabeth the First took a bath once a year, even with all those wigs and white powder make-up and lack of dental hygiene. Imagine!) and the propagandist for the Tudors was Shakespeare who knew which side of the bread was buttered and curried favor for them. (I did not know this but it would seem that the English Bard had major interests in the slave trade which I only recently found out after watching this.)
l tor: Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, if you're into conspiracies, here's a handful for you.

L to R: Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, if you’re into conspiracies, here’s a handful for you.

What’s my point?
This story does interest me because it really shows how sometimes the truth of any matter just has a strange way of resurfacing, even centuries after the fact. With an entire generation growing up watching shows like CSI, breakthroughs in DNA analysis, (so for my fellow conspiracy buffs, hang in there, there is still hope about finding out who shot JFK, who killed Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hoffa and the mystery of Tom Thompson), I have a feeling that a lot more will be coming out of the woodwork in coming years and setting the historical record straight.
Genghis Khan monument in Mongolia - dude is still deeply revered there.

Genghis Khan monument in Mongolia – The Great Khan of Asia is still deeply revered there.

Already, there are claims that apparently the long-forgotten burial mound of Genghis Khan has been found (to prevent looting, he left orders that the entire funeral party were to be killed upon their return to camp, thus sealing the secrecy of the location), the Jimmy Saville incident is now proving to be the stray thread in the carpet which is unraveling the British establishment even more with each passing day, the Catholic Church will probably be wiped out within the next 25 years because of all the sex scandals and the financial wormhole that has created, First Nations are speaking up more and more about the trauma they lived through, stuff that was held in secret for generations. That dripping sink is no longer just a drip. It’s starting to really trickle. I’m just waiting for the deluge.
Cool dude.

Cool dude. And super smart and nice.

I remember about 8 years ago, I attended a lecture to hear Dr. Norman Finkelstein speak. He was talking about the Israel/Palestine issue and like David, for years he’s been fighting the Goliath of the American and Israel lobby and their various, highly tentacled interests. He said something which has always remained with me: Truth and Justice may be slow-moving and heavy weapons to wield, but they are the most powerful weapons to wield. Nothing can stop you if you use them correctly.
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Cultural Ignorance is for Lazies

This is something which has been bugging me for a while now within the conspiracy-theory set.

Kerry Cassidy - a walking botheration

Kerry Cassidy – a walking botheration

I guess what set it off was this interview by Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy, who for the record, I can’t stand. From what I have read, she is someone who tried to go into acting and it just didn’t work out but even watching and listening to her interviews online, she drives me nuts because she’s constantly interrupting her guests and interjecting comments to try to show off how knowledgeable she is, when she isn’t and I just wish she’d learn some journalistic manners. She’s almost as bad as Lilou Mace.
David Wilcock - classic New Age shyster

David Wilcock – classic New Age shyster

When the whole Drake/David Wilcock-thing blew up and there was no rounding up and mass arrests of Illuminati members, Cassidy should have been accountable from the get go. Here is the pathetic interview she aired with David Wilcock crying his crocodile tears and freaking out over the (non)danger to his life.
But that’s not what bugs me about her. It’s her complete and total and utter cultural ignorance of anything out of the American, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (WASP) paradigm which she is a product of. I mean in that first interview, she’s interviewing some dude who is convinced the Jesuits are more powerful than the Illuminati. While I agree that there probably are not-very-nice secret societies and groups within the Catholic Church like Opus Dei, what strikes me over and over again within the conspiracy-world set is that many of them are either British or American. They view the world through that same British-American, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant paradigm. Not all, but most.
Before any of you freak out on me, I’m generalizing of course. I’m generalizing about the general public, most don’t know about the Catholic world and churches which predate Catholicism by millenia. Most of them know zilch about the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Coptic Church or even earlier churches like the Nestorian , Manichaean or Sabian Christians. They know even less about Islam. What boggles my mind is that these earlier churches and cultures are the roots of their own Western civilization and bridged that period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages and eventually laid the groundwork for the Renaissance and Enlightenment. They only know about Hinduism and Buddhism because they are popular due to yoga, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Or Bruce Lee movies.
Lalibela - Do many WASPs know that this church in Ethiopia is also a part of their religious background?

Lalibela – Do many WASPs know that this church in Ethiopia is also a part of their religious background?

Of course these other cultures and traditions do not speak English. Many of their original writings have not been translated into English or French or Spanish (the imperialistic languages) properly. They are usually in their original archaic Greek, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian or Copt. However, very often, if you’re not alert, there usually is a hidden agenda of indirect cultural supremacy which is being promoted.
When you read history, you always have to keep in mind about biases and why those biases are there.

When you read history, you always have to keep in mind about biases and why those biases are there.

To give you an example of this cultural underhandedness, let’s use historian Thomas Cahill and the book he wrote “How the Irish Saved Civilization”. Cahill posits that after the fall of Rome, when Europe began to be overrun by barbarians like the Huns, Saxons and Visigoths and plunged into the Dark Ages, all those precious manuscripts and tomes from Classical Greece, the works of Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates etc. were saved by Irish monks who painstakingly preserved those works by copying them by hand, generation after generation and that they were the ones who saved these works which eventually were the cornerstones of the European Enlightenment.
A typical page from the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript from ireland.

A typical page from the Book of Kells, a beautiful illuminated manuscript from Ireland.

While I don’t disagree with Cahill on that point, he makes it out that ONLY the Irish saved civilization. What Cahill fails to mention is that while Europe slid into the Dark Ages, Islam was experiencing it’s Golden Age. All those classical Greek and Egyptian treatises were also copied, saved, studied and discussed in cities like Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria, Timbuktu, Constantinople, Tehran, Bukhara leading to discoveries in algebra (al-jabr), advanced mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, optics, plumbing, water management and medicine. Much of that knowledge was then hauled off back to Europe during the different Crusades. The Crusades were not just about “re-capturing Jerusalem for the Christendom”. It was about economics, hauling back silks, carpets and most importantly, spices. That’s the equivalent of the American military saying that they want to “liberate” Iraq, when everyone now knows it’s about the oil, stupid. Same shit, different century.
The Silk and Spice routes

The Silk and Spice routes

More recently a THIRD area has now been identified by scholarship where many works from the ancient world were saved and that is the ancient monasteries of Armenia, in and around Yerevan. Polish writer Rzysard Kapuscinski (especially in his book “Imperium”) and Russian scholars have increasingly found that the ancient world was much more inter-connected than we realize. That knowledge did not go only in one direction (i.e West) but spread out like a cloud in ALL directions from the Mediterranean basin, Asia Minor and Near East.
Civilization and knowledge from the classical world did NOT just go into the orange areas on this map, unlike what most Western history textbooks will tell you.

Civilization and knowledge from the classical world did NOT just go into the orange areas on this map, unlike what most Western history textbooks will tell you.

Much has been written about and speculated about the Vatican Archives and library, about the fabulous treasures hiding there and how no one can access that library except the Pope. The Vatican Library is not the end all and be all of ancient human knowledge. In recent years, there has been an effort and push to catalogue and assess the holdings of Mount Athos, Greece. Mount Athos, in case you did not know is probably the holiest site in Orthodoxy and the Orthodox Church is far older that the Catholic one. The monasteries there have survived, uninterrupted, nearly for 1500 years and even survived the Nazi Occupation of Greece during WWII when the Patriarch outwitted Hitler. Mount Athos is also still regularly producing saints and seers in modern times like Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain.
Modern day saint - Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

Modern day saint – Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

Like I mentioned earlier, the older centers of learning were Baghdad, Damascus, Timbuktu, Alexandria, Tehran, Mount Athos and Yerevan.
Baghdad–> Iraq (museums were looted, libraries destroyed, ancient manuscripts gone)
Damascus–> Syria (in the throes of civil war)
Alexandria–> Egypt (still in transition)
Tehran–> Iran (ear-marked for war eventually)
Mount Athos–> Greece (in economic disarray)
Yerevan–>Armenia (your guess is as good as mine)
Almost daily demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures being imposed on the Greeks.

Almost daily demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures being imposed on the Greeks.

Iraq, Syria, Mali, Egypt, Iran, Greece…does anyone here see a pattern?
There is hope against this imperialistic attitude, historical revisionism and all-out bullshit. People are waking up and questioning things, slowly but surely but more needs to be done.
Watch what happens here when he showed up in New York City, in Times Square and tried to incite a crowd…
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The Tide has Turned

It looks like the mainstream media have finally decided to pay attention to conspiracy theory wackos. I’ve already written about the Jimmy Savile scandal which is continuing to rock the UK, down to the very roots of The Establishment, and like some kind of mutant octopus, the tentacles seem to be reaching wider and wider and involving more and more politicians, past and present. I’ve also written about how researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Chris Everard have been saying for years how widespread child sexual abuse is among the upper echelons of society but they were always dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Turning of the Tide

Now it looks like the public are waking up and have decided to give the middle finger to the mainstream media outlets. Since last week’s Wembley event, traffic has substantially increased to websites like Icke’s, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Drudge Report and Coast to Coast. The mainstream media are finally paying attention to the fact that the general public aren’t paying attention to them anymore (read: less circulation, less $) but are listening to the likes of Icke et al. The UK’s “Express” and the Huffington Post recently ran articles citing Icke in non-negative, less dismissive even half-civil terms.

Clips of the Wembley event are now showing up on YouTube if anyone is interested to watch. I watched the entire event and while most of the information wasn’t anything new, there was more information regarding theories around the Earth’s second sun, which Gnostic and the ancient Egyptians maintained we had (Icke calls it the Saturn matrix) and the cataclysms which affected mankind afterwards, like the separation of twin souls and the loss of our psychic and spiritual powers. One thing I did detect very strongly during the Wembley event was Icke’s exasperation and frustration for more people to wake up. Personally, I get it. It’s about the transference of power and control from a privileged few into the hands of all and that when the power balance shifts, *that’s* the exact moment that something truly transformational can take place.

Chris Hedges has pointed out in several of his interviews that when he was covering the fall of the Communist block countries in the late 1980’s, it was once the police and security apparatus of the state like the STASI of East Germany, switched sides and sided with the people that a communist dictator like Erich Honecker could only stay in power for a mere week before he was booted out. The same thing happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania. I’m going to go further than that; I think that once the security and intelligence apparatus, the media, and the judicial system switch sides to side with the citizenry en masse, then it becomes a tsunami which cannot be held back.

Professor Noam Chomsky rightly pointed out that the civil rights movement was not just Martin Luther King Jr. but rather men and women whose names we will never know who were constantly working all the time who helped to bring about the civil right movement. Likewise, for all conspiracy theory sympathizers, UFO enthusiasts, neighborhood eccentrics, quirky alones, New Agers, anarchists, yogis, spiritualists, nonconformists, free-thinkers, vegans, teetotalers, ayahuasca users, post-modern hippies, dreamers, inventors, astrologers, numerologists, Sufis, Gnostic, alchemists, Reiki healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, shamans and shamans in training, DON’T STOP, not even for a second. Keep pushing.

It’s showtime.

In a recent interview, Icke said that he will be decreasing his travels and public lectures outside the UK substantially from now on (at 21:20- 24:00). I can’t say I blame him, he’s now 60 years old and he’s paid his dues, he’s earned his right to stay at home and enjoy his family and the fruits of his labors. To David himself, I’d say this: don’t get flustered about all people not waking up. We’re at that point now that people have to make their choices and that window will not stay open for long, they either will want to get with the program or they don’t, they’re either ready for it or they’re not, they can continue living under this false peace and false illusion or decide to break out of it. Those who are ready will show themselves up.

These sorts of openings never last for very long. (“Window to Another World” by Hayley Knowles)

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