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Twin Souls Part Deux – The Dark Cupid Love Bite

“Have you ever had a love connection with someone so strong, you believed they could be your soul mate or even a twin flame? Did this person who you thought to be “the One”, arrive with a magical sense of reality, powerful psychic connections, super sexual chemistry, déjà vus, omens and even supernatural overtones? Perhaps you feel mystically connected on a deeper soul level, and yet there seems to be dangerousness about it. The passion may be unstoppable if you cross that line…. Longing and passion builds as telltale signs appear that he or she must be “the One”…The meeting could be accidental, in an unusual place or situation for you… There is a sense of familiarity, as if you already know this strange new person, perhaps from another place or time. Yet, you can’t seem to place it…You now feel that the dream was some sort of divine precognitive foreshadowing. Your dream lover has come to life….Did you just meet The One? Your soul mate?…From deep inside, however, you feel a subtle hint of push-pull resistance. Your inner voice tries to check in with you, but you squash it like a bug. Your logical mind may question all this, but the lonely part of you can’t stop wanting excitement, a rescue from that hopeless feeling that you’ll never have true love and will always settle for less. You want to experience passion and love that you’ve never really known before. You fight both sides of yourself as if you’ve been split into two people. Confusion sets in, and you just can’t stop thinking about that person.”

“Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love”, by Eve Lorgen

Whenever I look at my stats for this blog on the admin page, I always notice my Twin Souls blog post as well as Twin Souls on Film are usually the most frequented ones. It has been that way for a few years now so there isn’t a doubt in my mind that there are many, many people out there who are hungry for information about this topic and are no doubt still searching, hoping, wishing for their other half.

I wrote those posts a few years ago and while I do think the twin soul phenomena is real, I just don’t think they are as common as many of us would like it to be. Instead of one in a million, I think one in a billion is probably more accurate in terms of probability of it actually happening. There are tonnes of books about the topic now, countless YouTube videos, websites and personal blogs.

What I find funny about some of the personal blogs about the authors writing about meeting their twins is how the first few years everything is love and rainbows, and then the doubt starts to creep in and then somehow or other they break up, and then suddenly the blog is gone. Oh well. It reminds me of that sleazy New Age writer Richard Bach, (he of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame in the 1970s) and those books he wrote about his twin soul relationship with actress Leslie Parrish called “The Bridge Across Forever” and “One”. They have since divorced and he’s married to wifey number 3 now.

After reading Eve Lorgen’s article on the love bite and watched subsequent videos and reflecting on some personal experience of myself and friends, I am of the opinion now that most traumatic, unhealthy, obsessive relationships which may people convince themselves are twin soul relationships, are in fact Dark Cupid Love Bites.

Your Twin Soul or Twin Flame is probably a Narcissist.

Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid

Lorgen goes further and says that these relationships are usually due to a third-party paranormal interference, like alien, ET, reptilian or demonic influence/interference. I wouldn’t go that far. However, the idea of a False Twin who is there to trip you up, lead you down a false path, distract you from your spiritual life and progress, to interfere with your life path especially if there is a chance that you could actually accomplish something very important and needed, that causes you nothing but emotional and spiritual pain, that I can buy.

The more you read about false twin soul/ Dark Cupid love Bite  encounters and testimonials, a few major themes pop up.

1) *Something* is preventing “Happily ever after”.
Either one partner is married, or both are to other people and for whatever reason, they just cannot seem to come together. The signs are all there, the strange, otherworldly coincidences, the vivid dreams, the uncanny ability to understand each other on a level no one else can even come close to. In theory, you should be together…but its not happening. And it does nothing but cause untold amounts of grief, sadness and frustration. A word of advice here (especially for women): Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Sacrificing your happiness and psycho-emotional well-being for love is a myth and an unhealthy one at that. (In fact, I’m starting to think the whole myth of romance and fairy tale weddings is a highly sophisticated con being pulled by the government to ensure that citizens keep procreating so that the government has a continued tax base. I think love can be real but I think romance is a construct marketers and film directors made up. Love and romance are NOT the same thing.)

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

2) Once the binders come off about the false twin, the blinders will come off on everything else.
Once you see the false twin as a false twin, intruder, interrupter, interloper for what they are, all those unanswered questions, nagging doubts you had about the person in the back of your mind will suddenly make sense. You begin to notice that the intensity is really a probable by-product of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or gaslighting or some other form of manipulation or abuse. You’ll also begin to notice who are the other phoneys taking up space in your life and it becomes that much easier to cut the cord. For some strange reason, the false twin seems to be the first domino.

Lorgen lists a whole bunch of other Red Flags, which I think are worth noting:

– Dreams of the partner before meeting them, suggesting something precognitive.
– Physical sensations in the solar plexus, genital, gut or other body areas, such as neck, heart, and between the shoulders.

Love shouldn't feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

Love shouldn’t feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

– Astral sex visitations and/or telesthesia — sensing the energy body in a sexual way and very physically, as if another being were present but invisible.
– Strong psychic connection, even though you may not really love your partner.
– Powerful sexual passion and obsessive need to have sex, even in cases in which you don’t love the partner or they don’t love you and/or are abusive.
– Psychic responses and coincidences from either partner, like receiving a phone call or email from your partner the moment you think about cutting off the connection.
– A sense of emotional or physical draining.
– One partner becoming suddenly switched off emotionally or “psychically unplugged.”
– Feelings of being watched, or being played like puppets in some drama-myth.
– Paranormal activity, third-party “entity” visits or attacks, sudden dreams, visions and thoughts as if implanted.
– Obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner
– Synchronicities, omens, and a feeling of being in a magical reality.

If you feel like your "love" is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY.

If you feel like your “love” is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY. This VOGUE cover with supermodel Stephanie Seymour was pulled when there was an outcry from women’s groups about glorifying “violent love”.

If you didn’t know any better, this list would make you think that these are definitely the signs of a twin but this is where your own sense of discernment and emotional intelligence is going to come into play. Are you crying more than laughing? Are you more often sad and bewildered than happy and content? Do you feel good, empowered and healthy after dealing with this person or do you feel drained, tired and confused? Do you feel like you’re allowed to be who you are or do you feel slight manipulations are at play?

I’ll be the first one to admit that it can take you forever sometimes to figure out what the hell is really going on…but once you do, you see the trap for what it is and you’ll most likely never fall in again.

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The poet, the visionary and the conspiracy theorist

The Sleeping Giant, Thunderbay, Ontario

The Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay, Ontario

This is such awesome news that it’s yet another small but definitive sign that the sleeping giant is starting to wake up…

Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Pulitzer-Prize winning author, poet and activist Alice Walker has come out in support of the works of David Icke.
It happened while she was on the air on BBC radio where she was asked which book she would take with her if stranded on an island. She cited Icke’s “Human Race, Get Off your Knees” …and of course the mainstream media have started going apeshit over this. Big surprise. You can listen to the interview here, she mentions Icke at 42:40
Ickey - One of the few real badasses in the world who truly doesn't give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of him.

Ickey – One of the few real badasses in the world who truly doesn’t give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of him.

This is a bit of a big deal and let me explain why.
Walker’s book “The Color Purple” which was directed by no less than the king of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg and won Whoopi Goldberg an Oscar, put Walker on the mainstream radar screen. However, for decades prior to the film and book, Walker had been (and continues to be) a vocal civil rights activist.
One of her professors back at Spellman College, was anarchist historian Howard Zinn and it was precisely because of Zinn’s advice Walker returned to the South to become more involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. She met Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. She met Malcolm X (in fact in a post on her website she compared Icke to Malcolm X and mused what a fascinating meeting it would be if the two had ever met. That would have been indeed awesome.)
For someone *that* prominent and with that kind of a public profile to come out in support of a researcher who is as maligned and marginalised as Icke, is indeed noteworthy and a sign of the changing times. I mean let’s face it, David has turned out to be correct on the whole English-establishment paedophile scandal which he had been talking about for over 20 years and now because of the Jimmy Savile situation, has rocked the British Establishment to its core and continues to do so. He was dismissed a loon but the whole Savile-gate thing has forced people to examine his work with  a new perspective.
Jimmy Savile = Freakin' pervert extraordinaire

Jimmy Savile = Freakin’ pervert extraordinaire

 People love to diss Icke all the time. They jump on him about “that reptilian thing” or the fact that they think he’s anti-semitic, without ever taking the time out to either read his books of watch his videos in full.
The “anti-Semitism” is actually about a very particular group of Zionists, which Icke calls the Rothschilds Zionists and has nothing to do with normal Jews at all. In fact, Icke posits that most Jews are getting shafted as well by these power-hungry ruthless types. “That reptilian thing” pre-dates Icke by thousands of years, he’s just the first one to bring it into mainstream attention. I’ve posted that the essence of demons in Christian cosmology is indeed reptilian but now I’ve discovered another interesting tidbit.
In the case of an asshole like dick Cheney, I can believe it...

In the case of an asshole like Dick Cheney, I can believe it…

The mystical English poet and engraver William Blake was an influential visionary. Considered one of the best poets in the English language (a 2002 BBC poll placed him at number 38 for the Top 100 Britons of All Time), Blake was an early champion of feminism (being friends with the likes of Mary Wollstonecraft) an anti-monarchist (he fully supported the French and American revolutions), to just call Blake a poet does no justice to the body of his work. He had inspired generations after him  including the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison.
William Blake

William Blake

What caught my attention was the fact that he had the “second sight” and saw the unseen from a very early age.
From Wikipedia:

From a young age, William Blake claimed to have seen visions. The first may have occurred as early as the age of four when, according to one anecdote, the young artist “saw God” when God “put his head to the window”, causing Blake to break into screaming. At the age of eight or ten in Peckham Rye, London, Blake claimed to have seen “a tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars.” According to Blake’s Victorian biographer Gilchrist, he returned home and reported the vision and only escaped being thrashed by his father for telling a lie through the intervention of his mother. Though all evidence suggests that his parents were largely supportive, his mother seems to have been especially so, and several of Blake’s early drawings and poems decorated the walls of her chamber. On another occasion, Blake watched haymakers at work, and thought he saw angelic figures walking among them.

Blake claimed to experience visions throughout his life. They were often associated with beautiful religious themes and imagery, and may have inspired him further with spiritual works and pursuits. Certainly, religious concepts and imagery figure centrally in Blake’s works. God and Christianity constituted the intellectual centre of his writings, from which he drew inspiration. Blake believed he was personally instructed and encouraged by Archangels to create his artistic works, which he claimed were actively read and enjoyed by the same Archangels

Anyone with even a basic understanding of symbolism can take one look at his work and see that Blake was, in all likelihood, inspired from something beyond this earth…

"The Ancient of Days"

“The Ancient of Days”

"The Whirlwind of Lovers"

“The Whirlwind of Lovers”

william blake illustrations

Illustration to Dante’s Divine Comedy

william blake

“Sata Amor Adao Eva”

This is the painting which, I think, gives Icke’s ideas some further credence…

Does THIS look like a ghost to you????

Does THIS look like a ghost to you????

It’s Blake’s “Ghost of a Flea”.

Again from Wikipedia:

in 1790, “Blake, for the only time in his life, saw a ghost… Standing one evening at his garden-door in Lambeth, and chancing to look up, he saw a horrible grim figure, ‘scaly, speckled, very awful,’ stalking downstairs towards him. More frightened than ever before or after, he took to his heels, and ran out of the house.”…Blake often said that he was joined by invisible sitters as he drew them, including, he claimed, a number of angels, VoltaireMoses and the Flea, who told him that “fleas were inhabited by the souls of such men as were by nature blood thirsty to excess.”…Fleas are often associated with uncleanliness and degradation; in this work, the artist sought to magnify a flea into “a monstrous creature whose bloodthirsty instinct was imprinted on every detail of its appearance, with ‘burning eyes which long for moisture’, and a ‘face worthy of a murderer’.”…The muscular and nude Flea is depicted using its jutting tongue to gorge on a bowl of blood. Part human, part vampire and part reptile, the beast strides from right to left between heavy and richly patterned curtains. In his left hand he holds an acorn and in his right a thorn, both items drawn from the tradition of fairy iconography.His massive neck is similar to that of a bull, and holds a disproportionately small head, .marked by glaring eyes and open jaws, and a venomous slithering tongue

I’ll leave it to you guys to do the math…

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On the Nature of Angels…and demons

Remember that post I had written about when I interviewed a real exorcist?

I paid Father Henry (not his real name) a visit last week since he wanted to lend me some books and that gave me a chance to discuss some more fun woo-woo stuff with him. We discussed some of the cases he’s been involved in and his training as an exorcist in Rome. That eventually led to a deeper discussion of the nature of angels and demons, how they operate, what you need to look out for and how to discern the origins of our feelings and motivations.
FH: Father Henry
EER: Earth Energy Reader
EER: Father Henry, from what you last told me and based on what I’ve read elsewhere, my understanding is that demons have one raison d’etre and only one, to basically destroy mankind?
FH: Correct.
EER: How can they do that?
FH: You have to remember, according to our beliefs, angels and demons predate the creation of this Earth and the creation of Man, they have been around from practically the beginning of time, bearing in mind that God is beyond time and space. They can know us through our actions and our speech. They can make very good guesses as to what we will do in any given situation based on how we have acted in similar circumstances in the past.
EER: Can they read our minds?
FH: No. In fact one thing neither the angels nor demons can do, is see into our hearts. That is the one place they can never look into.
EER: Really? That’s very interesting, why is that?
FH: Because that’s where Life truly resides and Life comes from God, they simply are not allowed. That’s why we stress the importance of prayer and meditation. It’s an act of connecting your heart to the divine. If you can pray out loud, even better.
Angels cannot see into nor read your heart.

Angels cannot see into nor read your heart.

EER: Given that demons want nothing less than mankind to destroy each other, does this, to some degree explain wars, feelings of vengeance, blood feuds between families and nations? What about people who try to destroy themselves, like in instances of suicide? 
Blood feuds like those between the Capulets and the Montagues, from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" are definitely not cool. (from  Valentin Melik)

Blood feuds like those between the Capulets and the Montagues, from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” are definitely not cool. (from Valentin Melik)

FH: Yes absolutely. Feelings of anger, loneliness, sadness are normal. We all have them, we all experience them. It’s perfectly expected. What raises dangerous flags for us is when those feelings suddenly become disproportionate to the incident which caused them in the first place. Say for example a man and woman are deeply in love and become a serious couple. One day the woman runs off with another man for whatever reason. It would be understandable if the rejected man experiences feelings of anger, rejection, humiliation and some depression. He’s human. However if those feelings change into feelings of blood-thirsty revenge and these thoughts of harming this woman and other fellow start becoming an obsession for him, they start to consume him, that is most likely demonic in origin. Heaven forbid, he acts out on them. Or say he never learns to forgive this woman and carries a grudge against her for the rest of her life. That anger is deeply embedded in him now and he’s not willing to deal with it. It’s like receiving a deep cut, you have to disinfect the wound, clean it and then properly bind it to allow it to heal. If you don’t clean it out, it festers, become infected. maybe gangrene settles in eventually and the hand or foot needs to be amputated. If he doesn’t do something about that anger, it will infect his physical being eventually. Maybe he develops heart disease or an ulcer later on which does eventually kill him.
EER: What about depression? I mean when I worked as a counselor I dealt with many people who were deeply depressed and even had to work in some capacity with suicide prevention for some of these cases.
Feeling depressed from time to time is normal....

Feeling depressed from time to time is normal….

FH: Mental illness is more complex. Of course now we understand that many mental illnesses are medically based. Not enough happy hormones in the brain, hormonal imbalances or deficiencies which then cause behavioral problems. It’s always a question of the degree to which a person acts. Most people get the blues now and then, that’s fine. With medication, counseling and the support of loved ones, they can usually pull through. However, say someone loses their job, they lose their home, they become severely depressed, they begin to lose all hope, they then begin to see life as meaningless, then thoughts of suicide start to creep in, then they go even further and start looking into ways of committing suicide. In that case, there is something demonic definitely going on. Always remember that demons are against life. Anything that takes you further away from life is usually demonic while anything that brings you closer to it is divine and benevolent.
Suicide isn't

Suicide isn’t

EER: You had said that angels and demons can never know what is in our hearts. What happens if I decide to pray out loud and ask an angel to guide me? How do I know a demon isn’t listening in on it?
FH: (Starts to laugh) Well, the thing with prayer, like I said, is that it supposed to bring you in closer communion with the divine. Demons hate the divine, they can’t stand it. So say for example, you have a very important exam to do that day. You have studied hard and have prepared well. Before you leave the house, you say a prayer out loud and ask for the grace of the angels to help you on this important day. That’s it, you can’t ask them to help you pass the exam if you didn’t study, you can only ask them to be present with you and be grateful if they do help you out (i.e you suddenly remember an example the teacher used in class which was not in the textbook and that helps you answer a difficult question correctly). If however, you prayed that morning and suddenly your best friend tells you he has the answer key right before the exam and asks if you want a copy, that would definitely not be divine in origin.
EER: I know the Catholic Church places an important emphasis on the saints. Are there specific saints who are known to be especially powerful against demons and evil influences?
FH: St. Benedict, St. Anthony, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, the usual “big-time” saints.
EER: I’ve heard that St. Joseph, Jesus’s foster dad, is as well. 
FH: I’m not sure about Joseph however over at St. Joseph’s Oratory, there is a panel there depicting him as a banisher of demons. There are probably instances where he was called up during exorcisms and was effective and that’s how the reputation started. It’s usually how things start up within the Church.
Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph’s Oratory

EER: I came across this passage from a Bulgarian Christian Gnostic mystic, named Mikhael Aivanhov.  I know it’s from a tradition which the Catholic Church disagrees with but I’d be interested to hear what you think of this. (Pull out the book and show it to FH, which he then reads to himself).
“Have you thought about the importance of opening and closing doors? Do you know when to open a door and when to close it? You do know in normal life, of course; all day long you go in and out of doors and let others in or out when they come to visit you.But the doors I am referring to are the ones within you. Those are the ones we have to learn to open and close: to open when we want to reach heavenly realms or allow angels to come into us, and to close so as not to let the dark spirits in, to keep our spiritual riches safe. There are doors of all kinds within us. In our physical body alone we have twelve – two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, two breasts, a navel, and further down two other doors. These doors all connect us with the physical world around us, but what is not known is that they have another function – they bring us in touch with the psychic world and the spiritual world. So that is a vast area of study – when and how to open or close those doors.”
FH: This is very, very wise and true on a psychic level though I would hesitate to encourage anyone to experiment by themselves on how to find out the effects of opening and closing these “doors” (laughing)! But yes, what he is saying is that there are mysteries around the human body itself which are far from being understood. That’s why we Catholics just go around blessing everything. Medicine and the sciences only deal with the physical influences. Openings are just that, openings. It falls on us to remain vigilant at all times to safeguard them on all levels.
EER: Thank you Father Henry, it’s been a very enlightening talk.
FH: You are most welcome.
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