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I had to re-post this from Stuart Wilde’s website, it’s so bat-shit crazy awesome that this video deserves wider circulation:

Mystery Light Lifts Truck off Highway

by Stuart Wilde

This vid is very cool (2.09 mins). A truck gets hit by a light and it levitates over the road and lands half way onto the other side. Its cargo dematerialized. Very cool. A few weeks ago I saw a vision of a vacuum cleaner hovering in mid air, I had no idea what it meant. Then a few days ago I saw a vision of a futuristic looking scooter suddenly come off the ground and hover at about eight feet up. I’m not sure if these visions are linked to the truck incident or not.

We have spontaneous combustion, sinkholes, and now spontaneous levitation. There is a new force here in the world, and as I’ve said before it has technology that no one has seen before. I have seen it described in visions, but it is hard to comprehend as it’s so far past what we know.

– Stuart Wilde

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