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A Turn on The Path

When I wrote up last month’s post about the Whirled Rainbow Prophecy, I had no idea how that was going to be played out but lo and behold, same-sex marriage is now legally recognized across the United States and the Confederate flag has been pulled in several states. In one extraordinary week, diversity and inclusion got a huge win. A massive plus, in my books.



Unfortunately it never comes without a price. Eight black churches have been burned to the ground in the Southern US in the last two weeks and Confederate Flag apologists have been lamenting online how they feel they have been marginalized, how the bravery of Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War will now be forgotten. (Bullshit. If you want to feel what it’s like to be marginalized, imagine what it must have felt like to have a lynch mob hot on your heels to hang you up on a tree afterwards and no one there to help you and for no other reason than the color of your skin.) Opponents of same-sex marriage now think we’re all on some dangerous slippery slope towards a society which practices wide-spread polygamy. As if.
You're kidding me, right? You're going to tell me lots of women out there want to be a part of this???

You’re kidding me, right? You’re going to tell me lots of women out there want to be a part of this??? Who wants to clean up all these diapers?

There seems to be a very interesting form of energy afoot now. I’m seeing it mostly in the States, but it is spilling over in other places as well.
First of all, I find it very amusing that the bigots are showing themselves up in the most spectacular way possible. King of the Douchebags, gazillionaire Donald Trump decided to throw his hat in for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. He then went on to insult the entire population of Mexico by calling Mexicans rapists and drug pushers and how he’s going to close the border and come down hard on illegal immigrants. The problem is that Hispanics and Latinos make up a huge part of the voting base in the US and are the largest minority group by far. But that’s OK. Mexico is solving the problem by making Donald Trump-inspired pinatas. Much more fun and effective than voodoo dolls if you ask me.
Where can I get a  stick and join in the fun?

Where can I get a stick and join in the fun?

My favorite socialist in the US, the former mayor of Burlington, Bernie Sanders of Vermont is also running for President and is drawing rock-star crowds everywhere he goes.
If he gets in, it will be a miracle. But if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, I just hope he doesn’t just tell his voters to vote for Hillary because she’s just more of the same-old, same-old and by that I mean another mouthpiece for the interests of Wall Street.  She’s already said she’s going to bomb Iran if she gets in. I mean really? Who wants George W. Bush Part II ?
What Sander’s campaign is showing up is that many, many people seem to have woken up from the myth of the American Dream, saw the nightmare it became with shrinking pay checks, fewer jobs, a widening gap of income inequality and want to take their country back from the billionaires, industrialists and hedge-fund managers. And I say all the power to them if they can pull it off effectively and do what they say they will do.
July 1st is Canada Day and July 4th is Independence Day in the US. A lot of my friends and I decided not to celebrate Canada Day given what Canada Day really means, the conquest, genocide and flat-out robbery of a landmass from First Nation’s peoples in the name of the British and French Crowns which they are still unfortunately paying for. It’s not very difficult not to celebrate it especially in Quebec, since most separatist Québécois could care less about Canada Day or the British Crown and just use it as a moving day instead.
A common scene on the streets of Montreal every July 1st.

A common scene on the streets of Montreal every July 1st.

Not that it is any better in the United States.
Read the Declaration of Independence carefully and you’ll see what a bigoted document it really is, how Eurocentric the wording is and how they call First Nation’s people as outright “savages”.  Sorry, but that’s not kosher in my book. On a spiritual level, when you have that kind of wording in such a primary document in the setting up of your nation or state or company or whatever, whether it is the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or whatever, you’re basically weaving that energy of racism and bigotry into the consciousness of this new entity from the get-go…and all these centuries later it is still there. But people are slowly but surely questioning things. That’s at least hopeful.
Good for you Greece - I'm going to enjoy watching the domino effect out of this.

Good for you Greece – I’m going to enjoy watching the domino effect out of this.

The Greeks have told the German and IMF banksters to fuck off by voting “NO” against austerity measures. I don’t think things are going to get easier for Greece anytime soon but I do think voting NO and deciding the road they want to choose for themselves is a step in the right direction. Self-determination is always empowering. Who cares if banksters are getting the jitters and the value of the Euro goes down? The European Union was a bad idea in the first place. Bigger isn’t always better and bloated bureaucracies full of technocrats telling other people how to lead their lives will always be a recipe for disaster. It happened in Rome, in happened to the Ottomans, it happened to the British and it will continue to happen until people learn to wise up and learn to mind their own business instead of financially coercing them.
What I find hilarious is how right-wing American Republicans and conservatives and climate change deniers are going apeshit over this Pope and what he says. I don’t want to go too deeply into the theology but their interpretation of the Bible is that Man is at the top of the pyramid and we’re meant to rape and pillage this Earth as much as we want to.
According to them, Jesus basically wants you to live in a McMansion in Texas, have five SUVs in your driveway, buy $15 000 purses for your wife and feed your kids as much Taco Bell as possible. The Pope has called for another interpretation, where Man is a custodian and guardian of Creation and by failing to protect Creation, we fail ourselves.  In many ways, what he and the Catholic Church are FINALLY saying is in line with what Aboriginal and Native teachings have said all along: We are a part of that Web of Life, destroy or hurt one part of that web, and it will eventually hurt us too.
And you're going to tell me that humankind and their activities ISN'T having an affect on life on this the planet. Go to hell.

And you’re going to tell me that humankind and their activities ISN’T having an adverse effect on life on this the planet. Go to hell.

The one theme I see emerging from all these examples is that there IS a change of consciousness happening. It’s right there under your noses in the mainstream, if you want to see it. It’s not some little story you can pick up from obscure conspiracy theory websites. The interesting thing is that once the genii is out of the bottle, it ain’t going back in. Like after seeing a picture, you can’t “unsee” it anymore. When masses and masses of people start talking and thinking about certain ideas or make a move towards a common ideal at the same time, like Muslims raising money to help rebuild the burned down African-American churches in the South for Ramadan or that fellow in Great Britain who decided to start an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign to help out Greece. People reaching out to others, past bureaucracies, past technocrats, past banksters, politicians and CEOs and for no other reason than to help others who might be in a bind and because it adds to the common good … well, it reminds me of that quote by French novelist Victor Hugo, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Things are far from perfect but I think, we may finally be on our way towards a slightly more empathetic civilization and one based on the ideas of global citizenship, not a local or national one. It’s about time, if you ask me.
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When Actions Become a Roar


I think everyone has a baseline of energy, from which other facets of their personality then extend from. Some people are just like Charlie Brown, wishy-washy, boring and listless as hell. Some people are naturally just very gentle and sweet. Others are full of pep and constantly on the go and mind-numbingly energetic all the time. Some are very manipulative and sneaky, everything and everyone is a game to be played according to them. The list of types is endless and as varied as humanity itself.

I know my baseline is anger. Incidents which might cause most people to run for the hills in fear instead has a way of enraging me. Things which most people often are willing to just shrug off and forget infuriates me instead. I know myself well enough at this point that it is the perceived lack of justice which is my trigger and instead, need to constantly remind myself like the great Jim Marrs once said, the truth is inevitable. If you really sit down and think about that statement, it’s a very, very profound one and speaks to how strong and powerful a weapon the truth really is.
I bring up this topic of anger and truth because they are intimately tied in with forgiveness. Like every other human being, it’s something I struggle with. When I read about Tibetan monks who were tortured for years by the Chinese for example, and how they would deliberately go into deep meditation in the midst of that torture and walk away from those situations with nary a sign of anger, I for one am completely humbled because it reminds me how far many of us have to go before we can even approach that level of spiritual and emotional maturity.
The Venerable Palden Gyatso. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a real badass.

The Venerable Palden Gyatso. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a real badass.

I’m nowhere near those monks but I also know there are way too many people in this world in positions of influence and power who have an ever further journey than I do before they get it.
In an age of constant spin, public relations, easy imaging, quick media, branding of all human life, it’s all too easy to fall for the image and show and overlook the actions and behaviors or render them completely invisible.  What’s that line in the Bible about knowing a man by his deeds?
Pope Francis, before he was Pope, on public transport.

When he was still a lowly priest…

In contrast when I look at someone like Pope Francis these days, it would seem every time I turn around, he just goes out there and does something jaw-droppingly awesome. Practically every day now, my FaceBook feed has some story or other of him going out of his way and doing something which would have been unthinkable even a few months ago. I know the conspiracy research community are extremely suspicious of anything related to the Catholic Church (which given the centuries of baggage the Church carries, can be justified) and the fact that Pope Francis is a Jesuit, however I think a huge distinction needs to be made between the institution and the individual here. You’re not going to be able to change a 2000 year old institution overnight. It happens in steps and usually involves picking your own battles and then creating an institutional culture, incrementally, where more change can then continue to take place long after you’re gone.
Pope Francis, sitting in the back row at a mass for janitors and gardeners

Pope Francis, sitting in the back row at a mass for janitors and gardeners

Today, a Canadian sculptor presented a statue of a “Homeless Jesus” to Pope Francis. The statue is of a shrouded and covered Jesus as a homeless man lying down on a bench, the only thing showing are his bruises on his feet from the cross. The statue was rejected by cathedrals in New York City, in Toronto and somehow or other found its way to Rome where Pope Francis blessed it and will shortly be mounted somewhere in Rome. I think it’s very telling of the direction which Pope Francis is trying to take the Church. In recent months, he come out directly and has bitterly condemned capitalism with indirect jabs against CEOs, bankers and other financial manager asshole types. He condemned a bishop known for his love of luxury and turned the multi-million dollar mansion into a soup kitchen. He’s also been known to call up regular Joe-like people directly and offer help. He offered to baptize a child of a woman who has recently been abandoned by her lover, a married man. Pope Francis told her if no other church is willing to baptize her child, he would do it. The man, in short is displaying EMPATHY and it’s been a long, long time, too long, since any prime minister, president, king, queen or any other type of leader has displayed such a quality and I say all the better.
"Jesus the Homeless" by Timothy Schmaltz

“Jesus the Homeless” by Timothy Schmaltz

People often forget that the origins of the Church were really based on ideas around social justice. Jesus, in my mind, was this really open-minded, poor carpenter in Palestine who basically tried to bring hope and dignity  to the poor, prostitutes, lepers and other marginalized types and couldn’t stand the rich priests in the temples. That’s why he was killed because his ideas were a threat to the Powers That Be in his day. To me, that’s all there is to it. I don’t fall the rest of the story which the Church created. In light of that, here’s a picture of Francis with a horribly disfigured man which speaks volumes.
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