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This Baby needs to go out with the Bathwater… like yesterday

Have any of you ever heard of the clichéd saying: “Treat them mean, keep them keen?
3168409I only came across this very recently and I don’t know about you but this is the equivalent of an ideology for a bona-fide disaster and unfortunately I see way too many people falling for it, both guys and gals, of all orientations. Why? Because for whatever reason, it speaks to the part of some people’s psyche where they need constant approval from the person they’re interested in.
I’m sure you’ve all seen it:
1) The impossibly beautiful girl who can stop traffic with the bat of an eyelash walks around being mean and haughty and expects Prince Charming to crash his Porsche for her sake as a token of how much he likes her…and even then she’s still not happy.
Hint: A person who is that mean and cruel will never be happy, no matter what you do for them.
Caroline Mumford, the most popular girl in school, in John Hughes 1980's classic teen flick,

Caroline Mulford, the most popular girl in school, in John Hughes 1980’s classic teen flick, “Sixteen Candles”

2) The insanely sexy love hound who has every girl in a 10 km radius at his beck and call who treats women like garbage but the girls lap it up to and somehow determine that with “the love of a good woman” (i.e Hers) she’ll somehow catch him, reform him and show off her Alpha Male to all the women everywhere. Hint: People who are used to being disrespectful, usually have a hard time changing their ways.
Notorious love hound John Mayer

Notorious love hound John Mayer

I wish someone would explain this to me, but is this sort of dating behavior and courtship “normal” and more socially acceptable in some circles than others? (I apologize in advance because I’ll be using a ton of generalizations and stereotypes here and no offense is intended anywhere.) I’m desperately searching for the article I read it in but I once read a line where insulting each other is a must when it comes to dating on American college campuses and between professionals in East Coast cities in order to “catch” (or trap)  the person you want.
Ummm...doesn't work, dude.

Ummm…doesn’t work, dude.

I know I’m generalizing and maybe I’m a clumsy bear in this regard but my experience with people who try to pull this with me backfires in the worst possible way. Perhaps being an off-the-scale  INTJ-female has something to do with it (we’re rare :)) but when I even detect games of this sort, I naturally bolt. I recall once I had a screechy female boss during a summer job who was a sadistic type, insulting and intimidating her employees to get anything done. When she tried it with me, I giggled. She nearly had a nervous break-down.
I couldn’t understand someone assigning themselves to soo much self-importance for such a small job.
Boss from hell from

Boss from hell from “Office Space”

I also recall meeting someone for tea who kept telling me he wasn’t interested in me, I just shrugged my shoulders, smiled, said “OK”, paid my bill and sauntered out. I figure if someone isn’t interested, then why should I be interested in them? He ran out after me and then had the nerve to ask if I was still going to talk to him anymore. Suffice to say, it was an instant turn-off.
I just don’t think real love or real respect has room for this kind of mental, emotional  and spiritual immaturity and it baffles me to no end that while everyone claims to be looking for real, true love yet at the same time, they then engage in this kind of behavior. If the right hand and left hand are going in two opposite directions, how the hell can you ever build anything?
Twisty hands works in Eagle pose in yoga

Twisty hands works in Eagle pose in yoga

Rhetorical question: Isn’t being spiritual, being kinder to one another, being more loving, all that stuff spiritualists, New Agers, conspiracy theorists and yogis usually go on about, isn’t it about being more truthful, more honest with yourself which then leads to a personal transformation and that would (in theory) then lead to a societal and planetary transformation if enough people do it?
See, a part of me is deeply pessimistic when I see that kind of emotional dishonesty running rampant in the world, that our economy, marriages, even friendships are predicated either on self-interest, economic gain, financial security etc. In short, fear.
Another part of me is deeply hopeful because I think the old ways of doing things have their days numbered. The machine is broken and the replacement parts have been discontinued. A new way of relating to one another and and new mindset is in the process of being created and birthed. It’s not completely out yet, but like some days in late winter, there are moments where you feel, even for a second, a foreshadow of spring which is on it’s way. Likewise, there are foreshadowed glimpses of this change in relation to one another.
Early signs of spring

Early signs of spring

An artist, who I always felt was a few steps ahead of everyone else, is David Bowie. He has a long history of being on the edge and figuring out trends and defining them before the mainstream even gets it.
Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, at his most androgynous

Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, at his most androgynous

Many astrologers have said that Aquarius is the sign of the Androgyn, that the Age of Aquarius will be marked by more androgyny, that there will be a further blurring of the sexes and traditional roles as we speed towards a more level playing field. Bowie’s latest video for “The Stars are Out Tonight” has him (looking fantastic for 66 incidentally) and uber-Androgyn Tilda Swinton playing with the idea of androgyny to the hilt (There’s even a  website which postulates that Bowie and Swinton are one and the same person!)
So going back to the idea of a new way of relating to one another. Seriously, you know what’s REALLY hot? I mean the kind of hotness that leaves you weak in your knees, the kind that has your mind wandering into serious X-rated territory when it shouldn’t be there, the kind that causes you to blush at the oddest moments?
Blush, blush

Blush, blush

Some of that old-fashioned stuff like integrity, loyalty, honesty, kindness and of course a rollicking sense of humor. Think of them along the lines of old-fashioned medicines like Witch Hazel, Cod Liver Oil or Castor Oil. Old fashioned, yes, but by golly, do they ever get the job done and done well 😉
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The Futility of Permanence

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away

-Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley

Visit any ancient monumental site, whether it’s in Egypt,

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egypt


Nemrut, Dag, Turkey

Nemrut, Dag, Turkey

Sri Lanka,

Reclining Buddha at Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Reclining Buddha at Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

or even ancient Greece,

The Kouros of Samos, Greece

The Kouros of Samos, Greece

and you’ll quickly realize many of these ancient kings, emperors and conquerors were megalomaniacs, building this statue or that temple, like in Shelley’s poem, trying to stake their tiny claim in the face of eternity.

Unfortunately, monuments, cities and buildings eventually fall into disrepair or ruin. Things like climate changes, wars and the march of time have a funny way of doing that. History is full of examples of civilizations or cities disappearing altogether, like in the case of the River Menderes silting up the plains and thus precipitating the ruin of the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, or an earthquake swallowing a city whole in the case of Antioch or even a city being abandoned completely because the Uzboy river dried up  like the ancient Khwarezm civilization  in Turkmenistan.

All that's left of an ancient Kwarezm city, Turkmenistan

All that’s left of an ancient Kwarezm city, Turkmenistan

I will on occasion usually watch cheesy awards shows like the Oscars. The fanfare, the pre-awards shows where plastic hosts ooh’s and aah’s over the actresses (usually) gaudy gowns while acting like the actor or actress’ bit of acting work has somehow achieved world peace or cured cancer, and now the post-ceremony parties.

Scarlett Johannson and Isaac Mitzrahi in a major faux-pas on the red carpet

Scarlett Johannson and Isaac Mitzrahi in a major faux-pas on the red carpet

It shows up the worst of vulgar celebrity culture. I don’t care about the winners anymore since in my mind, the Oscars lost their credibility a long time ago (if you’re a serious film fan and want to know the movies worth watching, keep a close eye on the winners at the Cannes, Telluride, Berlin and Venice film festivals as well as the NYC and London Critics Circle Awards). It’s a popularity contest for those playing the Hollywood game and for insiders to come out and prance about like peacocks. Many people who go into film, and especially into acting or directing, I think are also striving for eternal immortality, maybe not in marble statues anymore like the old Greek gods and Roman emperors but definitely on celluloid. What is today’s winner quickly becomes yesterday’s trivia. (Think fast: Which film won “Best Picture” in 1974? Do you know? Do you care? Has it changed anything?)

Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Mikhael Aivanhov had a wonderful quote on eternity and permanence (which I’m still looking for) which I read years ago, that even if you strive for permanence on the material plane, that eventually it will fall into ruin, whether it’s a political ideology, an invention or a monument. That often, very quickly after you die, even after all the hard work you put in trying to achieve something permanent or immortal, if you have an airport, hospital, an elementary school or park named after you, given enough time, these too will vanish and be forgotten. That the only thing that lasts are ideas and the spiritual work you accomplish out of that wisdom. That stays alive forever. One only has to look at the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the benevolent teachings of Buddha, Lao Tzu  and old JC, to see what impact their teachings and ideas have informed and transformed the world, in a good way, that even now, thousands of years later, their work and words  remains alive and vital. (In light of this, when I see an aging train wreck like Madonna doing her best to remain youthful and striving for immortality, it just comes across as sad…and tragic)


From Aivanhov:

“What about things such as illness, misery, ugliness? Are inferior things also limitless and capable of expanding all the way to Infinity? No, there is a limit to evil, proven in physics by the fact that heat rises from 0 degrees Celsius, to infinity, whereas cold cannot go lower than 273 degrees Celsius below. The frozen particles block each other and pile up; when movement stops, the limit has been reached. Heat does the contrary, it dilates and expands the body, stirs the particles into movement and pushes back the limits of space. Space is infinite, it cannot be limited. We believe ourselves limited because we have never tried to go beyond our own experience, we think we are limited in space but we are wrong: above there is no limit.That is what led me to the conclusion that evil is limited in both time and space. Cosmic Intelligence did not intend evil to endure. It did not endow it with lasting power as It did good: the power of good is unlimited. That is the difference between good and evil, the only real difference. People believe them to be equally strong but they are not. The forces of Evil are not equal to the forces of Good. Therefore, in electing to go toward the positive pole, you enter into the realm of unlimited time and space, Infinity and Eternity, Cosmic Intelligence Itself.”

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The Shift and the Shitstorm

From the awesome  Zen Gardner himself!

by Zen Gardner



This awakening of consciousness causing huge paradigm shifts personally and in all aspects of society has been taking place for some time now, and will continue to escalate, thankfully. We’re all learning to embrace and grow with it and let our previous notions continue to fade away. Even as the confusion mounts, our focus needs to be on this magnificent consciousness change and the new awakenings we’re experiencing.

Personal awakenings come through personal changes–changes in our understanding, circumstances, or personal perception that in turn affect our entire outlook on the world around us and hence our interaction with it. What’s happening now is precipitating awakenings on so many levels we can’t even imagine how pervasive they are!

The beauty of it is it can only lead to more truth and understanding, whatever the cost. And to much greater swaths of society than we’ve been able to reach ourselves.

That’s how Universe apparently works. And it’s wonderful!


This Forthcoming Crash and Fight Against Fear

The ultimate crash of their fake matrix, as manipulated as it is, is what will reach those whom we’re concerned about: the masses of disabled “sheeple”, “sleeple” or simply misdirected and misinformed people. If we really care for them, don’t fear what the Universe is allowing. Yes, point out the injustices, the flagrant inhumanity and the rest to help them clearly identify the enemy, but see it from the big picture.

But there’s never a reason to fear.

When you’re fully conscious there’s never a place for fear, even if it ripples through you on occasion. It exposes itself and you can choose to eschew it. Do. Consciously. Fear manifests in many ways…an inordinate sense of me vs. them hate and aggression and the like, or anything that clouds our understanding and gravitates us toward lower vibrational levels is a good clue.

All base vibes to avoid. Flaming righteous indignation?… good. Fear, personal hate and big, bad bummer defensive outlook?…bad. Steer clear.

Our mindset and conscious clarity need to be clearly in the right place. And on standby. For the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, and those we influence.

Here’s a perfectly apt explanation on the consciousness level, beautifully said:


All of these seeming “crisis” experiences are essential and will in turn make us search for answers and meaning more ardently than ever. People are shedding their religious, political and belief constructs and becoming much more conscious and spiritual. Hierarchical controls are disintegrating and losing their  powers. And thanks to the internet, empowering information is exchanged at an accelerating rate to facilitate this change.

The multi-dimensional wave of Truth is rising, as the world around us fails and crumbles. No matter how aggressive they appear, their plans cannot succeed.

They only precipitate the real change. And do it they must.

Don’t fear it–ride it! Be curious–be open–be conscious–communicate with others–and take positive action while disconnecting with the matrix.

We’re here for a reason. To be here. Fully and joyously.

And don’t take all this too seriously. It’s just a dream.

Enjoy yourself!

Love, Zen

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Why I don’t do New Age gatherings

An example.

An example.

I’m sure this has happened to some of you.
You read some popular new-age book, either on the recommendation of a friend of through sheer hype. You get interested, maybe even enthusiastic about some of the ideas in the book and want to learn more, know more, explore these ideas more deeply. You look online and find out there are such-and-such discussion or meditation groups in town. You decide to go. 
Another example.

Another example.

A week later you show up, the group is mostly women and usually older. Copies of “Oprah” magazine are stacked on a corner table. Lucky bamboo, Buddha statues, a poster of a maṇḍala and some gong hangs on a far wall. A 20-something pony-tailed fellow with a goatee sits in the corner.
or this....

usually in a place like this….

You sit on the floor forming a circle. Most people aren’t talking to each other or if they do, they’re usually talking about some yoga class they went to or the newest vegan resto in town. You decide to ignore all this and just want to get comfortable and wait for the discussion to start in earnest.
The moderator/organizer shows up. She usually looks very wealthy, normally middle-aged, with flaxen blonde hair cut into a shoulder-length bob and wearing huge dark, round-framed eye glasses. She looks like she might be a New York City editor of some publishing house or something. She drops her Prada purse on a chair. She wears loose-fitting clothes, you can’t tell if they are wearing pants or a skirt, but it’s very billowy and drapey. She wears lots of chunky ethnic jewelry. She has an unusual old-fashioned name like Constance or Harriet.
A reasonable facsimile...

A reasonable facsimile…

The discussion starts. You decide to stay quiet to first see where it goes and see if this is really something for you.
The moderator and 2 other people quickly start to monopolize the conversation while everyone else stays quiet. What started off as a general discussion quickly becomes a discussion about the issues of the 2 monopolizers and their life story or problems. This isn’t what you thought it was going to be, you want to leave ASAP. Before you leave, they want you to sign in and give your email address. You make one up and leave disappointed 
Now imagine going to regular meetings like this and before long, someone is spewing out New Age psycho-babble (seriously, if I hear about “Love and Light” or “Love and Laughter” once more time, someone is going to get my boot going up where the sun don’t shine…).


If you really sit down and analyse what they are saying, they are not really saying anything at all. In the case of ambitious New Agers, they often use NewAge-speak to either fool you or get something for nothing out of you. 
Here’s a quick guide to deciphering this annoying form of language. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The next time you encounter this kind of linguistic pabulum, do as you see fit, whatever that is. Call them out on it, take the piss out of them. If you feel like punching them, take responsibility for it if they press charges. (Just tell the judge it was a form of mental aggravation and harassment. That’s legit because it’s true.)
“Let it go, blow light and love to them”
Translation: “I don’t want to hear about it and I don’t really give a shit that someone has done you wrong. Go away now”
“Maybe it’s your karma”
Translation: “Better you than me. Later”
“My guides tell me that you need to go within”
Translation: “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or saying. You’re on your own. BTW, are you still gonna pay me $10 for the reading?”
“Love, light and laughter”
Translation: “I want to come across as nice and caring and spiritual, but I’m not so I’m just going to sign off with the most generic sign-off I can come up with and hope you won’t notice anything or question anything.”
“We can’t judge.”
Translation: “Yeah I know they did something wrong, but I don’t want to offend any potential clients so I’m not going to speak up or take a stand and try to come across as neutral as possible.”
“Everything happens for a reason”
Translation: “I REALLY don’t know what to say to that.”
“Maybe you need to start caring about yourself more”
Translation: “You’re fat. Stop eating all food bought at the store and only drink fresh water from Argentinian glaciers from now on”
“You need to learn to take back your power.”
Translation: “Buy my book.”
See, what gets me angry about this sort of thing, aside from the blatant commercialism and hawking of goods in some cases, is that many of the folks engaged in this sort of behavior are doing it because it’s “popular”. They very often want to come across as “spiritual” (whatever that may mean) or “nice” or “caring” but really if you scratch the surface just a bit, they really don’t care. They often should not be in a  place to dispense advice when the depth and the maturity to really deal with other people on a real level isn’t there at all.
What I also find to be a blind-spot, is that they actually have other “non-spiritual” means of helping people if they really wanted to. They either don’t see it or they don’t want to. Many of the people who often show up at these sorts of gatherings are usually professionals and have many others skills. A seasoned magazine editor or writer can easily help the insecure young girl who is new to town by giving some pointers in organizing her CV.  A triathlete yoga instructor can easily offer a free , gentle session to a traumatized woman who have just came out of a physically abusive relationship. A nurse or dietician can reach out to someone who struggles with an eating disorder. Practically everyone I have seen at such groups or gatherings are broken in some way and are just looking for a way to heal…or some answers. They either need an idea or an inspiration they never thought of and sometimes those “leads” can be in the same exact room. What could have been an opportunity ends up being a lost one. The last thing anyone needs in life is a platitude which is a masked blow-off.
There is a deeper problem here. It’s one of genuine engagement. It’s really about service to others, even if it’s as “inert” as active listening. That’s what genuine spirituality boils down to, being present, not only with yourself but with others. I remember years ago, attending such a gathering at a well-known meditation center in town. There was a speaker who came in, clearly  to talk about her book but one of the things she asked us to do as an ice-breaker, was to really mindfully greet the person to our right and to our left. So  we did. Though I don’t know her name, I will never forget the woman to my right. Even through her pitiful forced smile, I could see someone who was in deep, deep pain and clearly broken and barely keeping it together.  It saddened me because this person was looking for an answer and needed a space to find that clue or maybe a space to let that pain out and instead, she got this celebrity author talking about herself and how great she is and how spiritual she is. I admit, I did not  reach out to that woman mostly because I did not know how and the format of the event didn’t allow any sort of discussion. Maybe all she needed was a hug or an acknowledgement of her pain, I don’t know, but it would seem many of these spiritual gatherings seem to fog up issues instead of bringing more clarity for the participants.
(BTW Feel free to add to this list of annoying New Age sayings :-))
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Seeing the Merry-go-Round

“Everyone from time to time should go back over the events they have experienced and how they lived them, as well as the people they have met – those who contributed good things as well as those who caused them difficulties. Even if there are no obvious similarities between these people, they may have emanated something in common. By making a habit of sensing and analysing what radiates from these people, they will know how to deal with strangers when they come across them. And it is the same with events; many repeat themselves in another form, and if you have not studied them properly to learn from them, you will find yourself in the same dead ends without ever knowing why. Life follows a kind of periodic movement – everything is repeated, but never in exactly the same way, and it is up to each of us to develop our sense of observation and our judgment.”

– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Aivanhov is making a point here, which any recovering alcoholic, child of an alcoholic parent, or person who comes from an abusive background will tell you, that human beings are creatures of habit, we have a tendency to gravitate towards situations which feel “normal” to us. It takes an ungodly amount of psychic energy to break out of those cycles.
Many, not all, alcoholics have a history of it somewhere in their past.

Many, not all, alcoholics have a history of it somewhere in their past.

If growing up in an abusive household is “normal” for someone, there is an increased likelihood that they will then go towards abusive relationships later in life because those are the dynamics which they are used to. That’s their “normal”. I realize that is a massive generalization and assuming that said person has done no interior work whatsoever or taken time off to really sit down and think about these things. This in no way justifies the phoney excuse of using less-than-idyllic backgrounds to justify acting like an asshole later on in life, but I’m grossly over-generalizing and there are exceptions to every rule. (One of my parents was a smoker, and if anything it made me run in the opposite direction.)
There is no such thing as "Normal".

There is no such thing as “Normal”.

I’ve seen it with female friends who had one or both parents who conducted secretive affairs outside of the marriage. Guess what sort of a fellow she ends up marrying or spouse she ends up being? Yeah, a cheater. Many persons in the sex trade, strippers, porn actors, prostitutes, gigolos and escorts (excluding the ones who really want to do this work), when you sit down and talk to them, you realize there’s usually some sort of sexual abuse in the history somewhere.
Porn actress Jenna Jameson teen years were not exactly happy.

Porn actress Jenna Jameson teen years were not exactly happy.

They realized from an early age that using their sexuality was the only way to either get attention or receive their sense of love. It was the only way they knew of because no other alternatives were shown to them. (If you ever get the chance, check out “BUtterfield 8” with Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey in their slickest 1960’s glory and listen closely to her monologue with Eddie Fisher.)
Laurence Harvey and Elizabeth Taylor, at their 1960s best in "Butterfield 8"

Laurence Harvey and Elizabeth Taylor, at their 1960s best in “BUtterfield 8”

It got me thinking about how much are we really slaves or products of our past? Is all this “power of positive thinking” and “creating your reality” merely mechanisms people use to gloss over the rocky underbelly of their pasts, not deal with those issues on an emotional, more basic level?


Projecting themselves outward towards the future without fully understanding and accepting the past? I have nothing against keeping a positive state of mind, cutting down on the levels of negativity you allow to enter into your life to focus on better things but something about “creating your own reality” seems a little false…a little disingenuous. Like Aivanhov, I agree that everything leaves an imprint or emanation of some sort. Good and bad. I’ve seen way too many sincere people who fell for things like “The Secret” to only watch unresolved issues stalk them and engulf them with even more ferocity later on. It’s ultimately about how honest you want to be with yourself.
If this is so great, then why are so many people in this world still poor, particularly the ones who read this book and watched the film?

If this is so great, then why are so many people in this world still poor, particularly the ones who read this book and watched the film?

As for me, it’s realizing how much I often gave away, extended myself or accomodated too easily, whether it was trust, loyalty, friendship or patience and understanding all too late many times that I gave away or accomodated too much and received hardly anything in return. Not that I ever expected it or felt entitled to anything. It was just never offered. It’s a horrible realization to finally see the many masks and guises selfishness can take to hide itself. By the same token, there have also been times where generosity, understanding and those other gifts have shown up in the most unlikely corners under the most unlikely circumstances. I think those are the real blessings, the real angels. They only show up once you get off that merry-go-round of the past. But you have to see it first. Clearly.
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The Fall of Expectations

Patmos is a teeny, tiny Greek island which is closer to the Turkish coast. One of the smaller Dodecanese islands, the island is known to be, an off-the-radar-screen hang-out for the Greek jet-set. Surprisingly, the monks who live in the monastic complex still wield a lot power and control over the island.
The Chora or Hora, which dominates the island's skyline.

The Chora or Hora, which dominates the island’s skyline.

Mostly because the Orthodox Greek monasteries and libraries which have been on the island for well over 1000 years. This is the island which has the cave which St.John the Beloved received his visions of the Apocalypse. Even since then, there has been a strong spiritual flavor to this tiny island and I have to say, my time there was quite magical.
The view of the island from the Chora.

The view of the island from the Chora.

When you leave the tiny port down below at the base, the Scala, and make your way up towards the monasteries and fortresses, there is an absolute air of gentle and tranquil serenity which I have yet to experience elsewhere in the world. The people are all smiling, tiny Orthodox chapels are scattered across the Hora (the town at the top of the hill) which even if locked, some monk always eventually shows up to open the door for you.
A typical Patmos chapel

A typical Patmos chapel

The whitewashed walls and narrow cobbled lanes, the unbelievable profusion of bougainvillea cascading down over courtyards, with the strongest and most best-preserved Byzantine homes and mansions in the Aegean, it’s easy to see why so many people want to live here and why so many people come back here over and over again. I’d go live there tomorrow if I could.
A typical lane through the Chora

A typical lane through the Chora

It’s not just fervent Christian pilgrims, but check out the beaches at Lambi or Meloi, and it’s full of hard bodies and skimpy bikinis. (The beach at Lambi has, bar-none, the best outdoor grill restaurant I’ve even been to in my life. No joke. I could eat there everyday if I could get away with it. The local wines will knock you off of your feet. Literally.)
A typical Greek dish of fried calimari and octopus, feta salad, tszaiki sauce. I nearly died of happiness from the food alone  in Greece

A typical Greek dish of fried calimari and octopus, feta salad, tszaiki sauce. I nearly died of happiness from the food alone in Greece

Everything about Patmos always leads back to the Apocalypsos (the cave). Before you can even enter the cave, there are glowering Greek monks who are busy assessing if you’re dressed decently enough to enter, and if not, they will hand you a skirt and scarf to cover your head. This is after all , considered to be one of the holiest sites in the world. [Note to Russian, Dutch, German and British tourists: Just because it’s an excursion from your cruise, does NOT make it OK to show up in your thong bikini or swim shorts and flip flops. A bit of respect goes a long way, you know.]
These guys will make you feel like a mouse in less than 5 seconds flat with a mere glance.

These guys will make you feel like a mouse in less than 5 seconds flat with a mere glance.

The cave itself is tiny and poky. The crack in the little alcove, over which St.John used to sleep, runs in 3 directions, which the Orthodox monks say point to the Trinity.
5 people can barely fit in there.

5 people can barely fit in there.

Fellow reader, I was disappointed.
With the magic of the island itself, the serene chapels, the kindness of the monks and nuns I met there, as well as my experiences at the grave of St. John in Ephesus, I thought something great would happen. Some sort of spiritual breakthrough.
Instead, it was a circus, and not unlike Sedona, Mount Shasta or any other New Age haven I’ve been to. On one side you’d see some idiot tourist try touching and rubbing the ancient icons (when you’re not supposed to) or you’d see elderly Greek women  crossing themselves 3 times for every little step they took. I couldn’t wait to leave and go back to Lambi beach and my room, which a grizzled old Greek sailor named Nick rented out to me and my travel companion.
Have your swimming shoes ready, because the rocks here are very pointy.

Lambi beach- Have your swimming shoes ready, because the rocks here are very pointy.

How many times have any of you ever had a conversation with someone you were crushing after from afar to only find out that they’re not all that great? How many movies have you gone to which your friends told you were “amazing” or “awesome” but when you walked out, you felt cheated because the hype was too much? Have you ever gone to a restaurant which the media were raving about and when you tried the signature dish, you wished you had stepped out for a burger instead?
It’s hard not to fall into the lure of expectation especially in a culture which is as results-driven as the Western one. We’re bombarded with it from all directions every day. I even see it in the yoga studio and on my mat (“Well I was able to do that pose yesterday, but today I’m struggling. What gives?”).
All was not lost.
Patmos was handing me a lesson on setting up expectations. When you set them, they always inevitably let you down, while when you don’t have any, you go in with an open and fluid mind, then you never know what might show up. Normally, it was at those exact times of no expectations, when I’ve been dumbstruck or floored by the intensity or the beauty of an experience, whether it was a meal I ate, a place I visited, a  show I attended or a person I met.
It’s ultimately about just letting go and letting things be and allowing them to happen naturally.
Relax. Have a glass of wine here instead.

Relax. Have a glass of wine here instead.

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The Search for Beauty

“The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere – in landscapes, music, art, clothes, furniture, gardening, companionship, love, religion and in ourselves. We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful for it meets the needs of our soul…Perhaps, for the first time, we gain a clear view of how much ugliness we endure and allow. The media generate relentless images of mediocrity and ugliness in talk-shows, tapestries of smothered language and frenetic gratification. The media are becoming the global mirror and beauty is mostly forgotten and made to seem naive and romantic. The blindness of property development creates rooms, buildings and suburbs, which lack grace and mystery. Socially, this influences the atmosphere in  the workplace, the schoolroom, the boardroom and the community. Much of the stress and emptiness that haunts us can be traced back to our lack of attention to beauty. Internally, the mind becomes coarse and dull if it remains unvisited by images and thoughts which hold the radiance of beauty…Beauty is not glamour. most of what the media, the fashion world, Hollywood, the art world has to offer is glamour. Glamour, like the art world, is highly fickle and commercially driven that contributes to the ‘humdrum”. It appears and disappears while Beauty is eternal”

– John O’Donohue, “Beauty, the Invisible Embrace”
Cool dude - John O'Donohue

Cool dude – John O’Donohue

I had totally forgotten about the works of John O’Donohue until a few days ago while reorganizing my bookshelves, I found my copies “Anam Cara”, “Eternal Echoes” and “Beauty” sitting in a neglected corner. I loved the way he effortlessly merged his native Celtic wisdom of western Ireland with the mysticism of Meister Eckhart. A former Catholic priest with a PhD in philosophical theology, he left the priesthood to become a writer, activist and humanitarian. It was only when I Googled him last night that I realized he died exactly 5 years ago tomorrow when he passed over in his sleep at the abnormally young age of 52. That saddens me because he always came across as someone who seemed to have an inordinate amount of authentic wisdom about him. And not the bullshit New Age variety either, but one which was anchored deeply in personal experience, the land from which he came and pagan and Christian traditions alike. There just aren’t many of those kinds of gentle voices around anymore.
I started off this post by quoting him on Beauty. Lately I have been thinking about Beauty and aesthetics and while I know what we individually consider to be beautiful can be highly personal and subjective, I can’t help but think about what Aristotle once said, that aesthetics, like ethics and logic were faculties which a philosophically well-rounded person had to train and develop.
Smart dude - Aristotle

Smart dude – Aristotle

I’m going to be blunt and I realize I’m going to anger many people by saying this but I  find most people are missing that faculty for aesthetics. You can see it in the way they dress, the way they carry themselves, who and what they decide to surround themselves with and what they decide to occupy their thoughts on. Real beauty is found in nature but when it comes to manipulating nature to address human needs, very, very few cultures understand beauty in the way O’Donohue relates to it, along with the accompanying sense of aesthetics.
Yeah, I get it,  it's Times Square NYC, but you're going to tell me this is beautiful?

Yeah, I get it, it’s Times Square NYC, but you’re going to tell me this is beautiful?

The ancient Greeks had it.
The Greek temple at Segesta, in Sicily.

The Greek temple at Segesta, in Sicily.

Indians had it, particularly the Mughal dynasties.
The mughals were obsessed with gardens and flowers, so they decided to bring all that inside. here is a supporting column made to look like a tree. Yup, and it was all done by hand.

The Mughals were obsessed with gardens and flowers, so they decided to bring all that inside. Here is a supporting column made to look like a tree. Yup, and it was all done by hand.

Japanese also have a very unique sense of aesthetics, even down to the principles of wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection.
Interior design, wabi-sabi style

Interior design, wabi-sabi style

The Italians, from the Romans even down to today, have it in spades, they can make everything from cars to shovels to pens look beautiful.
The Arco floor lamp, originally designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglionii for Flos in 1962

The Arco floor lamp, originally designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglionii for Flos in 1962

 I find much of what we are told is beautiful to actually not be all that attractive. Walking through the downtown core of any major North American city or mall, I see nothing but usually slightly disheveled people, in polyester-blend clothing buying ugly items to fill up their homes which serves to sooth their disconnection from real beauty.
Typical mall shoppers

Typical mall shoppers

Long -gone are the days when people had their slacks ironed, with razor-sharp looking folds, when people dressed in beauty AND quality, in wool, silks, gabardine, cashmere, cotton and pure linen.
Who dresses like Katherine Hepburn anymore? Even when she's bumming around, she looks amazing.

Who dresses like Katherine Hepburn anymore? Even when she’s bumming around, she looks amazing.

I know I’m sounding like a bit of a snob, but I grew up with a mom who had pure silk saris in every color imaginable, usually with gold embroidery and a dad who dressed like Sean Connery in Dr. No. If I walked out even with slightly rumply looking jeans, I was castigated for not ironing them in advance.
Not really my mom.

Not really my mom.

Not really my dad.

Not really my dad.

I think that explains my complete disdain, even now of the suburbs. The fake lawns and gardens, the cookie-cutter housing developments, the garish strip-malls. Whenever I visit the suburbs, I always feel sleepy and excessively tired, never rejuvenated. It bothers me to no end that we live is a system where you’re told to go to university, get a degree, get a job, get married, start a family and go buy yourself a piece of this ugliness WILLINGLY.
Nothing can shake my firm belief that suburban developments and subdivisions breed  secret psycho-killers. All that lawn and artificial and enforced order...

Nothing can shake my firm belief that suburban developments and subdivisions breed secret psycho-killers. All that lawn and artificial and enforced order…

 It’s not just the suburbs, I look at modern design and what I see is novelty being passed off as beautiful. No doubt some of you receive furniture store fliers in the mail? See how modern and streamlined it all looks? I don’t see beauty here.  I see something cold, calculated and almost clinical in it’s exactitude and practically designed to make you feel ill at ease. I can’t lie down here comfortably and play with my pug. Is this a place to show off or a place to live in? Unfortunately I see most hotels, spas, restaurants, yoga studios  and condos following this aesthetic.
I do however, see beauty here. I see warmth, I see safety and I see a place someone put a lot of love into.
This isn't necessarily my style, but I love how happy the cat looks and I like the hand-made quilt.

This isn’t necessarily my style, but I love how happy the cat looks and I like the hand-made quilt.

I don’t see beauty here. I see vulgarity, crassness  and an excessive display of ostentation.
I do however see beauty here. I see a certain kind of purity in this kind of simplicity and intimacy. No statement, no big declarations. No stupid Cinderella dress and accompanying fantasy. It just is.
I know Ava Gardner was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world back in the day. She counted Spanish bull-fighters as lovers, swore like a sailor,  danced on tables and managed to keep a womanizer like Frank Sinatra on his knees most of the time in desperate submission. She even was able to make Richard Burton admit that she was the one woman in the world more beautiful than Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t see a beautiful woman, maybe her features are, but I see a haughty, arrogant woman who was actually lonely and ugly deep down inside. I can say the same for Madonna.
I do however think someone like French actress Juliette Binoche is beautiful. Even if she isn’t rail-thin and is actually a fuller-figured girl, there’s a certain genuine earthiness and warmth in her which comes across naturally on screen especially in films like “Chocolat” or “The English Patient”.
Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche

I’m going to leave the last word with John O’Donohue. There is much wisdom in his way of looking at the world. And lots of beauty too.
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Fuck you “spiritual teacher”, you don’t know shit. A rant.

I nearly died from laughter while reading this because I know *exactly* where she is coming from because I’ve been there myself, way too many times and sometimes way too long.

This was posted on back in September 2012 but it deserves a re-run, by the lovely Emelia Symington Fedy.

Fuck you “spiritual teacher”, you don’t know shit. A rant..



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Muchas Gracias Amigos!

I just wanted to post a quick but massive THANK YOU to all my followers and readers of this eccentric little blog. This was my first year blogging and not something I ever imagined many people would have an interest in reading my sometimes peculier but well-intentioned musings. You have no idea, but your feedback and interest have given me some much-needed confidence at a time when I didn’t have much.

I really want to thank David Icke and Sean, his webmaster, for really giving me some totally unexpected exposure when they posted this article  of  mine as the leading headliner on the website back in April, merely days after I started up the blog. I may not agree with every last thing you say but you have no idea how deeply I appreciate and respect your work. Like the French say “Bon Courage!”

Thanks to for posting my yoga article which sent the yoga community into a tailspin back in July. I had no idea my experience of the yoga scene, as a person of Indian heritage who usually feels like someone looking in, would hit such a nerve. I’m happy it’s opened up the discussion in some ways of white privilege, white entitlement and the lack of ethnic diversity in the mainstream yoga scene…even if it rubbed quite a number of EJ readers the wrong way 😉

Thank you also, to Andrea MacDonald over at Moonlitmoth yoga for deciding to pick up that same article for the new ‘zine! I can’t wait to finally see it! And major Thank you to Roseanne Harvey over at It’s All Yoga Baby! for selecting it as one of the Top 15 yoga blog Posts of 2012!

Thanks to Zen Gardner, and Philosopher’s Stone for posting what I had written about the Balkan Prophecies on your websites. I browse your sites daily and your insights and articles help me see very clearly what real trends are happening around us. Your efforts are priceless.

Huge mega-block thank you’s to Stuart Wilde, Zen Haven, the folks over at Prosveta who regularly send me  items by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov which always keep me inspired. You guys do the real metaphysical work. Your work is invaluable to all of us who are on a spiritual path.

I have no idea where 2013 will lead, but if 2012 was any indication, I think 2013 will probably be even more intense and more challenging to those who keep averting their eyes from their own reflection in the mirror.

I have no idea where this blog will go, if I have much more to say or not but I just want to say how grateful I am to any spiritual wanderer who finds themselves here. You are all most welcome. I only write out of my own experience and if there was anything which may have resonated with you or helped you in any small way, that’s all I can ask for. I’m on the same journey myself, so I know how difficult it can be to find those guideposts.

I hope all your individual journeys deepen in a good way in this new year !

And just this once, I’ll say it….



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And the band played on

December 21, 2012 has come and gone and we’re still here, still standing, still going strong like I always suspected.  I mean the whole 2012-thing was a cottage industry in itself. The Mayan Riviera in Mexico was apparently booked solid since last year. New Age hot spots like Sedona and Mount Shasta had 2012 conventions and conferences and spiritual gatherings going on, (none of it cheap, might I add).
I wonder what those people who were convinced that something epic was going to happen are feeling and thinking now. No doubt, the New Age shysters have gone back to the drawing board and are probably working on a new date already.
Like some of the prophecies and videos I’ve previously posted on, while I do think there is no denying the fact that an energetic shift is underway, this whole idea of endpoints and specific days always struck me as bit contrived. Rather it’s really about an ongoing process which operates on 2 congruent and concurrent levels, the microcosm (i.e when we work on ourselves) and the macrocosm (the cosmic truth vibrations, Kali Yuga ending etc.). I think the real transformation is going to happen when the 2 converge.
I’ve been due for a retreat for awhile now so I figured this Mayan Calendar  event was as good a time as any to head out of town, and give myself a few days in a log cabin deep in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but books to read, a crackling fireplace beside me and the sound of a running stream several feet away from me. Some time to regroup, rethink and relax before the real holiday madness took over.
I discovered a place, not far from the Vermont border, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the panhandle into the Appalachian mountains, called Mont-Elan. Nestled in a beautiful valley, where gold was once mined (you can still pan for gold in the stream), the presence of gold and evergreen trees right away alerted me that there has to be some high-frequency energy going on there so after checking out the website, booked myself a tiny cabin there. They also have yurts, Wifi tee-pee’s, prospector tents and larger chalets. I couldn’t help but think that in the summer, this would be a fantastic place to hold a yoga retreat.
Mongolian-inspired yurts have become VERY popular camping and holiday rentals in recent years in Quebec.

Mongolian-inspired yurts have become VERY popular camping and holiday rentals in recent years in Quebec.

I was not disappointed. Hiking through the snow-covered forest, with clean country air, mountain spring water streams, being in such a pure environment with nothing but me and my thoughts, and having very little with me, no phone, no laptop, no distractions , no TV, just a futon bed, a table, a microwave, a small butane cooker, a wood-burning stove which heat up the cabin in no time, water and food to last me a few days, it really hit home that you don’t need much to live on.
Aside from throwing another log into the fire, making simple meals, drinking my morning tea by the stream, just reading and ruminating over my books were my biggest worries.

The stream at the foot of my cabin. BTW, where is Mr. Tumnus?

As I had posted earlier, Father Henry, the Catholic exorcist priest who I have been conversing with, lent me two tomes on the discernment of spirits. In essence when to know when some third party influence is trying to screw you up or help you and if that third party is bad guy or a good guy. Now, before I go on, I just want to make it clear I’m not a Catholic and not someone who is into proselytizing. I do however, have no problem picking up teachings to add to my own bag of tricks, even if it’s one line, regardless of what spiritual tradition it comes from, just as long as it works for me and helps me on my way. A “Take what you need and leave the rest” philosophy suits me fine.
The books are based on the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. Jesuits, in case you did not know have a very storied and in some cases, sinister history since they have always been considered to be the Catholic Church’s “Commandos”. They were usually the first ones to go into new territories (and haul everything back to the Vatican Library and archives and God only knows the amazing secrets that are still hiding there). St. Ignatius’s writings are extremely dense and difficult to decipher, unless you’re in theological studies or in seminary. The books I received are much easier and are more accessible interpretations of the original work and I might add, extremely helpful. Whether you want to call them demons, reptilians, archons, djinns, the books pretty much give you a 14-point plan tool-kit to figure out what might be influencing you and your thinking at any given moment.
It's all about balancing the inner world with the outer one.

It’s all about balancing the inner world with the outer one.

This reminds me a lot of the interior work I usually cover in yoga within my own practice, when you ask yourself ‘Where is this coming from?” “What is causing this?” with *this* being a particular feeling, a sudden change of heart, a source of discomfort or even pain. To Ignatius’ credit, he is extremely logical and Spock-like in his laying out of the facts and to those of you who already do a lot of interior work, this is a very helpful guide. For those of you who have never done this sort of work, it’s a great primer.
The 14 points are quite lengthy and the bulk of the book were examples to illustrate those points and there is a lot of Catholic jargon but it all of it boils down to this:
When you do something, when you say something, when you act in any given situation, what are you feeling either behind the motivation or afterwards? Ignatius points out when you ask most people that question, they usually are so disconnected from themselves or in such a reactive state, that the answer is usually either “Nothing” or “I don’t know” and *this* is precisely the biggest danger because if you don’t know what you’re feeling, then it makes it all the more difficult to understand the origin of those feelings and thoughts.
When you do or say something, does it make you feel happy? Free? Warm inside? Open? At peace? Serene? What about when you’ve made a decision on something? Is there churning in the stomach? Do you feel unsettled? Some restriction in you? Tightness? Fear? Anger? Wound up? Your answer will tell you what and where it’s really coming from in origin. Which outcome will bring you to a place of peace? Which outcome leaves a sticky residue of some sort? Ignatius also points out that the burden of responsibility in figuring this stuff out falls on each individual, no counsellor, therapist, priest, pastor or deacon can tell you what you’re feeling. Only you can.
What does all this have to do with the Ascension process? Ignatius’ discernment of spirits has implications to it. He points out that ultimately the spiritual life is the one which will give you true freedom in the long run (I don’t agree with his interpretation of a “spiritual life” since it’s based a medieval, patriarchal form of Catholicism but I get what he’s saying. To each their own.)
Regarding Ascension, truth be told I think it’s already happened and like Ignatius’ question on feelings, it also comes down to this question? Do you want to follow a spiritual, more fluid path or a materialistic path with regimented rules and laws to follow? People who have chosen the spiritual path have a head start in some ways, they are going to have an easier time riding that shift. The ones who are on a materialistic path and decide to go deeper on that path are going to have a rougher ride as this shift continues and these newer energies become more pronounced.  This shift is about unveiling the truth and the movement towards spirit. As any teaching will tell you, we’re spirit or consciousness in flesh. We’re just trying to go back to our real state
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Is Karma the “real” police?

Karma: in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh religions

Karma can be likened to a domino effect

Like countless others out there, I struggle with the concept of karma like anyone else. I do have a tendency to find reincarnation (and therefore karma) more plausible than the linear Abrahamic traditionof life after death and explaining the reasons behind cause and effect in our own lives.

Who hasn’t, at times asked themselves:
Why me?
What the hell did I do in a former lifetime to deserve THIS pile of dog doo-doo?
Why do real assholes seem to always get away with things scott-free yet good people get hurt?

Wall Street bankers should all be jailed.

Is “what comes around, goes around” true?
Does karma ever really catch up to people or is it something we say to ourselves to make us feel better after someone has done something bad to us?
By my simplistic reckoning, a person like Joseph  Stalin probably will have the next 20 million lifetimes as a cockroach. Someone like Paul Newman is probably not coming back here at all and is happily making spaghetti sauce for inner city kids in some happy camp  in the sky somewhere.

Probably the best-looking saint ever.

I have to wonder though when I see people leading rather charmed lives and then something happens, a scandal of some sort, usually motivated by their vices, like greed or lust or dishonesty, and their lives suddenly unravel in the public’s eye in the most dramatic of fashions. Moguls like Aristotle Onassis, Conrad Black or Robert Maxwell come to mind.

Conrad Black and his gold-digger wife Barbara Amiel

Then you have stories like the guy who got unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend suddenly winning the lottery jackpot a few hours later or that  Scottish family, the Clarks, who saved up their whole lives to visit America, only to miss the trip because the youngest son fell ill and watched the Titanic sail without them.
Random twists of fate have a strange quality about them when they play out in our own lives. The decision-making points are usually marked by an almost eerily surreal suspension of time, almost as if we are peering into eternity and *something* is asking us point-blank a question we can’t ignore or deflect. It hits us right in the soul.
What determines the fate of one stronger person being carried away by a tsunami while the weaker person managed to cling to a tree? What made George Lucas  seat belt unbuckle and when the car crashed, he was flung from the wreckage untouched while a buckled seat belt would have certainly killed him? What prevented cartoonist Seth MacFarlane from getting on a flight from Boston to New York on 9/11, on the same airplane which crashed into one of the Twin Towers?
People might say that Karma is really about justice, the balancing of the cosmic scales à la Libra to bring equilibrium back.

Libra – by Josephine Wall

I can’t argue that since the infinity of creation is far beyond my limited faculties. On a purely intuitive level, what it does feel like is that all things, all forces want to return back or are striving to return to their natural, original and pure state.
A dammed river wishes to flow freely again.
A concrete city wishes to grow wild again and be a home to all life forms and weeds appear in cracks.
Perhaps real evolution is more about remembering that original state and going back towards it instead of running further and further away from it?
Perhaps Karma is nothing more than a guide to nudge us back to that deeper reality?
I’ve given all I can
It’s not enough
I’ve given all I can
But we’re still on the payroll …
This is what you get when you mess with us ….
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
I don’t think it’s about loss at all, it’s about re-membering.
And that’s a gain, I think.
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