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And Kali has started Her Dance


The goddess Kali in the Hindu pantheon of gods is a terrifying figure. With hands soaked by the blood of her victims, matted hair, blood-shot eyes, a girdle made of human limbs and a chain of human heads, brandishing a scimitar, her black visage distorted in a perpetual, furious scream, tongue out in constant blood-thirst, she momentarily stops her dance of rage and destruction by resting her feet on the corpse of her consort the Lord Shiva.

To just merely label Kali as the goddess of death and destruction is a little simplistic. In actuality Kali, represents many, many different things, depending on which school of thought you read or belong to within Hinduism. Some see her as the goddess of Time and Change. Sometimes the death and destruction that she leaves in her wake are actually opportunities for growth and renewal after the fact. Some see her as the annihilator of evil forces, a slayer of demons, while other devotees insist she is the master of the 5 elements and supreme mistress of the universe.

I bring Kali up because given what is happening in the world these days, I can’t help but feel that the old ways are going out faster than anticipated. With unprecedented protests happening in Brazil, Turkey, the closing of the recent G8 talks in Belfast, I’m almost getting a strong sense of déjà vu, of witnessing the last days of the Roman Empire, that while Rome burned, the emperor Nero sang and played his lyre oblivious to everything and everyone around him.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

The masses are awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Everyone has had it. They have for a while now, but people were able to get by if they kept their mouth shut and head down as they gradually suffer more and more indignities propagated by the system. This stupid neo-liberal agenda which politicians, banksters, CEOs, and right-wing pundits and professors have been ramming down everyone’s throat for years now has hit it’s ideological dead-end and I’m fairly certain they know it too. The GMO-foods which makes people sick, the asinine entertainment industry, the professional sports industry and useless news channels with talking heads blathering on nothing ad nauseum for hours, all of it designed to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted.

People do desperate things when they realize the jig is up, like animals caught in a trap and can’t find a way out. Governments are no different. The state-system apparatus and the people who uphold that system knows it’s seeing the end of it’s time, that’s why they have to take desperate measures and grasp at straws by listening in on people’s phone calls, read their text messages and emails.

Grasping at Straws

As frightening the spectre of Kali is, I’m actually feeling very hopeful these days. I think the end of an era is at hand. While barbarians overtook Rome when it fell, I don’t think that will happen this time, too many decent, intelligent people are pissed off. In their unending greed and thirst for control and power, the 1%’ers pushed more than they can handle and in doing so, got the majority against them including the majority of their servants. It reminds me of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where the pigs eventually learned to walk on hindquarters like their human masters and then started to live in the house and eventually just stayed shut inside, failing to understand or see how the rest of the farm and what the animals in the barn were up to.

The Natives are restless folks. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t forget that’s also a good thing.
The hand of Kali never falters.


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The Extinction of the Unique

An army of demonstrators facing off riot police in Istanbul.

An army of demonstrators facing off riot police in Istanbul.

I’ve been steadily watching the ongoing riots and demonstration happening in Turkey the last week, it hits a bit close to home since I spent several years living and working there and consider it in some ways my second home. The names of the squares, the neighborhoods the news reports mention are all dearly familiar to me.

Kizilay, the center of Ankara.

Kizilay, the center of Ankara.

I left Turkey in 2002, just before Ergodan got in. In fact I actually had a run-in with him while he was on his election campaign. It was in the ancient city of Amasya. Me and a group of friends were there spending the weekend and staying at one of the old Ottoman houses which have since been converted into boutique pensions and hotels.

Amasya, sits along the banks of the river-valley of the Yeşilırmak River. Full of old, preserved Ottoman homes and tombs of ancient kings carved into the mountainside, it's a wonderful place to spend time. The region is also famous for it's apples.

Amasya, sits along the banks of the river-valley of the Yeşilırmak River. Full of old, preserved Ottoman homes and tombs of ancient kings carved into the mountainside, it’s a wonderful place to spend time. The region is also famous for it’s apples.

We were there to do some serious hiking and investigate the ruins and tombs of Pontic kings which have essentially been carved into the mountainside. We saw Erdogan give a speech in the town center and an American in my group yelled out “Hey Eddy” while frantically waving. Erdogan waved back but then when he realized we were a bunch of foreigners, looked confused and then stopped waving.

The Migros mall in Ankara.

The Migros mall in Ankara.

Anyway, I’ve returned to Turkey several times since then and the country becomes more unrecognizable each time I go. It saddens me immensely that the small things which made Turkey unique, like the Pasaji malls, the small old-fashioned cinemas and neighborhood weekly food bazaars (farmer’s markets) are disappearing quickly.

Weekly neighborhood farmer's markets or "pazaars" usually rotate around the city so everyone has a chance to buy from local farmers.

Weekly neighborhood farmer’s markets or “pazaars” usually rotate around the city so everyone has a chance to buy from local farmers.

Historical places which were off-the-beaten path like Olympos have been overtaken by mass-tourism, losing it’s charm and soul along the way. American-style subdivisions have swallowed up Ankara. You can easily mistake some of them for a suburb in New Jersey or California now. Mega-malls and multiplex cinemas are everywhere, and foreign franchises like Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Body Shop sit at every new corner.

Karum, is a super-posh mall at the base of the Sheraton hotel in Ankara.

Karum, is a super-posh mall at the base of the Sheraton hotel in Ankara.

I have many friends there who are involved in leftist politics and the litany of complaints just goes on and on. Turkey is awash with NATO money, condos, malls, resorts are going up everywhere. It’s the usual arguments for globalization, the classes and sectors most closely entrenched with the bureaucracy and with technocrats, profit the most while everyone else seems to experience nothing but diminishing returns. There are now restrictions to access to things like abortions, birth control, the Morning After pill and alcoholic beverages. There are even some shades of lipstick which are now deemed “inappropriate”!

Most of the Turks I know are very progressive politically and can’t stand what their governments are doing in their name. They don’t like the fact that Erdogan has gotten involved in the mess in Syria. They don’t like the fact that Turkey has such cozy military arrangements with the US and Israel. They don’t like the fact that journalists and activists who call for social reform and more freedom of the press are regularly jailed and imprisoned.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows how much of a leftist, anarchist anti-globalization sympathizer I am. I hate the way the world is becoming more generic everywhere with each passing day. The blandness, the uniformity and in the name of “progress”. In that regard, I can understand why someone would become a Luddite. If I go to Japan, I don’t want to get off the plane to see another GAP, identical to the one at home. I want to see all the unique things, the foods, the buildings, the temples, the plants, animals, the geography, the farmer’s markets, the legendary fish markets which make Japan unique in the first place.

This could be, literally anywhere.

This could be, literally anywhere.

It’s not just countries transforming themselves to all look a certain way. I see it in the way people dress too. Everyone pretty much wears the same uniforms now. T-shirt, jeans, sandals/sneakers whether it’s Montreal or Mozambique. Everyone is eating the same food, burgers, sushi, soda pop. Everyone reads the same books, the same best-sellers whether it’s Dan Brown or Stephen King. People are even starting to think the same way and I’m noticing that it’s starting to take even greater reserves of psychic energy to maintain your uniqueness, to stay different and to stay outside the box.

Talk to any scientist with even half a functioning brain and they will be the first ones to tell you that diversity, heterogeneity is a good thing. That having genetic diversity gives organisms genetic strength. That being in a state of homogeneity is dangerous for extended periods of time and leaves the species vulnerable.

This kind of homogeneity is not a good thing.

This kind of homogeneity is not a good thing.

That if you were to wipe out all varieties of say, rice, but just keep one or two strains for mass agriculture and plant all the fields with these two strains. In case a parasite or fungus is introduced and wipes out these two strains or rice, because you didn’t keep the other varieties which might have been immune to the fungus, you’ve now lost all your rice. That example can easily be extrapolated to humans, our minds, our opinions, our way of life.

Stay unique Folks, these are very homogeneous times.


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Spiritual trendiness

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

“When you find an author who really grabs you, read everything he has done. Don’t say, ‘Oh, I want to know what So-and-so did’ — and don’t bother at all with the best-seller list. Just read what this one author has to give you. And then you can go read what he had read. And the world opens up in a way that is consistent with a certain point of view. But when you go from one author to another, you may be able to tell us the date when each wrote such and such a poem — but he hasn’t said anything to you.”
– Joseph Campbell

Shrine of Rumi, Konya, Turkey

Shrine of Rumi, Konya, Turkey. The turquoise-tiled minaret shows where Rumi is buried.

Rumi's grave (May eternal peace be upon him)

Rumi’s grave (May eternal peace be upon him)

I remember while in Turkey, taking a long weekend off of work to journey to Konya to watch the Whirling Dervishes, the mystical Islamic Sufi order established by Jalaluddin Rumi (or Mevlana as he is known by in Turkey), dance the Sema dance and to visit Rumi’s grave. I’m sure you’ve seen in either in ads or commercials or documentaries.

To outsiders who don’t know any better, it just looks like a group of men in long flowing white skirts and jackets, wearing fez hats, twirling around in circles. The Sema, in fact has a deeper symbolism. The circles they dance in represents the Circle of Life. Birth, death and rebirth. Fall, winter, spring and summer. The blood in our bodies being pumped out by the heart to only return back to the heart. The examples are infinite. It induces a trance-like state for the dancer which is supposed to help them meet with That, like ayahuasca might for some or peyote for others.

Mevlana was actually born in present-day Afghanistan, wrote all his poetry in the Persian language and is buries in present-day Turkey.

Mevlana was actually born in present-day Afghanistan, wrote all his poetry in the Persian language and is buried in present-day Turkey.

Back then, Rumi was not the spiritual superstar that New Agers and certain yoga instructors these days love to quote. In fact even 10 years ago, I’m sure if you even mentioned Rumi to those who were knee-deep in Deepak Chopra-speak or Wayne Dyer-speak, they wouldn’t even know who or what you were talking about. It’s interesting to watch because since the Rumi train seems to be slowing down now, I’ve noticed that the Deepak/Dyer crowd have now jumped on another mystical Islamic, Persian poet, namely Hafiz. (I’m betting after they get sick of or run out of the Persian poets, they’ll return to the Russians like Alexander Blok, and Pushkin and then heaven forbid, the old Europeans mystics like William Blake, W.B Yeats, Goethe, Meister Eckhart and Emanuel Swedenborg. It’s always about finding a “new” bottle for old wine.)

When western yoga instructors "discover" Emanuel Swedenborg, will that lead to a revival of interest in Christian mysticism? Your guess is as good as mine...

When western yoga instructors “discover” Emanuel Swedenborg, will that lead to a revival of interest in Christian mysticism? Your guess is as good as mine…

Truth be told, I find the sudden interest in Islamic mysticism by some Westerners and bubble-headed yoga instructors who are normally Conservative, Republican, right-wing and very anti-Arab or anti-Muslim, strange to put it mildly. True, the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz have inspired wonderment across centuries. If you have even the smallest spiritual inclination in you, you can’t help but be touched by their words. But before Rumi, it was the Khalil Gibran train. Before Gibran, it was Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. It’s this constant hopping around because it’s a trend, without any real study or serious reflection on the works of these past masters and then passing it off as “This makes me look serious” which I take issue with.

if you want to be trendy with what you wear and what you eat, fine. But don't expect anyone to take you seriously if you do it with your spirituality.

if you want to be trendy with what you wear and what you eat, fine. But don’t expect anyone to take you seriously if you do it with your spirituality.

And this brings me back to Campbell’s quote above. I have to agree with Campbell 150% on this one. It is best to find someone whose words ring so deeply and so true for you that you will need to read up on all their works to process and internalize their ideas and sentiments properly. That’s when you start to “get” them properly. One spiritual master whose words have consistently resonated deeply with me, as I have posted many times here is Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

It was Neem Karoli Baba who gave him the name "Omraam" and it was Swami Nityananda who explained that Aivanhov was an incarnation of Vedic sage from the Solar Age and in fact had come back to bring back the Solar teachings.

It was Neem Karoli Baba who gave him the name “Omraam” and it was Nityananda who explained that Aivanhov was an incarnation of Vedic sage from the Solar Age and in fact had come back to bring back the Solar teachings. Apparently he also met the legendary Babaji in the Himalayas as well but he refused to talk about it.

Like all seekers at the beginning of their road, I did my fair share of hopping as well. Not because a certain writer was the flavour of the month but because I was searching. I read George Gurdjieff, Rudolph Steiner, tried Jiddu Krishnamurti and Theosophy in earnest but none of it seemed to “stick” for lack of a better word. But with Aivanhov, it was like remembering a deeply treasured memory which had been forgotten and a flood of light breaking through a door. I’ve been reading Aivanhov since at least 1996 and have never looked back.
In fact here’s a photo of my Aivanhov bookshelf;


Like I posted recently, these days it’s also Alan Watts which is speaking to me (thank God for YouTube!). While I don’t see myself going to Japan to study Zen in all seriousness with a proper Zen master ( and I’m not even sure if the monasteries there even accept women!), Watts, like Aivanhov, was/is able to synthesize the Perennial teachings along with recent scientific findings and present it with their own flair and in such a way the modern reader/listener can connect instantly.


That is a rare talent and not one which New Age hucksters can ever master convincingly.


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Why Love is going to win in the end

Back in 1999, I moved to Turkey and spent several years living and working there. It was a fantastic experience and completely opened me up to experiences around reading landscape energy, finding places which are still off the radar screen and discovering the excitement of how real growth can sometimes happen in the most unlikely of places.

I’ll blog more about some of these places later but for today I’d like to share an experience I had at the ancient Roman city of Ephesus. The ruins of Ephesus itself are quite impressive and if you’ve never gone, it is well worth a visit.

Outside of Ephesus, you have a small town called Selçuk (pronounced Sell-chook), which has all the hotel, hostels and bus connections which pretty much services the local tourist industry for Ephesus and area. Selçuk has the ruins of a very interesting basilica, namely The Basilica of St, John the Divine (or John the Beloved, depending on what church you belong to).

This John, (and not John the Baptist) is the alleged writer of the Book of Revelations or the Apocalypse. You know the one. The part of the Bible which talks about the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse, plagues, the Whore of Babylon, and all sorts of weird and wonderful symbols and codes which people have tried to interpret for centuries  especially around “The End of the World” but have never really understood what it’s all about (I like mystics who manage to dupe so-called experts like Popes and theologians).

Greek Orthodox icon of John writing down the visions , over the entrance way into the cave of the Apocalypse. Patmos, Greece.

Local Orthodox and Coptic Christian legend holds that as Jesus was dying on the cross, he gave John, his brother the charge of looking after their mother, Mary. Both lived out their lives well into old age and died at Ephesus. The House of the Virgin Mary is also nearby, at the top of Nightingale Mountain. I had an experience there too but will write about that another time. The House of the Virgin Mary

John is said to be buried here. While the exact site of the tomb was not clear. St. John’s supposed grave was marked by a memorial and enclosed by a church of modest proportions in the 4th century. In the 6th century, Emperor Justinian (527-65 AD) believed that a tomb dating from the 300s was John’s, so he built a magnificent church on the site dedicated to the saint. It is the remains of that church that can be visited today. Most of it is rubble now, because of Turkey’s numerous earthquakes through the centuries as well as the Turkish conquest of the area later on.

Basilica of St. John the Divine

The Basilica of St.John

It was December 31, 1999,  The Big Millennium. People were freaking out over Y2K, celebrations and fireworks were out in full force at all the major cities around the world.

I spent most of that afternoon here, by John’s grave. The place was deserted, no summer tourists, no Christian pilgrims, no one, it was utterly empty, I had the entire site to myself. The old caretaker was practically asleep at the gate but very kindly let me in and said that they would be closing early today but if I wanted to stay longer, I was free to do so. I suppose that means I was the very last person to visit his grave for that millennium.

After exploring the site, I perched myself on the step-like ruins overlooking the grave and got my journal out to write about my impressions. This is what came to me.

“It’s been almost exactly 2000 years since you’ve been here. What were once mighty cities, now lie in dust and rubble, what were once shrines, now lie in ruin. The transience of this world is all to clear to me now, and indeed only love is eternal.

The world has gotten worse since you last walked these eternal hills, I sometimes wish the Apocalypse would take place if only because there is so much purification which needs to take place…one by one, the prophets voices have been lost over time…people have forgotten their souls, they’ve become too clever, everyone always wants a shortcut…love, compassion, truth and forgiveness have left man. Brother kills brother, daughters turn on their mothers, people don’t know where they come from anymore. Rudeness, hate and greed rule all. Perhaps the world is not all that different  from your time and there truly is nothing new under the Sun, we just treat our problems differently…The empires have changed hands, in your time, it was the Romans which persecuted you. Now it’s the Americans which see to it that everything beautiful and pure is automatically uglified and put to sale. They are so young, stupid and arrogant! They have no shame or humility anymore. It seems that those things are now out of fashion…The voices of the old prophets need to be heard again.

Everything in this world comes to an end eventually, doesn’t it? Empires, realms, kingdoms and leagues, all of it disappears, human lives come and go as the wind comes and goes at will. What is the meaning of it all? At the heart of it? I finally understand that the only antidote to transience is Love. Love finally is the “glue” which holds this universe together, Love is what keeps the dance between electrons, neutrons and protons going. Love is the force which dictates Her will on the planets, stars and galaxies. Love is finally the only thing that truly is eternal, placing your bets on anything else will always fail. This world as we know it will pass too one day, what we think are powerful countries and empires today , one day will expire also. What we think are important today, money, power and fame, will one day be rendered meaningless.

The meaning of life is finally to be an instrument of Love, that’s all we can do, that’s all we are asked to do. And we are tested on this daily. Our interactions with people, our thoughts, our words, our gestures, are constant trials to decide which path we want to follow. Do we choose Love or do we choose fear? The old Chinese and Asian philosophers were right all along in dictating humility and humbleness. The only way to allow the dance of the universe to continue unhindered and unimpeded is to finally step aside, forget your ego, forget your personality (not your individuality), know damn well what your place is in The Big Picture and quietly, step aside. The Universe knows what it is doing far better than we ever will, this is why Eastern spirituality has always extolled the virtues of detachment. Detachment does not mean becoming cold and unaffected to the ills of this world. Rather, detachment means to be an informed spectator of the laws of the Universe at work. Everything in excess will always lead us to harm except for pure, detached, unpossessive Love. Passion, if taken too far, can become obsession and jealousy. Rather, passion must be sublimated and transmuted into unrestricted, unpossessive love which leads to true bliss.

The secret to life is to fall in love with Existence itself, to fall in love with the clear light of day, the clouds, the sky, the rain, the Sun, the cold, the heat, the wind and the stars , to love  every fragment of every atom that falls in front of you, and once you can do this, you will have come into you own, you will have become a source of your own love, the seeking stops and the answers to all your questions appear. You will have finally become all that there is, no more and no less.

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The New Energetic Centers of the World, Part I

So we all know about these power points around the world, usually spots where a high concentration of ley lines intersect and spots where the Illuminatii and Powers That Be (PTB) usually perform rituals and ceremony to emit vast amounts of negative energy into the Earth energy grid, which then in turn keeps most of us enslaved. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of these ceremonies but suffice to say that researchers like David Icke have written, talked and documented it enough that you can easily find information about it at his website or various YouTube videos.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

From personal experience, after having visited some of these “hot spots” I can say that the energy at most of these so-called spiritual places is absolutely ugly now. Machu Picchu is a New Age circus as is Mount Shasta, California and Sedona, Arizona. It seems every other recently-divorced suburban housewife suddenly “finds” herself and decides to become some Wiccan High Priestess or wants to follow a shamanistic path and inevitably sets up shop at these places and then offers you the same path. For a fee of course…

Having been to these places, the tourist energy and the financial energy has completley ruined and drained these places, and I mean totally. I literally felt sick at Machu Picchu (and it wasn’t altitude sickness either), walking through Mount Shasta town, every second shop had a violet/purple storefront and had pictures of angels and tarot card decks on display in their front windows. The main drag of Sedona, AZ was lined with smallish strip-malls, every other establishment was offering Vortex tours or yoga retreats, none of it came cheap either. In fact, I found Sedona to be full of New Age – Republicans, with the worst possible qualities of both groups. People who essentially use the New Age movement and human potential movement to fill their coffers and line their pockets even more. It’s very unfortunate since these places do possess great natural beauty.

At the same time, I have experienced beautiful, lovely energies in many places around the world which are completely off the beaten path and do not figure largely in these movements….yet. Places where the energy is extremely pure, powerful and largely dormant for now.

It is common knowledge that the poles are now shifting. YouTube has tons of videos about this. It would then follow reason that the Earth grid and the associated ley lines would also be shifting. For me anyway, it would explain why these so-called power points felt empty to me and why other places, while not well-known, were simply brimming over with positive, powerful energy.

Here’s my list of some of these “new” power centers:

1) Cappadocia, Turkey – The Land of the Fairy Chimneys

A typical “feminine”-in-energy valley in Cappadocia

A place still steeped in history and spiritual energy, of fantastic rock formations, lovely valleys, underground cities from the beginning of civilization. Cappadocia was home to the ancient Hittites, a parallel civilization to the ancient Egyptians. We still know very little about them. They built the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. I spent 3 years in Turkey and much time in this area and still barely scratched the surface of this other-worldly place. They say there are even more undiscovered underground cities in the area and Turkish government are keeping many of them secret. These places were built literally thousands of years ago and is as strong and intact today as the day they were built.

On top of that, you have the amazing landscape of Cappadocia itself. Even walking through the magical valleys, every rock-scape, every view, will say something to you and speak to you differently. If you listen closely, Mother Nature will speak to you directly here. It’s not a coincidence that the early Church fathers, like Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa as well as hermits like St.Simeon  and ancient Greek Hermetic mages like Apollonius of Tyana set up shop here. The hermits of Cappadocia distanced themselves from the world by cutting into fairy chimneys, the phallic and strange rock formations of the area, rather than living on top of columns. They hollowed out the chimneys from bottom to top creating rooms at 10-15m high. Their spiritual imprint and those energies of centuries of monks, sages, holy men and hermits meditating in caves and remote valleys is still there and undisturbed.


Homes and caves dug out of the rock formations.

2) The Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada – The Land of the Gentle Hills
A beautiful corner of Canada, 60 km south-east of Montreal, where the Appalachian Mountains begin, the oldest mountain range on the planet, bordered by Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the region is known for the high quality foods it produces, cheeses, wines, organic farms as well as hundreds of lakes, streams and rivers, any outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  The old, unused train tracks were converted into bike paths a few years ago and they now intersect across the countryside, allowing anyone to discover the land in an easy and gentle way. In recent years many progressive thinkers, writers, creative types, retreat centers and monasteries have been moving here and setting up homes and workshops. The people here are known to be quieter than Montreal’s other playground, the Laurentians.
A crystal mine, one of only 7 in the entire world is also located here.
Many folks here have claimed to have had run-ins with the Little People in this area and old-timer’s tales with contact with otherworldly forces and creatures are rife in the picturesque villages with interesting names like Mystic and Magog.
Quebec’ s own version of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, resides in Lake Champlain, only they call him Champ.

An alleged photo of Champ.

Driving through this area on a beautiful summer’s day, the place positively gives off a golden, healing energy.
The Townsips in the Fall
This is just the beginning, much more to come.
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