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Twin Souls Part Deux – The Dark Cupid Love Bite

“Have you ever had a love connection with someone so strong, you believed they could be your soul mate or even a twin flame? Did this person who you thought to be “the One”, arrive with a magical sense of reality, powerful psychic connections, super sexual chemistry, déjà vus, omens and even supernatural overtones? Perhaps you feel mystically connected on a deeper soul level, and yet there seems to be dangerousness about it. The passion may be unstoppable if you cross that line…. Longing and passion builds as telltale signs appear that he or she must be “the One”…The meeting could be accidental, in an unusual place or situation for you… There is a sense of familiarity, as if you already know this strange new person, perhaps from another place or time. Yet, you can’t seem to place it…You now feel that the dream was some sort of divine precognitive foreshadowing. Your dream lover has come to life….Did you just meet The One? Your soul mate?…From deep inside, however, you feel a subtle hint of push-pull resistance. Your inner voice tries to check in with you, but you squash it like a bug. Your logical mind may question all this, but the lonely part of you can’t stop wanting excitement, a rescue from that hopeless feeling that you’ll never have true love and will always settle for less. You want to experience passion and love that you’ve never really known before. You fight both sides of yourself as if you’ve been split into two people. Confusion sets in, and you just can’t stop thinking about that person.”

“Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love”, by Eve Lorgen

Whenever I look at my stats for this blog on the admin page, I always notice my Twin Souls blog post as well as Twin Souls on Film are usually the most frequented ones. It has been that way for a few years now so there isn’t a doubt in my mind that there are many, many people out there who are hungry for information about this topic and are no doubt still searching, hoping, wishing for their other half.

I wrote those posts a few years ago and while I do think the twin soul phenomena is real, I just don’t think they are as common as many of us would like it to be. Instead of one in a million, I think one in a billion is probably more accurate in terms of probability of it actually happening. There are tonnes of books about the topic now, countless YouTube videos, websites and personal blogs.

What I find funny about some of the personal blogs about the authors writing about meeting their twins is how the first few years everything is love and rainbows, and then the doubt starts to creep in and then somehow or other they break up, and then suddenly the blog is gone. Oh well. It reminds me of that sleazy New Age writer Richard Bach, (he of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame in the 1970s) and those books he wrote about his twin soul relationship with actress Leslie Parrish called “The Bridge Across Forever” and “One”. They have since divorced and he’s married to wifey number 3 now.

After reading Eve Lorgen’s article on the love bite and watched subsequent videos and reflecting on some personal experience of myself and friends, I am of the opinion now that most traumatic, unhealthy, obsessive relationships which may people convince themselves are twin soul relationships, are in fact Dark Cupid Love Bites.

Your Twin Soul or Twin Flame is probably a Narcissist.

Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid

Lorgen goes further and says that these relationships are usually due to a third-party paranormal interference, like alien, ET, reptilian or demonic influence/interference. I wouldn’t go that far. However, the idea of a False Twin who is there to trip you up, lead you down a false path, distract you from your spiritual life and progress, to interfere with your life path especially if there is a chance that you could actually accomplish something very important and needed, that causes you nothing but emotional and spiritual pain, that I can buy.

The more you read about false twin soul/ Dark Cupid love Bite  encounters and testimonials, a few major themes pop up.

1) *Something* is preventing “Happily ever after”.
Either one partner is married, or both are to other people and for whatever reason, they just cannot seem to come together. The signs are all there, the strange, otherworldly coincidences, the vivid dreams, the uncanny ability to understand each other on a level no one else can even come close to. In theory, you should be together…but its not happening. And it does nothing but cause untold amounts of grief, sadness and frustration. A word of advice here (especially for women): Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Sacrificing your happiness and psycho-emotional well-being for love is a myth and an unhealthy one at that. (In fact, I’m starting to think the whole myth of romance and fairy tale weddings is a highly sophisticated con being pulled by the government to ensure that citizens keep procreating so that the government has a continued tax base. I think love can be real but I think romance is a construct marketers and film directors made up. Love and romance are NOT the same thing.)

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

2) Once the binders come off about the false twin, the blinders will come off on everything else.
Once you see the false twin as a false twin, intruder, interrupter, interloper for what they are, all those unanswered questions, nagging doubts you had about the person in the back of your mind will suddenly make sense. You begin to notice that the intensity is really a probable by-product of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or gaslighting or some other form of manipulation or abuse. You’ll also begin to notice who are the other phoneys taking up space in your life and it becomes that much easier to cut the cord. For some strange reason, the false twin seems to be the first domino.

Lorgen lists a whole bunch of other Red Flags, which I think are worth noting:

– Dreams of the partner before meeting them, suggesting something precognitive.
– Physical sensations in the solar plexus, genital, gut or other body areas, such as neck, heart, and between the shoulders.

Love shouldn't feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

Love shouldn’t feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

– Astral sex visitations and/or telesthesia — sensing the energy body in a sexual way and very physically, as if another being were present but invisible.
– Strong psychic connection, even though you may not really love your partner.
– Powerful sexual passion and obsessive need to have sex, even in cases in which you don’t love the partner or they don’t love you and/or are abusive.
– Psychic responses and coincidences from either partner, like receiving a phone call or email from your partner the moment you think about cutting off the connection.
– A sense of emotional or physical draining.
– One partner becoming suddenly switched off emotionally or “psychically unplugged.”
– Feelings of being watched, or being played like puppets in some drama-myth.
– Paranormal activity, third-party “entity” visits or attacks, sudden dreams, visions and thoughts as if implanted.
– Obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner
– Synchronicities, omens, and a feeling of being in a magical reality.

If you feel like your "love" is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY.

If you feel like your “love” is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY. This VOGUE cover with supermodel Stephanie Seymour was pulled when there was an outcry from women’s groups about glorifying “violent love”.

If you didn’t know any better, this list would make you think that these are definitely the signs of a twin but this is where your own sense of discernment and emotional intelligence is going to come into play. Are you crying more than laughing? Are you more often sad and bewildered than happy and content? Do you feel good, empowered and healthy after dealing with this person or do you feel drained, tired and confused? Do you feel like you’re allowed to be who you are or do you feel slight manipulations are at play?

I’ll be the first one to admit that it can take you forever sometimes to figure out what the hell is really going on…but once you do, you see the trap for what it is and you’ll most likely never fall in again.

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The Love of Swans

One of my bosses is drop-dead gorgeous beautiful.
I mean one of those annoyingly handsome men who looks like he belongs on the cover of some Harlequin Romance novel (for my UK readers, that would be Mills and Boon books).


Salt and pepper hair (more salt), long black eye-lashes which ring around the most ungodly blue-grey eyes I’ve ever seen. Full, lush mouth, a profile which belongs on a Roman coin, an easy smile and the most perfectly shaped hands which look like Michelangelo himself chiseled out of marble. He even has one of those hyper-masculine names which could easily have come out of a soap opera like General Hospital, something like Brock McPherson or Reg Davenport. I can appreciate and observe his beauty, it goes no further than that but I find it amusing to watch how breathless female staff become when he’s around.

Not quite.

Not quite.

Sometimes I have to use his office and work at his desk. I see the pictures he has prominently displayed of his wife, pictures of her dancing while heavily pregnant, pictures of his 2 little boys at soccer practice, pictures of his wife posing provocatively in a bikini, pictures of the two of them smooching on secluded tropical beaches, smooching on ski trips in the Alps, smooching in front of a fireplace. It’s obvious he worships her and that they are deeply and passionately in love with each other and I think that’s just awesome.

Doc's picture's are almost as hot as this one.

Boss’ pictures are almost as hot as this one.

It made me realize, this is what to aim for, the good guy, not the nice guy, (because sometimes in the course of being good, you can’t always be nice) and certainly not the dross and detritus that I see trying to pass themselves off as some sort of “catch”.

Dating nightmares.

Dating nightmares.

Several of my friends have recently come off of using online dating sites and the stories they tell me are either hilarious, flat-out gross or sad. It would seem now there is a whole host of new kinds of statuses, “Single but attached” now means someone who is poly-amorous, “Attached but looking” is basically a married dude who is a swinger looking for no-strings attached sex. All these labels, all these people searching, searching, searching and for what? A new set of pipes and plumbing systems to explore which will somehow lead them through the backdoor into someone’s heart and soul? The involuntary contraction of a few muscles which induces a momentary illusion of happiness? It doesn’t make any sense to me to invest all that time and energy for such a limited thing when there are far too many other fantastic things to explore on this planet.

I watched this documentary on polyamory, and I have to say, they spend ALL their time talking such rot and rubbish that it's enough to induce a headache for the rest of your God-given life

I watched this documentary on polyamory, and I have to say, they spend ALL their time talking such rot and rubbish that it’s enough to induce a headache for the rest of your God-given life

I have noticed that there is a certain trend emerging in dating circles these days. There seems to be a hyper-intellectualization going on of sexuality. Now, what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is their business. If licking eyeballs is your thing or if nostril sex or ear sex is the next step after you’ve explored all other options, all the power to you.  My observation is that for all this novelty,  none of this stuff is making people any happier.


When I look at a person, I don’t just pay attention to what they say and do. I look at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. When I get talking to some people, I often detect those strong intellects which they then use to justify whatever they do but I don’t detect any authentic emotional happiness or spiritual joy. What I do usually come across is a certain lacking, a sadness, depression and loneliness and the intellectualization of their lifestyle choices to hide the depression and loneliness.

Maybe hipsters are often depressed because every neighborhood they infect with their presence usually results in sky-high rents and overpriced coffee and sandwiches.

Maybe hipsters are often depressed because every neighborhood they infect with their presence usually results in sky-high rents, and overpriced coffee and sandwiches. They should get out of themselves more often.

One of my most prized possessions is a “Thank You” letter I received from one of my all-time heroes Katharine Hepburn. When she turned 90, I had flowers sent to her home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut which I ordered from the florist there and dictated a letter to them which they took over the phone and delivered. She sent her note on her own personal stationary which has her full given name printed across the top “Katharine Houghton Hepburn”. It hangs framed over my desk.

Note my letter but same, exact letterhead

Not my letter but same, exact letterhead

I admire Hepburn because she played the game of her life and Hollywood according to her own rules. After her 27-year relationship with Spencer Tracy ended with his death, she was never with anyone else ever again. In that way, it reminds me of swans who mate for life. There’s a certain, rare kind of dignified beauty in that kind of spiritual depth and emotional maturity, something which I don’t see in online dating ads anywhere these days, that’s for sure.


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Twin Souls and the dangers of looking

I seemed to have hit a nerve with yesterday’s posting on Ascension Symptoms.

I got hit with several private messages about wanting to know more about Twin Souls, so here it is. (BTW, by no means am I an authority on this, this is just my own interpretation of the idea)

What are Twin Souls?
Twins and soul mates are two entirely different things.

If you do believe in reincarnation and past lives, you could literally have thousands of soul mates out there, people you have bumped into constantly over your many, many lives along with the karma which comes with it.

But the Twin is different. It is literally your missing half from the beginning of Time. You can have 1000s of soul mates but there is only one Twin. The reunification of Twins is also a very, very holy event.

According to folklore, myths, stories through the ages, all of us are Divine sparks from the Source, eons ago, we were WHOLE, not separated, in a state of constant bliss. The Classical Greek philosopher Plato talks about it in the “Speech of Aristophanes” in his book “The Symposium”.  (Here’s a fun version of it interpreted by John Cameron Mitchell in that boisterous rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. You can find Plato’s original “Speech of Aristophanes” on YouTube also.) You would need to watch this carefully and keep in mind that it’s not to be taken literally, but merely ideas expressed in highly symbolic form.

Twins are marked by several characteristics: parallel life stories, eery and insane coincidences, communication which borders on the telepathic and an overwhelming sense of familiarity between you, like you’ve known each other forever.

Various myths and traditions around the world describe when Twins became separated: In Christianity/Islam/Judaism, it is the Fall of Man, when Adam and Eve are cast out of Paradise. In Egyptian mythology, it is when Set angered the Sun God RA so deeply when he killed his brother Osiris and cut him into 14 pieces, forever separating him from his Twin, Isis.

If you’re not familiar with the myth of Osiris and Isis, and how Set killed his brother, here’s the short form: 4 brothers and sisters. Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys. brother and sister, husband and wife, Osiris—>Isis,  Set—> Nephthys. Osiris is given rule over the Nile, the fertile lands, while Set is given the barren desert. Set is jealous of Osiris and kills him not once, but twice. The first time, Isis, with her magic and being a powerful goddess, brings Osiris back to life. Set kills Osiris once more and hacks his body into 14 pieces and scatters them throughout the world. Isis retrieves 13 pieces except the phallus, which according to myth, fish ate in the Nile. Osiris is still broken and incomplete. Isis brings Osiris back to life a second time and conceives Horus magically without the phallus (this is the basis of the Immaculate Conception with Mary and Jesus and Joseph thousands of years later). Osiris now becomes Lord of the Underworld and Afterlife, balancing and judging souls against the Ma’at feather (truth and justice).

This awful event caused Twins to separate and the search of true love is really a search for the missing Twin. Their reunification is holy because it is literally the coming together of a PRIMARY energy from Source itself. Meaning, the energy Twins generate is of such a high frequency and so pure, that the work that Twins do together is of immense importance and usually helps inspire humankind to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, which is why Twins finding each other during this time of transition would go a long way.

All Twin relationships are a reflection of the most ancient and primary of Twins, Osiris and Isis, the first king and queen of Egypt. In Osiris first death, when Set caught him in a funeral casket and flung it into the sea, it was Isis who went looking for it and eventually found it in a tree in Byblos, Lebanon and revived him with magic back to life. The second time, when Set dis-membered Osiris, again it was Isis who set out to find the parts and heal him once more, and make him whole (except for that phallus). Isis and Osiris’ reign and their time together was not very long, Each time it was the female who had to heal the male. He could only be healed by her hand which was driven and motivated by her love. It is the female’s role to heal and make whole again. Probably a worthless and thankless task in the eyes of many, but not really if you really think about it.

Twinship is not about romance, candle lit dinners, great sex, buying a condo together and shared investments and retirement savings plans (Though it probably will include that later). It is about two souls coming together to be of benefit and service to humanity, usually by inspiring and leading others with the creative work they do together, whether that be the books they write together, the ideas they come up with together, the healing work they do together, the artistic and creative output they do together etc. The works they produce together usually live on, long after they have gone.
It is usually a male, female configuration, but not always. It may manifest itself as brother and sister  like in the case of Richard and Karen Carpenter

1970's brother and sister singing duo, The Carpenters.

1970’s brother and sister singing duo, The Carpenters.

or teacher and student from time to time  like Socrates and Plato,

Ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates and Plato

Ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates and Plato

Think of John Lennon and Yoko Ono ,

or Paul and Linda McCartney.

Paul and Linda McCartney back in the late 1960's/early 1970's

Paul and Linda McCartney back in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s

Or consider Joseph Campbell, the father of modern mythology and Jean Erdman Campbell, the two never had children, but instead, focused on their work. With his books like “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, Campbell influenced everyone from George Lucas and Star Wars to writers around the world. Jean, was a principal dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company and revolutionized modern dance.

Other legendary Twins: St. Francis of Assisi and Claire of Assisi, St. Francis established the Franciscan Order of monks, Clare founded the Order of the Poor Ladies

Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari: Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is considered to be a masterpiece of the Italian language and in world literature. Considered to be the father of the Italian language, Beatrice was his muse. Dante claims to have met her only twice, each time separated by nine years but was so affected by the meetings that he carried his love for her throughout his life.

Peter Abelard and Heloise: Medieval theologian, Peter Abelard was considered one of the greatest minds in Europe in the 12th century. For a time Abelard was Heloise’s tutor and eventually lover. When Heloise’s uncle tore them apart and had Abelard castrated, he ended up becoming a monk and Heloise became an abbess, one of the greatest in France. Their letters have survived the centuries and are a testament to the redemptive power of love.

Pierre and Marie Curie, the father and mother of radioactive theory and Nobel prize winners in chemistry and physics, the two were pioneers in the field.

Will and Ariel Durant, best known for The Story of Civilization, 11 volumes written in collaboration between 1935 and 1975, the Durants presented history to the common man and most of all made it interesting.  Durant was a gifted prose stylist and storyteller who won a large readership in great part because of the nature and excellence of his writing, which, in contrast to formal academic language, is lively, witty, charismatic, colourful, ornate, epigrammatic, in short, “humanized.”

Noam and Carol Chomsky: Noam Chomsky is considered the pre-eminent intellectual of our times. Described by some as the father of modern linguistics, as others as the conscience of the nation, Chomsky is ranked as the 8th most widely quoted intellectual of all time in the Social Sciences Index (and the only living one on the top 10 list, between Plato and Sigmund Freud). The two meet in pre-school, their families knew each other but did not marry until he was 21 and she was 19. Their 60+ year marriage lasted until her death in 2008.  A prolific academic, Chomsky decided in the early 1960’s that having a privileged position as a professor at M.I.T just wouldn’t do especially in light of the ongoing atrocities during the Vietnam War and that intellectuals had a moral duty to speak up. Knowing that if he kept his activism up and challenging state power, there was a very strong likelihood that he would end up in prison.  Given he had 3 small children at the time, it was decided at that point Carol Chomsky would go back to school and get her Ph.D in linguistics at Harvard. The 2 never looked back after that. Both of them are models of impassioned activism and how real change can be possible from the grassroots level.


Noam and Carol Chomsky

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his queen Mumtaz Mahal, a heart-broken Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, the most architecturally beautiful  building on Earth, as a tomb for his beloved Mumtaz. There were plans to build an identical building across the river in black marble for Shah Jahan’s own tomb but imprisoned by his own son, it was never materialized.

Mumtaz Mahal and the Emperor Shah Jahan

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, considered the two most talented actors during Hollywood’s Golden Age, Tracy and Hepburn would spend 27 years together until his death, made 9 films together and went down as one of the most mythical love stories in Hollywood history.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward: With the record for the longest marriage in Hollywood history of 50+ years, their marriage withstood her Oscar win over him by over 20 years. Leaving the shallowness of Tinseltown, the two preferred working at summer stock productions and theatres near their Connecticut farm-house home where they raised their 6 kids and perfected his spaghetti sauce which raised over $300 million for camps for disadvantaged children.

What should equally be emphasized is also the danger of the False Twin or the Dark Cupid Love Bite. Too many people have thought they have met a twin soul or soul mate and very often it turns out to be emotional co-dependency, Narcissistic Personality Disorder or psychic vampirism.

Many people think that by meeting your Twin, all your relationship woes will suddenly disappear. Not so. The Bulgarian mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov had this to say about Twins:

“Even after several disasters and disappointments, how many of you insist on believing it is not your understanding of love that is defective; it is simply that you haven’t met your twin soul yet!  As if happiness were just about meeting someone… Unfortunately, that is not how things happen: a twin soul does not appear as a man or woman you meet by chance and it’s love at first sight. The meeting with your twin soul is, first and foremost, a psychic process, whereby the higher part of you attracts its complementary part. You need to have worked for a long time and shown yourself worthy of your divine half.  But when you have finally established the connection, you feel him or her there, living inside you. Do you truly wish to find your twin soul? Begin by not going looking for them. Concentrate on the light, and your twin soul will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you. You may not know where your twin soul is, but they know where you are. Be content just to wait inwardly: they will come. Once a man or a woman has truly found their twin soul, that is, has found their complementary principle within, they keep feeling they are meeting this principle everywhere, in all creatures. They love all the women and all the men on earth; they love them spiritually, and they are happy, because they are fulfilled by their twin soul. They no longer experience the emptiness for which others constantly feel they have to find a cure. They feel enriched by every encounter they have. Yes, when you have achieved inner fulfillment, you find your complementary principle in every being. Such experiences cannot be explained or expressed. Only those who have had them can understand them. But what a long way there is to go until then! Always suffering and being disappointed, always looking for someone and not finding them! You think, “Ah, this is the one.” And then, after a while, you realize it isn’t. So, perhaps it’s someone else? And so it goes on, until you realize you have your twin soul within. But from then on, you find it everywhere. Now, do not misunderstand me. I am not advising against physical love, the physical union, or condemning it. I am simply explaining that if you want to find true fulfillment  you must unify the two principles within yourself first. 

Every human being has a twin-soul. When man leapt like a spark from the bosom of his Creator he was two-in-one, and these two parts complemented each other perfectly, each was the others twin. These two halves became separated, they took different directions, and they have evolved separately. If they come to recognize each other at any point in their evolution, it is because each carries the image of the other in the depth of his being, each has put his seal upon the other. Thus, each carries the image of his twin-soul within. The image may be blurred but it is there. For this reason, everyone who comes to Earth has a vague hope that he will find a soul who will be everything he needs, and that with this soul he will find indescribable harmony and perfect fusion. Twin-souls complete each other; no other person in the world can so complete them. Thus, all beings you have met since the beginning of your multiple incarnations, all the husbands and wives you’ve had, all the lovers or mistresses, have all left you, because they were not for you.  Perhaps you were together for a while, like a pot with a lid that doesn’t match. Wheras two Souls whom God has created together are absolutely made one for the other, and nothing can seperate them, truly, they have no fear of being separated. In a married couple, when one or the other is AFRAID that someone may ‘rob’ him of his partner, (and nothing can keep this from happening), it is because that partner is not truly the beloved, not the TRUE beloved, the twin-soul…Twin souls recognize each other with absolute certainty and can never truly leave one another. Two people may never have touched each other even with their fingertips, and yet they feel a powerful, indestructible link between them. Nothing and no one can separate them. Despite walls, mountains and oceans, they are together, because their love goes beyond the limitations of the physical plane. You will no doubt have noticed that when you feel the subtle presence of a loved one, you do not necessarily need their physical presence to feel you are with them. If you strongly feel that you need their physical presence, it means you are moving out of your inner world, and then you are likely to meet with great suffering. For who is to say circumstances will not some day deprive you of the person you love? But if you feel their presence inside, outer circumstances will have less hold over you. This is a criterion: if you feel as much joy thinking of the person as when you see them, you are free, and this joy will never leave you.

You are all seeking this love of the so-called soul mate. Well, if you want to find your soul mate, above all, do not look for it. Concern yourself only with living a pure, intense, and luminous life. Simply live this life and let it take its course; it is this that will attract your soul mate to you. You do not yet know what such a life can do to bring you the beings who have an affinity with you. One day you will say: ‘I did not seek my soul mate, I did not go searching for my beloved, and yet she came…from the far reaches of the universe.’ To find this soul mate, many people put advertisements in the papers and go to all kinds of receptions and night-clubs, but what do they find? Is it so difficult to understand that it is by nourishing something vital and luminous within ourselves every day that we end by attracting this marvelous being we have hoped for? The whole adventure of man and woman can be summed up as the search for their lost half. Men seek women, and women seek men. They don’t even know why they seek one another, but that is what they do; it is instinctive – a voice tells them that is how they will regain their original unity. From time to time, for a few moments they taste an indescribable joy, and then come the disappointments and the sadness. But as they never lose hope, they keep searching. So, why is this? Why do human beings’ deepest aspirations never come to pass? Because it is not on the physical plane that the union of man and woman must first take place. What happens on the physical plane must only be the outcome of work previously carried out on the psychic and spiritual planes. Otherwise, they find at best only ephemeral pleasures and enjoyment. If a small number succeed in achieving lasting oneness by merging on the physical plane, it is because they have previously done a whole inner work. Human beings must first of all seek to bring the two principles together within themselves. Consciously or unconsciously, all men and women are looking for their twin soul. What they do not know is that, in reality, their twin soul is not a different entity from them but the other pole of their being, living on high with God in perfection and fulfilment. In all the ancient initiations, disciples were taught how to find this other pole of their being – their higher self. In India, Jnani yoga provides methods that enable the yogi to achieve union with their higher self, since through this union they become one with God. In Greece, we find the same idea expressed in the phrase carved into the pediment of the temple of Delphi: ‘Know yourself’. But we should not forget the rest of the sentence: ‘… and you will know the universe and the gods.’
True knowledge is the result of the fusion of the two principles, the masculine and the feminine. This is the meaning of the words in Genesis: ‘And Adam knew Eve’. So ‘Know yourself’ means ‘Find the other pole in yourself, find your complementary part and become one with it’. If you are a man, the other pole in you is the feminine principle; if you are a woman, it is the masculine principle, and you seek to merge with one or other principle in purity and light. When this fusion occurs, you meet your true twin soul.”

The late playwright Patricia Joudry wrote the book “Twin Souls: Finding Your True Spiritual Partner” and she likened it to a single person climbing a mountain by themselves, with the struggle, the pain, the difficulty. Suddenly you find yourself alone at the top and feel proud and happy of what you’ve accomplished. Suddenly the fog lifts and you see there is another mountaintop not far from you and your Twin is there, alone,  looking right back at you.

If you have no clue as to how to discern who is a twin soul or at the very least a soul mate, pay close attention to Madea’s wise words here about who in your life is a leaf, a branch and a root.


Letter of Gratitude

Twin Souls on Film

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