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Sitting on the Fence of Dis/Belief


2014 has started off on a positively freezing note in my neck of the woods.

The past few days have seen temperatures which are colder than Mars in some parts of Canada, to say nothing of snow storms, and ice-storms which have downed power and electric lines at precisely the coldest and most needed time of the year. Here’s an example of how cold it’s been in Montreal.
 All this to say, I have not been doing very much except hibernating, reading books, listening to talks, watching YouTube documentaries and catching up on episodes of “Ancient Aliens”. One documentary I did stumble on is called “The Silent Revolution of Truth” and primarily it’s about the Swiss, German-speaking equivalent of David Icke, namely, alleged UFO contactee Billy Meier.
Like Icke, Meier polarizes people everywhere. You either dismiss him outright and call him out as a fraud (and it doesn’t help that his ex-wife who he divorced on ugly terms and his son have come out swinging against him) or you may read some of his books or listen to tapes and hear something so wickedly profound, a real nugget of pure gold which goes right through you that you’re left really wondering “How the hell did he figure that one out?”.
Billy Meier

Billy Meier

Meier’s “teachings” or rather information he was given from his alien contacts goes back over 5 decades now. He apparently has been receiving information since he was a child in the 1940s. They contain just about everything from our sacred origins, to the history of Atlantis, to the various alien “types” out there, to prophecies concerning WWIII and the world afterwards to the true nature of our consciousness and how we can all access that via meditation and spiritual exercises.
Truthfully, I’m torn on Meier.
Some of it is hard to swallow and his sketchy and mysterious background doesn’t help matters (among other things, he was a French Legionnaire, an élite trained mercenary killer for the French military and was thus known as “The Phantom” in the Middle East because of his stealth though he never killed and left the Legionnaires because he did not want to kill). But then when I heard what he had to say on meditation and spiritual techniques, you realize that the guy really gets it on a certain level. To any of you who may be interested to know more, Meier’s teachings were presented in cassette form in the early 1990s but all 16 parts have been reduced to 15 parts on YouTube and if you’ve got the time or find yourself snowbound like I have been, they are worth a listen. (I didn’t catch the name of the guy presenting the tapes, he’s an American fellow with a crazy sense of humour ,I found myself laughing a lot, but bear in mind these were recorded in 1991-2 at the beginning of the Clinton era so many things have changed since then particularly with respect to Russia.) I say, take what works for you and leave the rest behind.
One thing that did resonate with me, was that Meier is emphatic that we ALL can change for the better, if we are dedicated enough. There is no special group which is better than everyone else or has some sort of advantage. It boils down to you. It reminds me of a lyric from that old Curtis Mayfield song “People Get Ready”:
People get ready, there’s a train to Jordan
Picking up passengers coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board them
There’s hope for all among those loved the most
There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner whom would hurt all mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there is no hiding place against the kingdoms throne
Here’s my favorite version of the song with Rod Stewart and probably the most under-rated rock guitarist-genius in the world, Jeff Beck (doesn’t help that he was in the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page AND Eric Clapton..).
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Our Busy Galaxy

Barney, Fred and the Great Gazoo

Fred , Barney and the Great Gazoo

I’ve been hesitant about writing up a post on UFOs for a while now. (If this isn’t your thing, you don’t have to read the rest of this, it’s totally cool). Hesitant because this seems to be one topic with the most disinformation, false leads and invested interest by far. More so than say Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster or the Bermuda Triangle.

I’ll be upfront and say right out that I think other intelligent life-forms exist in this vicinity of the Milky Way. With astronomers finding more and more galaxies with each passing year with “Earth-like” planets and given the magnitude of space, I’m sorry to say to naysayers, but I’m with Carl Sagan on this one, the mathematical and statistical odds of us being completely alone in all of creation are stacked heavily against us.

I don’t really follow Ufology and Ufologists too much, it’s not really my thing but if I come across a compelling piece of evidence or strange video footage, I’ll give it my attention for a little while.

I have friends who work in the airline industry and they have told me that when you get talking to the pilots, they see lots of strange, inexplicable things up there in the sky while most of us are busy eating plane food or bugging the stewardesses for more water. I have also seen strange things up there. Once on  a flight back from Peru, I saw a bright light in the distance, outside my window, which could have easily been a jet or another plane flying alongside the carrier I was on. It looked like it was a fixed point, only remember I’m on a plane flying at a very high speed so if it was a fixed point, it would have disappeared from my view within seconds. Instead it was going along for a good hour and then suddenly, like a strange hovercraft, it shot up, along the “Y” axis,  straight into the wild blue yonder, in a straight perpendicular line to the flight path, like this:


Now, I’m not an aviation or military buff but I know enough there is nothing on earth, no aircraft that we have that can make a maneuver like that and certainly not at that altitude. I just assumed it was a UFO and just mentally said (because I figure if they are an advanced race, they probably communicate telepathically anyway) “Hello. Welcome. Hope you guys eventually say hello back to us. Take care.”

Hi Marvin, how's it going?

Hey Marvin, how’s it going?

If there are aliens, I don’t think it’s just one race of them. I think there are probably  a couple of species of them. From what I can surmise from UFO literature and reports, there seem to be baddies and goodies. Some even go so far as to say that there is even an Inner Earth as opposed to an Outer Space and that may craft have been sighted coming out of the ocean or remote lakes in places like Markawasi, Peru. Esoteric literature is rife with things like the Hollow Earth Theory and a visit to Mount Shasta, California will land you in the middle of Telos country, the alleged underground city of ancient Lemurians, underneath Mount Shasta, who communicate telepathically with some of the mediums living in the area. Fun, huh?

Strange clouds regularly appear over Mount Shasta, California

Strange clouds regularly appear over Mount Shasta, California, making the place a magnet for Hollow Earth Theorists and UFO enthusiasts

A few years ago, Paul Hellyer, who used to be Minister of National  Defense for Canada, under Lester B. Pearson’s cabinet, came out publicly and said that the existence of UFOs is common knowledge among the military and upper-level politicians around the world. It was a bit of an earthquake when Hellyer came out because this was the first time a high-level senior politician from one of the G-8 nations  publicly spoke of such issues.

The Right Honorable Paul Hellyer

The Right Honorable Paul Hellyer

Since then, Mexico and France have opened up websites so that the public can access their database of reports of UFOs. Hellyer spoke at a symposium on Exopolitics at the University of Toronto and 3 of my friends (2 with PhD’s) and I trekked over to Toronto for the event. Hellyer was and continues to be a compelling speaker but the rest of the Exopolitics symposium was a sleeping bore. Hellyer recently spoke in Washington DC giving testimony to congressional hearings on UFOs..

Professor Don Donderi (now retired from the Department of Psychology) also led a series of talks on UFOs and Disclosure at McGill University a couple of years ago. Professor Donderi’s talks were excellent and he was recently on Coast to Coast with George Noory (which I can tell you for a professor from such a stodgy, straight-laced Victorian university like McGill is really saying something…). Even bad-boy Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange has said that there are references and content related to UFO’s in some of the documents which Wikileaks have received.

Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project showed up in Montreal some years ago. A friend who is really into UFO’s took me along and I got to chat with him afterwards.

Nice guy.

Nice guy.

Greer is a trained medical physician and while I don’t agree with everything he says, when I did talk to him, he was really nice, friendly, grounded, very talkative and not condescending in any way (which I unfortunately find many alternative researchers to be). He said something interesting to me which has sort of stuck, “The next time you’re in the countryside, with the pure night sky, where you can see the millions of stars out there, each one sending us light from millions and billions of years ago, ask yourself if you truly feel alone looking up there. That’s your answer.”



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UFO Central

I had to re-post this from Stuart Wilde’s website, it’s so bat-shit crazy awesome that this video deserves wider circulation:

Mystery Light Lifts Truck off Highway

by Stuart Wilde

This vid is very cool (2.09 mins). A truck gets hit by a light and it levitates over the road and lands half way onto the other side. Its cargo dematerialized. Very cool. A few weeks ago I saw a vision of a vacuum cleaner hovering in mid air, I had no idea what it meant. Then a few days ago I saw a vision of a futuristic looking scooter suddenly come off the ground and hover at about eight feet up. I’m not sure if these visions are linked to the truck incident or not.

We have spontaneous combustion, sinkholes, and now spontaneous levitation. There is a new force here in the world, and as I’ve said before it has technology that no one has seen before. I have seen it described in visions, but it is hard to comprehend as it’s so far past what we know.

– Stuart Wilde

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