Earth 2.0, Part I

Humankind, as conceived by Cosmic Intelligence is such that if they are to be fulfilled must connect themselves with the Light and Power of the Higher World. If not, if they put all their trust in their own limited faculties, they will be unable to see ahead and in their blindness, they will make drastic errors in all domains. If they put their faith in technology, trade and material development, sooner or later, they will fail, for if their actions are based on the desire to control the world, regardless of the plan and purpose of Cosmic Intelligence, it will stir up the psychic and physical layers of the atmosphere and hostile forces will turn against humankind in their fury. The Age of Aquarius is now coming in and it will cause great upheavals and cataclysms all over the world, after which those who persevere will have a better understanding of the Divine Laws. The splendour and harmonious beauty of the new life that is in store for humankind surpasses the imagination. People who have been secretly working for this new Kingdom, will find each other and combine their new-found extraordinary powers to bring down the fortresses of ignorance, materialism and despotism. I tell you this now, and it will be as I say, for absolutely nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the Golden Age.

– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
“Aquarius: Herald of the Golden Age”

John Lamb Lash, Gnostic writer and researcher has finally come out of hiding and gave a lengthy interview with Lisa M. Harrison recently. You can listen to it here. (If anyone here knows what the intro music is, please let me know!) Clocking in at a little over 2 hours it is a long interview, and despite Lash’s ego and inflated sense of self-importance (imho, he comes across as someone who seems to think he’s the final word on Gnosticism when in fact, at moments he sounds like an immature and ignorant American when compared to real Gnostic spiritual giants and masters like Mikhael Aivanhov and Aivanhov’s master, Peter Deunov.) Still, there is some mighty interesting information there which is well worth hearing for serious seekers but it would seem Earth 2.0 is coming. The labour pains have already started. Lash likens it to the way cells divide themselves and replicate and it would explain the tense, hyper-charged atmosphere (American elections and war hawks aside) many have been experiencing this particular fall season.

Lash is not the only one who is saying this. Dolores Cannon had been saying it for years while she was alive. The seers and prophets of the ages have been saying the same thing as well, but the interpretation aways comes out differently.

I make no secret of the fact that I have been reading and following the teachings of Bulgarian-French mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for almost 20 years now. I can only speak for myself but he is a real world Teacher. He takes the teachings of the ages and presents them in a modern and contemporary way which any of us can relate to. Pivotal to Aivanhov’s teachings is the centrality of the Sun, as life-giver and symbol of Cosmic Intelligence.

Brother Mikhael, before India.

Brother Mikhael, before India.

In fact when Brother Mikhael (as he was known prior to 1959) went to India and met Hindu master, Neem Karoli Baba, it was Baba who went into a mediumistic trance after meeting Aivanhov and gave him the name of “Omraam” and explained that Aivanhov was an incarnation of a solar rishi from India’s Vedic age, 6000 years earlier. Aivanhov also met Babaji during his Indian sojourn and by the time he came back to France, he had been completely transformed. Brother Mikhael was gone.

Aivanhov was not a lone voice in the wilderness. His spiritual teacher was Peter Deunov also known as Beinsa Duono. I know his Bulgarian followers these days are hard at work trying to make his teachings available to the wider world and some of it is posted online but translating stuff from the original Bulgarian from before 1944, after decades of Communist suppression, isn’t easy.

The Persian Gnostic prophet, Mani 216 AD

The Persian Gnostic prophet, Mani 216 AD

What I also find very interesting about Deunov is that he had been recognized as an incarnation of an ancient Gnostic prophet Mani. Manichaeism, the teachings of Mani, were basically a Middle-Eastern/Persian version of Gnosticism. Manichaeism at one point rivalled early Christianity in the Roman Empire in terms of popularity to replace the earlier pagan religions. Of course, the early Christians pretty much eradicated them as well.

This is how widespread Manichaeism was, once upon a time.

This is how widespread Manichaeism was, once upon a time.

This is what bugs me about modern Western, Gnostics like Lash. They claim that they are the final word on Gnosticism and had it not been for the Nag Hammadi library, Gnosticism would have been lost forever. Yes, its true the Western versions of Gnosticism like the Cathars and Albigensians in Southern France were pretty much decimated. However, there were and are many strains of Gnosticism and they were not just specific to Western Europe. You had the Bogomils in Bulgaria. Manichaeism extended from Rome to China at one point. The Druze of Lebanon still exist as do a handful of Sabians living in the marshes of Iraq, which Saddam Hussein was unable to eradicate as well. Apparently there is also a community of Nestorians living in London these days. And then you have the living, breathing teachings pop up from time to time in teachers like Aivanhov, Deunov, Daskalos of Cyprus or Torkom Saraydarian of Armenia.

It would seem to me that what is coming to the forefront now is a resurgence of interest and need in two primary spiritual traditions: Gnosticism and Indigenous/Shamanistic beliefs. It is not a coincidence that the tribes of both North and South America have put aside their previous differences and grievances and have come together for the first time in 150 years to fight the Dakota Pipeline and will spend the winter there to fight this black snake.

One of the things which drives me crazy about the American and Anglo-Saxon New Age and “spiritual” community is how they seem to think that teachings can only be found in English and by English speakers when there are vast libraries of knowledge, information, spiritual teachers and sages still out there in the Slavic world, Orthodox world, indigenous people’s world and other non-English parts of the planet. That’s unilingual ignorance for you. Not only that, but from time to time, you may have a Western scholar show up and translate a teaching or two and they get it completely wrong, but no one else in the English-speaking world is able to catch it, like in the case of Helena Blavatsky of Theosophy fame. As much as I adore the mythologist and academic Joseph Campbell, I recently re-watched his “Mythos” series of lectures after 18 years and was shocked to see he had made some minor errors in interpretation which I didn’t know at the time and was unable to pick up before.

I recently found a French blog called “Ère Nouvelle” (New Era) written by a follower of Aivanhov’s, Olivier de Rouvroy, who spent quite a bit of time with Aivanhov himself. Sadly, Olivier passed away in 2013 but his blog is still up online, in the original French. There is some transformative game-changer kind of stuff posted there which I think needs to be re-published especially in these coming days and weeks. I will be translating and posting some of Olivier’s blog posts here in English so watch this space.

"Ascension" by Salvador Dali (1958)

“Ascension” by Salvador Dali (1958)

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9 thoughts on “Earth 2.0, Part I

  1. Fascinating stuff on the Gnostics and early Christianity…

  2. Very interesting. I was fascinated by what you wrote about Peter Deunov being a reincarnation of the Persian mystic Mani. I have recently connected to a group of Bahai followers who identify as Persian and I have found a spiritual affinity with them as we all believe in universal brotherhood and want to mediate on light and peace for the world. I have been a disciple of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for 35 years.

    • Welcome Susan!
      I don’t know very much about the Bahai faith though I know a few Iranians and Turks who are followers and they seem like the mellowest people in my experience. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Bahai faith picked up elements of Gnosticism and Manichaeism.
      The interesting thing is that religions are never truly eradicated completely, when new religions appear they almost always pick up elements and ideas of what was there before. Many of the Catholic and Protestant high holidays correspond almost exactly with earlier European pagan holidays marking the solstices and equinoxes. Secular Christmas with the decorated trees, mistletoe, wreaths comes directly out of Germanic pagan observances. Halloween and All Souls Eve comes from the Celtic Samhain. It just takes a little bit of digging to figure out what is what and where it really comes from.

      • searchingforfernando

        EER; I think of American Christmas not as a Christian holiday, but rather the reincarnation of the Roman December holiday Saturnalia. American Christmas so closely imitates Saturnalia it’s almost scary. I’m a Christian, but I loathe American Christmas, and I feel angry that as long as I’m stuck here for the months of November and December I am forced into having it in my face constantly. Fall is my favorite season, but my enjoyment of Fall is diminished by the dread of November and December.

        Your experience watching Mythos again after 18 years is very important. This has happened to me so many times I’ve lost count. When I first began searching for the truth 27 years ago, about all I did was read. Having re-read many of those things years later, I can say it is almost like reading them again for the first time. Outright lies that I swallowed without critical review now glare out at me. Errors, propaganda and just plain stupidness are easy to spot, and concepts that had been way over my head before,I am able to grasp. The bottom line is that it takes years and years of study just to scratch the surface of understanding.

  3. I didn’t know Aivanhov spent time with Neem Karoli Baba. I spent 9 months off and on in India around Neem Karoli Baba. I had the distinction of being the only Westerner he showed contempt towards. I don’t know why, but he never passed me prasad or gave me a name. It didn’t bother me. I thought perhaps there was a message in it. When I asked him if he was my guru, he said, “No! Jesus is your guru.” He sent me away to read the New Testament over Easter weekend and I had the most extraordinary experience on Sunday evening. As the sun was setting, a voice in my head said, “Take, eat, this is my body” and I felt the body of Christ was all the energy in the universe. It was pure love, but the experience was terrifying. My fear closed the door. I kicked myself for a number of years, but realized it was an instinctive reaction. My ego was not ready for the experience. I still get glimpses, though, and now believe I need to forgive my ego. It is only trying to survive. Thanks for the reminder of an amazing 9 months in India.

    • It would seem Baba was correct in leading you back to the New Testament even if you were not ready for what unfolded afterwards. At least you got a taste. A lot of people never get there.
      From what I understand, Baba was swamped with Americans and Westerners after Ram Das’s book, “Be Here Now” came out and he talked about Baba in the book. Still the 1960s and 70s in India must have been fantastic.

      • I was there a little before it was released. Even then there were a lot of Westerners. He used to kick us out now and then. When he did, he’d send us places. Something extraordinary happened whenever I went where he told me to go. He’s still an enigma to me.

  4. searchingforfernando

    Hey Rob, I just thought about you the other day. The memory flashed into my mind about the e-mail you sent me telling me that you knew someone who lived alone in the jungle as a child, and you were thinking about turning the story into a book. I encouraged you to do so. A few days ago I had the thought: “I wish Rob would write that book”. I just looked at your website, and lo and behold, it seems as you did just that! When will your book SERENDIPITY ROAD be released? As soon as it is released, I’m going to try to get my local library to purchase it. They’ve been really quick lately about purchasing requests. I sure am looking forward to reading your story.

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