This Conscious Planet Thinks and Reacts

Ever since the Harvey Frankenstein story broke almost 3 weeks ago, it has pretty much sucked the energy out of other topics. Trust me folks, this is just the tip of the tippiest tip tip tip of the iceberg, just yesterday Papa George Bush had to publicly apologize for groping an actress and I’m sure many pervy male actors, producers and directors who have had a long-time reputation like Harvey’s are all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Bring it on I say, nothing would make me happier than to see the dross and detritus of humanity like these types disappear completely and never be heard from again.

Anyway I kind of wanted to bring some attention to something I think serious light-workers need to think about and hopefully direct some much-needed attention towards. Because of Harvey-gate, many people have forgotten about what Trump was going on about before the Weinstein story broke; namely nuclear war with North Korea.

Trump and Kim Jong Un comparing wee-wees

I honestly thought we were past this juvenile, nuclear my-weewee-is-bigger-than-your-weewee BS after the Cold War ended but I guess not given that the world now has some serious mentally unstable, juvenile delinquents  back in power like Trump, Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Rodrigo Duterte in the Phillipines.

Before I go into what I think might possibly be some truly catastrophic scenarios, let me back up a bit so you have an idea of where I am going with all of this.

That the Earth is alive and has points of power is a forgone conclusion. The amateur archeologist Alfred Watkins made a startling discovery in 1922. He discovered that many old churches, pagan sites and landmarks in the English countryside were aligned along straight lines which he called “ley lines”.


The famous St. Michael line cutting across Southern England.

Watkins re-discovered something which earlier pagan and ancient civilizations knew all along, that the planet is alive and has energy meridians crisscrossing all over, in much the same way the human body has energy meridians  and acu-points for specific organs and ailments in Chinese acupuncture theory. In some ways, the earths ley lines are like the nervous system of the human body.


The ancient Australian Aborigines called them the “Songlines”…

Australian Song Lines

An energetic map of the Song Lines of Australia by Aborigine David Banggal Mowaljarlai.

The ancient Chinese called them “Dragon Lines”…

A dragon lines map of Japan

and the old Celts called them “Fairy Paths”.

The stone tracks of Carnac, France

Interestingly, many of the world’s natural and man-made sacred sites, pilgrimage routes, holy shrines, wells and mountains are located on these energy meridians and ley lines. These are places of power, where the energy is usually more powerful, of a higher frequency, where people very often under specific conditions usually have experiences (sometimes of a spiritual nature, sometimes not) which transform them completely.


Some of the Earth’s ley lines and the sacred sites on them.

As in acupuncture, specific acupuncture points on the human body are related to energy meridians for certain ailments or organs (i.e liver, heart, depression, addiction). Likewise, many of these ley lines and sacred sites are aligned and related to specific spiritual issues and ailments. Some places are closely related to throat chakra issues (i.e using your voice, singing, speaking your truth), others are more related to the solar plexus (i.e fear, survival, listening to your gut).

Sanscreed Holy Well, Ireland

Just as you don’t stimulate an acupuncture point for liver problems if you have depression or you don’t take medication for high blood pressure when you have acne, likewise stimulate a ley line in a bad way, you are bound to get some serious blow-back.


Just like how the body reacts if it is under duress or stress, either long term or sudden, the Earth does as well. Nothing stays in isolation for long.

There was a video of Cherokee Elder  and survivalist Grandfather Willy Whitefeather that used to be on Youtube a few years ago but it has since disappeared. In it, he described that every time the United States did a giant military offensive or bombed any given place in Iraq or Afghanistan in the early days of the War on Terrorism, there was almost an immediate natural disaster hitting the United States whether it was Hurricane Katrina or something else, not long afterwards.  Tit for tat. The closest video I could find where Willy talks about these things is this one.

I’ll be very honest. I don’t do predictions. I don’t have that gift and I do not consider myself a psychic though I can be very intuitive when I put my focus and intellect to work. This is just my gut feeling and I could be completely wrong and I really hope I am.

Areas directly affected by Yellowstone.

If that idiot Trump decides to go nuclear whether its against North Korea or Iran or Russia and drops an atomic hydrogen or neutron bomb, I have a sick feeling that the super-volcano in Yellowstone OR the San Andreas fault OR the Cascade Mountain range in California (Mount Shasta), Oregon (Mount Hood) and Washington States (Mount St. Helen’s and Mount Rainier) are going to wake up. Recent months have seen an uptick of activity at all these places, small little blips letting us know they are awake, far from asleep. If they want to howl in pain, they will. The scenarios afterwards are just too horrible to contemplate but if any of you are curious, the blowing  up of a super-volcano has the same, exact effects of nuclear winter. Prolonged cloud coverage around the world, little to no plant  growth, no crops, no food, serious water contamination.

The Native Elders have not been talking about this because I’m guessing most of them are probably in deep prayer and ceremony to offset something like this. The Hopi had prophecies around a Gourd of Ashes falling from the sky which they believe referred to the bombing of Hiroshima. I don’t bring this up to scare people, I’m not into fear porn but I do think people should be forewarned and understand what the situation is and do what they can to offset this madness. Do whatever you have to do or whatever you can. Pray. Meditate. Do ceremony. Share. Direct your attention so that Trump DOESN’T do this. Ever. The guy can’t think properly so we might as well think for him and direct it in a good way.

Am I right in saying this?


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8 thoughts on “This Conscious Planet Thinks and Reacts

  1. Have you been watching my Youtube channel? 😉 I enjoy your posts very much. I consider this “synchronicity” to be no coincidence. I am a psychic medium. This is a war game, but one rooted in nothing more than bluster to cover up the real deal beneath it.

    Please check out my videos, I consider Willy a mentor. This is funny that you write about him. Blessings.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Oh, and this happened not long ago as I was walking:

    • Hi Anya,
      Thanks for dropping by – I had not watched your videos but can see where the material which Grandfather Willy shared with you overlaps and touches on some of the same themes I wrote here. Are you still in touch with him? If you are, please send him my respect and regards. I have his two books and they are very insightful.

      My mentor was Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma of the Hopi and I also spend time with a Mohawk Elder in Maniwaki, Quebec. Martin has passed and so has Grandfather William Commanda, with fewer and fewer Elders and genuine medicine men left, I think it’s important to share what information and teachings they pass on, like Willy has.
      Thanks again,

  2. I am not in active touch with Willy, but every interaction with him when I was was electric. I know I run the risk of sounding like a breathless, clueless seeker, filled with codependent awe, but it really was. Something in me … *rearranged* by his words if that makes any sense. It seemed that what he told me was almost coming through someone else. As if he were almost channeling a person or force, or that he was a person so in touch with reality AS IT WAS and lived it so concurrently with this force, that he almost became another entity altogether – a transcendent giving a message as well- he speaks/spoke in layers.

    It all made sense and yet was cloaked in mystery at the time. Very powerful interaction. It also helped make sense of a time in my life that was very chaotic, very mismanaged. And it was a relief to “know”, to feel instinctively to tell me that this stuff, this physical thing called existence was all that is and yet certainly wasn’t. And even through all that mess, it felt like everything would make sense in time with what he was saying. And it feels exactly right, even though everything on the surface may feel or be exactly “wrong” geopolitically speaking. Well, the deceivers would have you think that at any rate. Look up. It’s not that bad. The politicians are all a dog and pony show. A grand guignol. Apocalypse just means “unveiling”. That’s all it is. No hellfire and brimstone. That’s for the birds.

  3. Oh, and one more thing: I think the leylines are activating people to become more telepathic and thus become more distressed/empathic when others feel pain and anxiety. I talk about this in the videos too about the anxiety of the collective that I felt like a “wave” for days after Trump’s election and how this is a wakeup call for each and every man and woman of sentience to take the responsibility upon themselves to live better lives, ones that are more connected, more emotionally mature, to make better choices and to be accountable to themselves first and foremost. You can’t control anyone but yourself. The journey of codependence is revealing and most people are that. They are also traumatized. The wound is an expression of itself, and the difference between now and when people haven’t looked at it is that people are now starting to look at, process, and own their trauma. People NEEDED Trump because they unconsciously NEEDED to feel connected, ironically. People still think they NEED a tragedy to “come together” in order to feel connected. Hence the hurricanes, the “need” for a “bad guy” etc. People still “need” to have a leader, someone to make excuses over for not having control and personal power over themselves.

    And I think it’s no co-incidence that we have a Hurricane HARVEY and then the HARVEY Weinstein thing happens. No co-incidence at all. If HARVEY didn’t exist, “we” collectively would have had to invent him. Why? Because we are still emotionally and intellectually still grappling with what it means to take personal responsibility with our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and “we” collectively still “need” a bad guy to take on the sins of everybody else’s collective codependence and lack of understanding, processing and acknowledgement of our trauma.

    Note: I am by NO MEANS saying that the victims deserved it or were asking for it.

    I am speaking in the way of a *collective identity* and our sense of disconnection from ourselves and what we need to do collectively as a species.

    Think big picture when I say this, not individually – and yet ironically this all changes *collectively* when people decide individually to change this. It all begins with good people ultimately deciding to do something, to speak up when they see or say something instead of keeping their head down in order to collect a paycheck.

    This moment in time was necessary and needed my guides are saying, because it was necessary and needed. It’s time. The end. Of that particular story! On to the next, which is healing and processing of the collective pain of centuries of oppression and abuse of power of men, women, and children everywhere.

    That collective pain has to go somewhere too, might as well heal it.


  4. This article is excellent and the images are amazing, thank you for this!

  5. I keep reviewing this blogpost and agree that as Earth is a sentient being, and your point that natural disasters can very well be Earth’s body reacting to (evil) people’s abuse of her.

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